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Comment Re:What if... (Score 1) 148

The strength of a password is is difficulty to guess. A popular password cannot be strong.

What is misleading is that for the last 15 years now, stupid security has been around and promoting password with special characters, numbers, uppercase, ... touting those as "Strong" passwords. WEll, that would be true if they were random. But they are not.

If your brute force cracker is as stupid as those meters, yes, it will be hard to find Password1!. But if you're running a list of common password or using state of the art deep learning to try to act as a human instead of a stupid algorithm, Password1! is immediate to find.

I was pissed off every time I saw a website with a stupid password meter or requirement 5 years ago. Finally some people try to stop this madness, but this will not be easy.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 148

I think you got it wrong. The point here is that password meters are just enforcing stupid rules, they don't do any good and they provide a false sense of security. The password strength they show is based on the utterly stupid idea that human choose random passwords.

But humans are humans, not machines. Our brains are not designed to retain random passwords. So what happens ? People try to find a good password. But the meter says "no, not 32 characters long". So they just say "fuck, I'm not a machine", and "Passwooooooooooooooooooooooord1!". Done, stupid meter.

Comment Re:Universal Basic Income would fix that (Score 2) 86

Your comment is completely off-topic here since the issue is about happiness and tasks .. at home, which will be unaffected.

And in fact, if universal income is a potential answer to the disappearance of jobs (replaced by -say- AI), it doesn't solve a bigger problem : can we live a happy life with no task at all ?

The answer may be no, and humans will need to find other non-remunerated tasks to keep them busy and happy.

Comment Re:Here's the real reason for Nvidia's complaints (Score 2) 58

Yes, the HPC world is waiting for KNL because they don't want to port their old codes to CUDA. But that's just the expectation : people are starting to realize that running a Xeon code on KNL is by no mean immediate and you won't get much performance boost without a serious application rewrite ... just like porting to GPUs, maybe slightly easier though.

But on the performance side, it is very clear that KNL performance is terrible. The fact that Intel only shows scaling figures is quite funny : it is very easy to make a slow code scale, because computation times are high compared to communication times. To have good scaling, you can either have a faster interconnect or a slower CPU. Since they're never showing performance comparison but only "scaling", I'd bet it is the latter.

To illustrate, say the speed of your code is 1 on 1 CPU, and 32 on 32 CPUs, scaling is perfect. If the speed is 100 on one GPU, and 2400 on 32 GPUs, the scaling is not perfect and you can show the scaling curve from Intel saying "hey, we scale better !". That's ridiculous.

Comment Re:France ruled by idiots... (Score 1) 446

In every country (France is no exception) the minister in charge of intelligence agencies has the duty to push such measures. It doesn't mean it will work, nor that even the minister thinks it is good.

Intelligence agencies don't give a shit about citizen rights, they just want their job to be easier. That makes sense, but that doesn't mean they will win eventually.

Comment Re:Illusions (Score 5, Insightful) 177

This actually shows how great autopilot can be, especially if it combines a camera, radar, and other sensors, compared to humans who can be sooo easily defeated.

But in any case, this is just about attacking a car : it is illegal. There are many other (cheap) ways to cause an accident : blow a tire, use light, fumes, oil, ice, or use a missile. If someone wants to attack a car, there are plenty of choices.

Maybe the only difference here is that it may be hard to understand afterwards what happened. The secret services may like that.

Comment Re:The irony.. (Score 1) 221

Mod parent up. I don't get why this is modded as "Troll".

I was indeed astonished to see that the S6 Edge+ didn't have an SD card slot, given the size of the phone, the awesome quality of the camera (you don't want to store everything on Google reduced-quality cloud) and ... the price !

I don't get what Samsung wants to do here. We don't care that much about speed, we want capacity (that increases over the years so we can upgrade our phone), and phones with SD card slots.

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