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Comment I have, not worth it (Score 5, Informative) 374

Don't get me wrong, Knuth is a genius. If you need to do deep research on sorting algorithms, definitely read it. If you want to do CS research and need to learn how to read research papers, its a good start. But you aren't going to get any deep insights on how to write a good program from it. Its too academic and far too focused on deep research. And even for the topics it does cover, unless you want to do research on how to really optimize the hell out of them you're better off using tutorials written for a more practical level.

Comment Lets not worry about this yet (Score 5, Insightful) 554

There's plenty Trump is actually doing that will have drastic consequences over the next few decades to be concerned about. Lets not start worrying about a power he hasn't abused yet, has made no comments that show he will abuse it, and if abused would be more an annoyance than a crisis. Priorities people.

Comment Re:Where IS Java today? (Score 1) 89

Write once run anywhere failed. But we also found out it isn't important. THe fact is you don't change your backend server's OSes that often (or really ever), so the ability to port it without effort just isn't that valuable. Its an idea that would have rules the 80s (had it worked), but is pretty pointless in the 2010s.

Comment Re:Sorry but (Score 2) 89

Its a technicality. Most java programs don't use AWT or Swing. Missing a few libraries doesn't mean the language isn't used. And as for its use outside of Android- its still very popular. C# is MS only, and the new generation of languages like Ruby have utterly stalled- you'll find a few companies using it but not many and mostly smaller companies Java is still huge in the backend and will continue to be for at least the next decade or two.

Comment Wow the brainwashing!! Greenpeace activist? (Score 1, Insightful) 1066

"a group of climate change denialists and alarmists."

The guy is a geologist, the enemy of WWF, Sierra club and Greenpeace. They explain that the climate is always changing because that is what humans have discovered after hundreds if not thousands of years of investigation. To toss that aside immediately because he disagrees with Obama's hand picked ex head of the UN WMO John Holdren?

But it also shows that you do not need to have any understanding of science, economics, history or even culture to post anything to /. and immediately assume it is correct.

Have these environmentalists proven there is a hot spot of CO2 feed backing heat to water vapour? UNSW has! They used wind-sheer off the coast of NSW to prove there is a hot spot over the equator. Sarcasm aside, no, we measure that area of air and it is either the same temperature or has actually decreased. Have you heard? If you havnt, you've been reading the MSM and /. and soylent news. It is as if these places are gatekept for consistency of this unproven science.

The inability to think is anti-science. Anti-philosophy. It is parallel to the inquisition where society all agreed that WITCHES caused the climate to change. These people need to be locked up before they ruin more lives on imaginary quests which only require more of your money to make happen - otherwise we'll threaten your children's unborn children with unjustifiable temperature or sea level rises. Or we'll rename man made global warming to something else and ask for twice the amount of money (83 trillion isnt enough?!)


People need to start thinking otherwise they will fall for other scams which use the same tricks.

Comment Re: yes they should (Score 1) 1081

It doesn't switch on until it does have 270. 270 is the election. So if/when 270 EV worth of states agree, those states will go to the popular vote winner and the election gets decided by the national popular vote. That's the point- to kill the EC legally, and make it so the winner of the national popular vote always wins.

Comment Re: yes they should (Score 1) 1081

Actually the Democratic-republicans are the democrats today. The republicans are the younger pay, they grew up in the vacuum of the 1850s after the Whig party died out. In the jqa election both were members of the Democratic republicans as the opposing party (federalist) was pretty much deaf and the Whigs hadn't formed.

Comment Re: yes they should (Score 1) 1081

I actually did a poll of this lady time it came up. I asked 20 random people at a mall. 2 agreed with you. 17 of the nation. 1 actual said city, nation, them state. Still insufficient data, but other than people trying to defend the ec because they liked the 2000results I have never heard a non politician refer to themselves as a citizen of a state

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