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BP Prepares Complex "Top Kill" Bid To Plug Well 365

shmG excerpts from the International Business Times: "Government and BP officials are hopeful after extensive preparations, but are not guaranteeing that a complex attempt early this week to cap an uncontrolled underwater oil spill from a well in the Gulf of Mexico will be successful. The so-called 'top kill' procedure that oil major BP is tentatively scheduled to attempt on Tuesday involves plugging up the well by pumping thick 'drilling mud' and cement into it. While it had been attempted on above-ground wells, it has never been tried at the depths involved with this spill, nearly 5,000 feet below the surface."

Comment Re:good time to become a loan shark (Score 1) 353

There is a small but significant difference between money and "real" things.

"Real" things have uses that are independent of perceived value (often they correlate but not necessarily, as you say, things are worth what we agree they are). eg. I want gold to make connectors for my stereo, if the whole world decides gold is worthless I don't care, it still conducts signal.

Money doesn't have any use beyond it's perceived value. It's usefulness *is* its value, if the whole world decides it's worthless, it also becomes useless.

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