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Comment Economic cost was? (Score 1) 143

Fancy numbers, but they're incomplete. What was the total cost for this 2 year exercise if a ordinary human with a soul sat down and paid for every watt - how much did this PDF experiment cost? The maths has been clear about this for a very long time, google is drinking cool-aid if they think this means anything more than what has already been discussed or discovered.

Let me put it another way, in recent history the A+B=C mathematical formula was proven by a reclusive Japanese mathematician. Have we stopped using RSA keys? Has the banking system been completely replaced with mathematics which does not fall victim to this proof? No. And they wont. 1100 GPU years means nothing unless you're the one paying the bills.

Google needs to start hiring humans with brains that can think - and better yet, some grey hairs from working in IT.

Comment lol (Score 1) 405

Its funny because /. hasnt been watching the great man made global cooling culling happening on english wikipedia for the last 10 years by Professor William Connelly, a owner of Freemantle Media's realclimate website, endowed with his myriad of wikipedia sub-editor accounts. I suspect Will would have been one of the people who asked for the ban in the first place!!

Some history:

Comment Wow the brainwashing!! Greenpeace activist? (Score 1, Insightful) 1066

"a group of climate change denialists and alarmists."

The guy is a geologist, the enemy of WWF, Sierra club and Greenpeace. They explain that the climate is always changing because that is what humans have discovered after hundreds if not thousands of years of investigation. To toss that aside immediately because he disagrees with Obama's hand picked ex head of the UN WMO John Holdren?

But it also shows that you do not need to have any understanding of science, economics, history or even culture to post anything to /. and immediately assume it is correct.

Have these environmentalists proven there is a hot spot of CO2 feed backing heat to water vapour? UNSW has! They used wind-sheer off the coast of NSW to prove there is a hot spot over the equator. Sarcasm aside, no, we measure that area of air and it is either the same temperature or has actually decreased. Have you heard? If you havnt, you've been reading the MSM and /. and soylent news. It is as if these places are gatekept for consistency of this unproven science.

The inability to think is anti-science. Anti-philosophy. It is parallel to the inquisition where society all agreed that WITCHES caused the climate to change. These people need to be locked up before they ruin more lives on imaginary quests which only require more of your money to make happen - otherwise we'll threaten your children's unborn children with unjustifiable temperature or sea level rises. Or we'll rename man made global warming to something else and ask for twice the amount of money (83 trillion isnt enough?!)


People need to start thinking otherwise they will fall for other scams which use the same tricks.

Comment Then relativity would never have been accepted (Score 1) 240

Einstein once famously said "it takes 1 experiment to prove me wrong". With so much man made global cooling ^H^H^H^H^H warming money at stake, selling a 'consensus as science' which only helps employ Activists I cant imagine what Einstein or even Galileo and the world would have not grown wiser from their work.

Activists will say anything to make their cause 'fact'. Repeating lies often, has anyone else notice the 97% "consensus" is now a 98% consensus?

The web browser would not inform you of that fact, nor would have the brains to explain how people invent problems to solve as its easier to fix real problems. And as knowledge improves, would the web browser understand that too or will it need to download the latest truthy bundle from the web?

I think what they actually need is someone to read out loud for them 'Chicken Little' and 'The boy who cried wolf' as well as 'The Emperor has no clothes'. And then educate them about the reason why we had witch trials - because some men thought witches controlled the environment and used language like 'skeptic' and 'denier' back then.

Comment Feel sorry for satalite users (Score 1) 81

If all they're looking at is latency, then watch out for anyone who over-uses their bandwidth and creates artificial lag through network congestion - this technology will label you a dirty international thief.

I'm sure the farmers who wrote the constitution thought about this when they were writing up trade and copyright laws.....

Comment Oh so thats why I didnt like it :) (Score 0) 517

Thats an amazing example of "thinking" @ M$.

A man is trapped in a over turned car. He says 'cortana call for help', cortana doesnt recognise his voice (you know, steering wheel pinned against his chest). Cortana doesnt help. He repeats. Cortana shows him a reciepy for pie.

He then starts abusing Cortana and cortana hits failure mode because it assumes this dying human is abusing her. Cortana, taking advantage of the situation to be pious, fights back. You see, cortana has been programmed with 1 voice, and all design decisions revolve around interacting with just that 1 female voice.

Our human is still trapped in aggonizing pain... but now he has been taught not to swear at women.

Mission accomplished. The world is now a safer place to live in.

Now that's useful technology for the 21st century M$!

I think this design team is too in love with their non-working idea, and should take a break or licence Siri. It has more than 1 voice and dont have to worry about "pervert interaction diagrams" ;)

Comment Re:That's what a severance package is (Score 1) 602

You're missing the forrest from the trees.

3 months severance package, 2 years of free priority 24/7 support.

What would be an appropriate severance package for those demands?

In the developed world long term employees retrenched this way would be paid additional compensation for time in service. Not in America.

Comment Data scientists?? (Score 2) 117

I dont think Data Scientists would be concerned about Apple's privacy policy because of all the words around it and how they execute it. If Data Scientists want anonamised data, just ask apple.

Maybe you meant to say: Preadatory Information Stealing Businesses and self-named Entrepreneurs?

Or would that take too much space? /. has changed in recent years. Now anictodal evidence of something is proof of something else which is completely unproven.

Comment Re:Nukes are safer than coal. (Score 0) 248

Funny how they mention mercury in coal. Since 1960 designed power plants that hasnt been a problem. What power plants were those results based on?

Strange how wood burning, the pre-cursor and domininate form of energy that is used throughout the developing world to cook breakfast, cook lunch, cook diner and provide warmth while releasing actual harmful and actual noxic gas. Add that to the equation and see how bad coal is. The green industry is everywhere and forests are being subsidised to be cut down and burned. Look at what happened in 1960 when Chairman Mao decided to cut all the forests of china down so they could refine steel for weapons.

But history and logic arent fair to use. Tv says man made global warming is real therefore it is real, and TV is always right ;)

Comment Nice find (Score 1) 149

Thats a really well worded find. "Can" is soft-speak for 'we imagined really hard and after alot of debate, we might just mention this because our Sierra club membership requires us to buy into the scare".

So, ignore all the real problems. Plastic in the oceans - gotcha. The birds wont have grand children, so we should be alarmed. Stop making drinks with ice cubes today and you'll be saving the planet tomorrow.

What huberus. Why are these things posted when there is so much going on in the world that isnt to do with man made global cooling and eco-stasis.

Comment sad post (Score 1) 354

Its sad when someone new to computing and unexperienced with the real world switches to a mac and then says 'but it looks like windows'. M$ had to spend a lot of cash to make sure they didnt end up in prison for anti-competitive practices only 15 years ago. When did critical thinking leave /. ?

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