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Comment I'm in love! (Score 1) 56

Many of the commenters seem pretty cranky, but I am very excited by this tool, it's exactly what I need and very nicely put together. I'll certainly be weaving it into my project. It shows the same dense but tight information presentation, use of AJAX techniques, and clean, modern web coding techniques that makes Stack Overflow so popular in the first place.

Comment Re:Bitcoin is a Fad for Libertarians who are Ignor (Score 2) 858

As a Libertarian, I would disagree with your argument. :) The Fed and Bernanke and your "debt-based life-cycle" manipulate interest rates in order to incentivize companies to spend now instead of saving. This has always seemed to be short-sighted. If the company thinks it best to save, it is probably best for them to save. I tend to believe their analysis of their own financial situation. The Fed, however, thinks that saving is bad and uses inflation to force them to spend earlier than they would have. They think this "keeps the economy going". I think it is more likely to be a wasteful short-term stimulus to the economy. The economy isn't just a chart that we need to keep high, it's a collection of a million million personal/corporate decisions, and forcing those decisions to be less optimal for the individuals in ways that may stimulate the chart does NOT necessarily improve the reality.

Comment pointless and frustrating (Score 1) 86

I personally hate this 'feature'. I don't understand what it defends against, because someone hitting refresh a few times in a browser is hardly a serious DoS attack. And it got in the way of me (and many others) the first time they rolled it out because the "DoS" it was defending against was me hitting my local test webserver which was returning a 500 because the page code was broken.

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