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Comment The joys of solitaire monopoly. (Score 1) 123

I really like the game. I used to play the solitaire version when i was younger.

We heavily modified the rules, so that you could have unlimited building, so eg a thousand hotels on vine. Ah.. that will be £1,000,000, and we'll build another 666 hotels there.

The solitaire version is that you 'play the bank', buy all the land, and then bill the bank for staying there. Kind of like the clintons, but it was long before them.

I don't recall the cat. It used to be a lever in the versions from the sixties. Forty years on, i can still write out much of the board, and the hotel and base rentals for it. Just a little wasted time :)

Comment So stupid it should be criminal (Score 1) 376

A complicated washing machine your mom can't operate that uses hot water on the dark colors and cold on the whites. A TV that won't even let Dad change channels until he connects to a hotspot and logs into his Microsoft account. A complicated computerized refrigerator Grandma and Grandpa can't operate lets their food spoil, and they die of food poisoning. Nobody wants or needs this crap!

Comment Re:Bigoted much? (Score 1) 404

Expelling diplomats and seizing property is outrageous behavior if it's believed that it was done for no reason.

Not really. What the administration did was actually pretty much the least retaliation they can do. On MSNBC, they asked an analyst what the actions were on a 1-to-10 scale and it was called a 1, maybe a 2.

There's not much else less severe that could have been done.

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