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Submission + - Home taping is killing music, mp3s saving it (examiner.com) 1

hessian writes: "It seems to me the music industry is heading away from the Lady Gaga model and toward the metal model. Lady Gagas are easier to come by, but their audience is the audience most likely to buy a few songs for $0.99 each and then forget about it. There's no loyalty, and there's a lot of piracy.

This is the fear that has haunted the music industry since the 1970s. They make their money on finding a superstar, hyping that person or band up, and then selling the music while it's still new and in the news. If people can tape it, they'll listen to that tape for the six months the song is new, and then forget about it; and at that point, why buy it?

In contrast, the Metallica fan will check out the new song, and then buy an older album every month until he has all twelve. He'll listen to these for a decade or more."

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