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Comment Re:It's OVH (Score 1) 103

I'm surprised to read that. Are you sure it is OVH ? I would expect many providers to suck at understanding such problems, but OVH tends to be on the very competent side, so if that is true, I would wait for OVH version of the problem before drawing a conclusion on who's wrong.

Comment Re:Trivial to stop the abuse (Score 4, Interesting) 184

This is indeed a good solution, though it may have to be weighted depending on the area, otherwise Silicon Valley will get all the H1-Bs.

But yes, those three Indian IT companies are the one abusing the system, and it is their fault if H1-Bs are so hard to get. They prevent other companies from legitimately bringing foreign talents by flooding the system.

So of course they're fearing it won't work long, and I hope it will be the case. I don't really trust Trump to do this smartly, but if at least they can fix the H1-B system, that would be an interesting achievement.

Comment Re:Just what we need, a traitor sharing more secre (Score 3, Insightful) 72

You can doubt Russian/Hong kong intents, but the German story seem to be pretty legitimate and you can't blame them if they want to know how much the NSA spied on them.

Now, if you call Snowden a traitor because it will reveal the truth about the NSA spying activities on their partners for business intelligence, that's your call.

Comment Re:Nice try (Score 4, Informative) 302

-1 Troll

But seriously, what the hell ? China, like the US never wanted to do any effort about climate, they never cared that much about pollution and global warming. You could say it was invented by Europe, or Japan, but ... China ???

Anyway, it was not invented, it is a reported fact. There is no intent to find here.

Comment Re:This story smells fake (Score 1) 92

Don't read the BS article from popularmechanics. They didn't even report the age of the kid right (he was 5, not 4).

The original article (, in french) indicates that they just let the phone extinguish itself on the floor and called the firemen, and they intend to sue Samsung since the product was dangerous and could have burnt their kid.

The original article just reports an isolated incident. Then the US shiftnews system took it to another level of BS.

Comment Right problem, wrong solution (Score 0) 248

Ok, so taking a pictures of a vote is forbidden just because that would allow selling votes ? Am I the only one thinking something is wrong ? Sure, I don't see the point in doing a ballot selfie (as I don't see the point in selfies) but what the heck is this law ?

You should sue the ones who are buying votes. Period. If there are picture of people with their ballot, great, that would make it easier for the police to gather proofs.

Besides, is there any study that shows that making it illegal to take pictures lead to a lower rate of vote selling ??? I'm pretty sure if you want to sell your vote you're already doing something illegal, so taking a picture of it (and not posting it online) will not really change anything.

Comment Re:I don't care. (Score 1) 110

I had hope when I saw the app store at first. Finally, it would be possible to install apps from a controlled source and avoid the crazyness of installing things you download manually on the internet. But ... MS did it wrong again.

Linux updates usually take less than a minute, sometimes slightly more. And they don't even use diffs. How come MS never managed to update any file without reindexing your whole hard drive ? (or at least that's the impression I have when I see windows updates)

Comment Re:Dafuq? (Score 1) 122

While I totally agree that this article is jumping from a not-surprising correlation to a totally dubious causation, your proposition to ban such studies is I think a bad idea.

In France, statistics based on ethnicity are banned. The reason is : we don't want statistics to say that e.g. "the majority of men in prisons are of a certain ethnicity", because some idiots may think "Then all people of this ethnicity are robbers/rapers/murderers/...".

The issue with that approach is that you're basically making it illegal to state facts (that happen to be true). So, someone who would do a study to show such facts, and likely conclude that it is hard for immigrants (even from the 60's) to climb the social ladder and have access to good education, ... could be fined for "ethnics statistics".

What's even worse is that everyone knows this fact, yet, no politician will ever state it, except the extreme right ... and those will be the one jumping to the conclusion that we should kick all the immigrants out. The extreme right supporters will feel that the government is trying to censor/oppress them, making them even more convinced that they are (extremely) right.

Comment Re:Market Saturation (Score 3, Insightful) 127

Absolutely. And that's especially true if you look at Samsung tablets. The Tab S2 are more expensive and have a far worse screen than the Tab S. What the hell ?

Anyway, that's just a stable market. Tablets are fine, they are useful but they are not replacing laptops as some had predicted and of course, growing is only temporary.

I'm always amazed by some announcing things like "smartphone growth is slowing down !!" like it is the end of smartphones, or like markets could grow exponentially, forever. Some had this impression thanks to emerging markets (china, india) but smartphones, like tablets, are pretty old now, so it's only normal they reach their maximum.

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