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Comment Re:Sad (Score 1) 50

You missed the point completely. Testing doesn't mean the code works, or is correct. It means that a predefined set of tests passed. There's still LOTS of room for the code to be very broken. Statements like "You see if code works by testing it" are dangerous- testing it doesn't mean it works. It just means it doesn't fail in obvious ways.

Comment Re:ok (Score 1) 140

Eh, startups need specialists too. Even today not all software even has a network component. And if you're building a mobile app, in your first 3 or 4 programmers you're going to need someone who knows iOS, someone who knows Android, and the backend people. Now you do need to be *willing* to work on other things in slow times, but front end specialists are still hired by early stage startups.

Comment Start from the basics (Score 1) 140

For you I would suggest- stop. You're asking all the wrong questions. The question on whether to use an incubator or not is so far down the road its not even funny. That's step 12 or so. You're at step 1.

Find a problem. Figure out a solution. Market test and focus group to try and figure out if your idea for a solution actually is a solution. Then come up with a business plan- a fully detailed one. Make sure you think you can actually be profitable in a reasonable time. After that, write your MVP (here is where you may consider hiring or quitting your job, but it may not be time yet). Then, depending on the business plan you have, either start selling or go to investors.

Comment Re:Don't you just lie? (Score 1) 142

So you both lie by 5K- you might be better off percentage wise, but the gap is still the same. And you're assuming everyone realizes they need to do this.

I don't know if this action is the right answer, but lying about your wage isn't sufficient (and could be used as grounds for an at fault firing later).

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