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User Journal

Journal Journal: I never write.

So I know that I never write in this. I think that I've been lurking through my friends' journals long enough now.
Why write now? you ask...well I happen to be sitting here watching the worst movie I have ever seen before in my life. The movie is called Seamless. It isn't like any movie normal bad movie though, for some reason I can't just turn it off.

I think the only thing that I could say competes for being worse than that is New Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, which I've watch...oh tonight as well! If you've never seen that one, I think the story line is okay...it should be, it was somewhat ripped off from the real Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon however this one make some of my home movie cinematography look like genious work. Oh and its in Cantonese. I think I could deal with one of the two, but not both. I could only manage to muster myself through half of that 4 hour movie before I turned it off.

That's alright though, I'm enjoying some Pear Palinka right now with the movies. Thanks very much to my good pal dgtlrift and his wife for bringing that along to me. I think I still need another three shots for it to count as a drunken journal entry though. At least it makes the movie more enjoyable.

The Almighty Buck

Journal Journal: Consumer End Industry Woes 2

Eastman Kodak Company just announced 4500 to 6000 cuts by the end of the year in "administrative, staff, research and development, and consumer imaging." They need to reduce their budget by 300 million in order to keep doing business. This is the seventh quarter out of ten that Kodak has done some sort of layoff. Yet Dan Carp (CEO) continues to make 7.6 million a year. Notice also that Antonio Perez has an unreported salary (he is new to this position, so it isn't entirely unexpected).

However there are a large number of companies where the COO makes in the ballpark of the CEO (even half is a lot in this case), sometimes even a lot more, I really hope that it isn't the case here. Here are my references that made me say so: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

This is not just a remark of frustration over what the CEO is making, but it is also a mark of frustration over a company that had so many good things going for it and let them all get wasted.

I would have hoped that a better jist to this article would have been, lifetime Kodak employee Dan Carp see value in the company he works for and decides that a broad sweeping upper management paycut is needed. There will still need to be job cuts in the order of 2000 people worldwide, but Kodak has realized that one way to get through this slump and to get management to work for a better increase in profits and corporate momentum would be to cut the top heavey pay of these untouchable managers who know how to legally extort a company for more than they are worth.

I don't think that some of these top employees would think anything about telling the peons that they're not worth what they're getting paid.

Yes I realize that this is in some respects a childish rant, but I think that some of these things still needed to be pointed out.
User Journal

Journal Journal: Wacom Graphire

Well I finally got my Wacom Graphire installed. Yeehaw! I buy things way ahead of time and let them sit around for three or four months before I decide to take a gander to actually bother installing them. At this point, I make some lame attempt to figure out this complex system that I have never heard of (ie xinput) without actually reading the directions. It doesn't make me a pleasant person to be around for the next couple days.

But I have it done now and it works and now I've bothered to put in a journal entry for myself. I have a dual monitor display, but I'm not willing to pay for more than one nice monitor, so I inherited the second one that I run off my G450. Its a really old NEC 17 incher that only does 1024x768. This is lame to have it be in Xineramic mode (my other monitor is a 19" Sony jobber that does 1600x1200...but I run it in 1400x1050) because I loose all sorts of screen relastate and the Matrox X driver wiggs out anyway...so I run another window manager on it yet and I have offically made that my "doodling monitor".

People find this funny...that I have a doodling monitor. It makes perfect sense to me, lower resolution, easier to see graphics. But anyway.

Okay, this journal entry is done, its my first one, I nkow it bites, but oh well...I'm going to submit it later. If I don't like it or the comments people leave, I guess I can delete it.

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