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Comment Re:The irony.. (Score 1) 221

Mod parent up. I don't get why this is modded as "Troll".

I was indeed astonished to see that the S6 Edge+ didn't have an SD card slot, given the size of the phone, the awesome quality of the camera (you don't want to store everything on Google reduced-quality cloud) and ... the price !

I don't get what Samsung wants to do here. We don't care that much about speed, we want capacity (that increases over the years so we can upgrade our phone), and phones with SD card slots.

Comment Smartphone sales *GROWTH* (Score 3, Interesting) 78

Growth is the important term here. Of course it is decreasing, now that basically everyone has a smartphone. You cannot go above 100% of the market. It used to grow a lot when people were transitioning from dumbphones to smartphones.

So, yes, people change their phone less often, but the 2010 figures were mostly the transition to smartphones.

Comment Re:Hi Blackberry (Score 1) 92

You like swype typing, fine. Though, don't talk about things you don't know. I loved my physical keyboard because I could just launch anything on android without even looking at my phone.

On the home screen, just type the name of any contact and type enter. Will go to that contact. Type any app name .. will launch it.

Comment Re:About Time (Score 1) 255

Not necessarily, since game consoles tend to be good hardware/price compromise and games are optimized for those platforms since there are a lot of them.

The gamers (with occasional desktop needs) will buy the Xbox ; the desktopers (with occasional gaming) will buy a laptop/desktop. The extreme gamers will build their own crazy-GPU configuration.

Comment Re:False Entropy (Score 1) 140

You have gained exactly nothing if the Capital first letter is enforced by the password policy.

Those password policies drive me crazy. They make no sense from the average user perspective, only to the CIO that can say "see, we're very annoying with our password policy, so that makes us very secure". And if anyone chooses Password1! as a password, it is their fault !!

Comment Finally security done the right way (Score 4, Insightful) 119

It is about time security is done from the attacker perspective. Yes, it is a good idea to think that "if an attacker can do it, we can do it too and disable accounts we can compromize". Running widespread password lists against your own password database is a good security practice and you are indeed helping your users much more than trying to enforce a stupid password policy.

Comment Re:This is a fucking press release (Score 1) 44

The way it is written also looks like a press release written for the average non-nerd. "Number crunching" ? No, climate simulation. "Years on a desktop-PC" ? yeah, we can do the math. And desktop PC doesn't really make any sense (I can fit a number of GPUs on my desktop PC)

Comment Re:A Change in Society (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Mod parent up.

For human-vs-human, I agree you can look at others but others can look at you too. You can find the name of a pretty girl and try to harass her, but then she can also report your name to the police.

Things change however when it is human-vs-non human, like companies, state or police. Except for the police, they could already do it for years.

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