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Comment Re:What a load... (Score 1) 369

You misunderstand. Let me try again:

if you tax corporations more they just increase prices for consumers, because if they could get away with the higher prices they'd already be charging them.

They can't get away with higher prices because people would shop at a competitor. But if you raise taxes for all of them, they can increase the price for consumers, because the competitor would do the same.

Comment Re:How is that supposed to happen? (Score 1) 369

I have no problems with tax law modifications to make things fairer, and assure that everybody's got a good shot at surviving.

But if a robot can do the work more efficiently than a person, then we shouldn't try to stop it. Instead, let's find something else for the person to do. And if there's really nothing else (not very likely in the foreseeable future), then we redistribute some of the money in the least complicated fashion.

If the cake is large enough to feed everyone why are we making more cake?

Because there's still international competition for resources.

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