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Comment Re:Unemployment (Score 5, Insightful) 517

You're counted as "employed" whether you have a plum six-figure job or one that pays minimum wage. There's way too much underemployment -- adults laboring in entry-level jobs that pay poorly, or stuck in jobs they are overqualified for. On top of that, many rural communities are in decay, having once been dependent on a single employer or industry, which has since offshored or otherwise moved on. Trump smelled despair and got himself elected.

Sure, progress creates new jobs, but not in the numbers needed. Over time, the skill level of jobs taken over by machines increases, reducing income prospects for a greater number of people. At the same time, most businesses externalize the cost of training - they won't do it themselves; they expect people to "hit the ground running" after being hired.

If the employment picture were as rosy as you suggest, Uber/Lyft would have difficulty recruiting drivers. Instead, there's a glut.

Comment Re:Hotter sun (Score 1) 620

Sorry -- CO2 is still a main driving factor. I wouldn't get too excited about the influence of the change in the sun's output. The sun has been getting brighter (more luminous) over time but the percentage is small, and the change happens over billions of years. As it gets closer to running out of hydrogen, the effect will speed up.

Comment Competing with AI (Score 1) 110

It's not an either/or situation, we'll have both competition *and* augmentation. Though it's nice that Musk doesn't want AI to compete with people, it's too late, we're already there, and AI is increasingly on the winning side -- falling costs, better performance, and none of the hassles associate with hiring meatbags. The only problem is economic: who's your customer when you've put everyone out of work?

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