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Comment Re: Lol (Score 2) 223

The density allowed. Over 90% of San Francisco is zones for a max of 3 stories. You don't need all the owners to be willing to sell, you nearly need a percentage of them to be. There's enough profits to be made by tearing down old 2-3 story buildings and replacing them with 10 story ones to let the market do the rest.

Comment Re:Lol (Score 2) 223

Wow, you're ignorant. I actually live in the area. The citys are all for the buses and want to expand the programs. The protestors are locals. Of course there are low income residents of SF- they live with roommates, with their parents, or in rent control. They're being priced out, and that's why they're angry. They don't actually care about the buses- they're angry at the raise in rents, and the symbol of them are the big tech companies. They think that without the buses the tech workers would move further into the valley and lower rents in SF. Not realistic, but they're angry and desperate.

Comment Re: Row row row your boat (Score 4, Insightful) 380

Exactly the opposite. Streams took easy to read and understand for loops used by every language on earth and replaced it with gibberish that you need to work through to understand, and is far more difficult top debug as there's no damn place to put a break point or print statement. They're banned everywhere I've heard of

Comment Re:Odd, this "free range" environment... (Score 1) 113

I've worked at both as well. I'll take the open any day of the week. People are more accessible, you feel less like interfering if you talk to someone. Frequently you'll overhear a discussion that your input on is important. I feel an individual might get more done in some circumstances of private offices, but the team gets more done in an open one. And that's what's important. Especially if you're a team lead I would never choose an office over an open desk.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Insightful) 82

Someone doesn't know their history. its you. Look at the wars america was in before 1940. For example- the Spanish-American war. Basically caused because we wanted some of Spain's stuff in the Carribean, and trumped up on an explosion in port that ended up being an accident.

The Mexican American war- because we wanted to move our southern border to the Rio Grande.

The War of 1812- multiple causes and may have happened anyway, but at least part was a desire to annex Canada.

The Indian Wars- all undeclared, but we took each tribe's land one at a time.

The US has been an imperialistic war monger from the beginning. We just kept it to our own continent until the 1900s.

Comment Re:Shying away from OOP(s) (Score 1) 674

Back in the 90s and early 2000s operator overloading was thought of as really cool and was used in all sort of horrible ways. Some of that even slipped into the standard library with the > overloading the traditional bit shift and meaning output. Nobody really has a problem with using it for math, but it was way too frequently used for evil. The set of problems it logically helps on is so small it probably wasn't a net gain.

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