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Comment Re:IL had free rides to all senior citizens 2008-2 (Score 1) 209

that's a suburb, if it's just 20-30 miles.

you know what's rural? driving 100km both ways just to buy booze.
that's Lapland for you.

anyways, for a lot of elderly people the choice is to either keep driving or move into an old peoples cesspit. free public transportation doesn't really come to the play even, if the bus is 10 km away.

what's a mall anyways? and look, I lived in a 23 000 people about city in Finland and having a car was pretty much non-optional even if you lived 2km from the "mall"(highschool, shops, restaurants area). the local bus went maybe two times a day and just walking to it would have been half the distance anyways - and yeah I did walk many, many times to school in -20-30C and biked in -10C.

When I lived in Helsinki however the public transportation was pretty good, albeit expensive all things considered. like 1.5 liters of gasoline for a 3 minute metro ride kind of expensive. if it wasn't snowy half the year I bet nearly everyone would have some kind of a moped or scooter, like people in asia do.

Comment Re:Would it be positive for your customers? (Score 4, Informative) 157

Yes, more sponsored free data transfer and optimization from content providers. It's a grey area now. But "Stream Game of Thrones now without using your data, exclusively on AT&T" is something that carriers and content providers really want to do.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 3, Informative) 328

Part of the reason everything is better in Europe is because of the high taxes. Low taxes lead to inequality, which leads to civil unrest, which leads to suffering. It's like the path to the Dark Side, but for civil societies.

The happiest nation on Earth, Denmark, has

  • Federal income tax up to 15% for higher earners
  • Healthcare tax
  • Land value tax
  • Local income tax too! Around 25%
  • There is a ceiling on income tax though ; you can't pay more than 51.5% when all income taxes are added up
  • There's a 25% sales tax on nearly everything though
  • They even have a tax on stupidity being a member of the state church.

Taxes are good for the health of a civil society Why do you think the happiness levels in the USA correlate so strongly with the drop in tax levels promoted by the richest?

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

You might want to get yourself some Black Blood of the Earth, which was developed for just such a reason.

Or an Aeropress. I find that as long as you don't let it steep more than about 30 seconds, the coffee an Aeropress makes is much less bitter than filter or french press, the taste is almost chocolately in nature.

Cold-brew produces similar results in terms of flavour as well - but it's powerful ju-ju, I've not titrated the dose right yet. Last time I tried it I had one glass of it cold over ice in the morning but all the little wheels in my brain spun all night while my body slept.

Comment Re:or how about less sugar anyways? (Score 1) 328

The US formulation has PGPR in it. They claim not to have changed the recipe in the UK, but given the number of people complaining it's not as good as it used to be that stretches credibility.

I've found Dairy Milk to be too sweet and greasy and not chocolately enough for years though.

Sadly Cadbury's owned my go-to choice of "everyday" (not every day) chocolate, Green & Blacks, which means the Despoiler Mondelez own them too. The cracks are already starting to show, with their US arm now releasing bars that are no longer labelled "Organic". I'm not the kind of person who thinks "Organic" bestows magical qualities on food, but it displays a willingness to compromise has been forced into the heart of the company, and who knows what will change next.

Comment Re:No you won't. (Score 3, Informative) 328

Sugar is worse than fat. Fat doesn't spike your insulin making you hungry again shortly afterwards.

The start of the real obesity epidemic in the USA correlates strongly with the research that sugar companies paid for that painted fat as the enemy, and the frenzied replacement of fat in many food products with sugar. See "low fat!" on a label? They had to find something to replace it with, and that was usually sugar.

Comment Re:JUST GREAT! (Score 2) 328

Sorry, but they do. I believe that labelling law requires them to do so (at least, in the EU - this is presumably one of the laws that TTIP etc seek to muzzle by bringing standards down to the lowest common denominator, ie, the USA).

Yorkie has 25% cocoa solids by mass - which surprised me, it's actually more than our UK favourite, Cadbury's Dairy Milk, which has 22%.

No PGPR, or butyric acid, aka "What vomit smells of", the stuff that makes Hershey's so "special" either.

I won't buy Nestlé on principle though. They deserve their reputation as "Swiss Bastards". Sadly, Cadbury's is in the process of being ruined by another giant "food" corporation, Mondelez (used to be Kraft), chocolate in the UK has kinda lost it's taste for me.

Comment Re: Stick a fork in it (Score 3, Interesting) 157

there was so many kind of apps you simply couldn't write for windows phone 7 even that it was not funny.

MS/Nokia was dishing out cash and free devices and lunches to everyone, but their dev relations to questions "when will this or that be added to the api" resulted in "you don't need it". which was puzzling since making a decent version of the app depended on having that.

anyways, windows phone sucked big time. easy to develop for but so very much limited and not extensible at all - wp7 was so bad that by 2003 standards it would have been called a feature phone, not a smartphone(no real full multitasking and stuff that used to be the separator between a smartphone and a feature phone back in the day).

wp7 was featurewise equivalent to j2me phones and everything was very, very betaish despite being super simplified.

anyways, it all traces back to ZUNE - all of the crappy decisions and failures MS has done in the past 10 years goes back to the ZUNE. Wp was just a rehash of ZUNE shell, rushed. it's so simplified because thats all they had! and then they tried to cover it as being great because it does nothing.

a smartphone needs to have decent multitasking. win ce had it.

the whole problem was ditching the old stuff and replacing it with new stuff that wasn't ready. sure, one could live with wp. but why bother when there's android.

and being forced to use win8(and now win10) for development isn't exactly a plus either, especially when the dev env doesn't really depend on any win8/10 features.. oh well at least they were giving those license out free nilly willy too.

anyways, windows phone was never relevant in any market. the only place where it was slightly relevant was Finland due to loads of organizations sticking with Nokia's as their organization provided phones - and because nokia and ms were just giving cash to publish stuff.

And Microsoft has just about given up on it as well. It's now just this thing they have.

If you want a real explanation it's simply that MS board consists of idiots. how can so well paid people be idiots? well look at what they have done and bought in the past 10 years and how they have ruined their core product. it would have been better to do absolutely nothing. not buy nokia, not linkedin, not publish win8rt, not publish win8.

they could have bought ARM holdings with the cash they want to pay for linkedin btw. that should put things into perspective how much they overvalued it.

Comment Re:Not Russia again (Score 1) 30

russia, iran, whats the difference really to american media?

what's more perplexing is the spokesperson.

if it didn't affect any servers or payment systems - and how would they know - why shutdown the payments systems?

sounds like they don't even know what was compromised, really, or what the workstations were for either.

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