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Submission + - Make a Call with an iPhone, Get a Summons (tidbits.com)

Glenn Fleishman writes: "John M. Stafford was driving down the road in Virginia, talking on his iPhone using its supplied headphones, when he was pulled over and issued a summons (he passed his story and the picture of the summons on to us at TidBITS). The law in Virginia makes using headphones while driving illegal; but hands-free calling is encouraged. Stafford wonders at that contradiction."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Ubuntu prepares 'Gutsy Gibbon'

Geoffery writes: Ubuntu developers have taken the wraps off the fifth update to the upcoming "Gutsy Gibbon" version, a major release that will include significant additions to the Linux distribution. A top Ubuntu design goal is ease of use, and several of the additions are user interface and configuration tweaks. A new graphical interface has been added for making adjustments to monitor settings, for example, it will be easier to choose graphics card drivers, set up dual monitors, change the default resolution for all users or change the monitor's refresh rate. Printing also has had an overhaul, with a virtual "PDF printer" set up by default to allow any application to output into PDF format.

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