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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 2) 890

Very important to watch : Humans Need Not Apply by CGP Grey :

While I don't agree with everything, I like that video since it states a fact : human productivity increases and AI is a real game changer, so human needs will likely not follow.

What I also like is that he doesn't try to draw conclusions. The conclusion "hence we need UBI" is missing a lot of details (how do we transition, how do we still keep human productive, will we be able to live without a goal or work ? ...).

But yes, we need to invent a new system. Not for tomorrow, but that will arrive quickly enough.

Comment Re: Nothing New Here (Score 2) 66

Weak people should be beaten because they're too weak to fight back, those with bad vision should die if they don't see a car coming, ... what utter bullshit.

The reason why there are laws is because unlike you, the society recognizes that everybody has strength and weaknesses and that weaknesses should not be a reason for being abused.

You seem to be smart enough to not fall into this trap, but you're an utter idiot when it comes to living with others. No one is perfect.

You seem like the kind of person that advocates for remembering 12 characters random passwords and think anyone who is not capable of that should deserve to be hacked. That gives you a feeling of superiority and must surely feel good, because it tends to rank human on a scale that favors you, and hides all of your weaknesses that others may not have.

I think the society should promote nice, helpful, friendly (though maybe naive) persons against those who take advantage of others weaknesses for their personal gain and ego (just like you).

Comment Re:Just a hunch (Score 1) 111

The problem is that using it only as a thin cover does not improve scratch protection (or very little). Apple is advertising sapphire to make people think it will be really better than glass, but it turns out to be just as good as glass so there is no point in calling that sapphire-grade resistant ... which means it is 98% marketing and 2% science.

Comment Re:Well... isn't it government property? (Score 4, Insightful) 296

A role or a position is not something you can own. The internet is an international organization thing that doesn't belong to any country. The way it works is decided between the countries, and changing the way it works can be subject to voting or negotiations, but talking about property in this context is either retarded or plainly dishonest.

Comment Re:Fuck off with the clickbait/America != The Worl (Score 1) 219

It can be US based and still not US-centric. It's just that a lot of readers are in the US and tend to forget that there are other countries. And I agree with OP, that's very annoying, even when you live in the US (but happen to have lived in other countries). The fact that proposed articles are written that way is normal, but editors should modify them to be more generic if they want Slashdot to be a general tech web-site.

Since there is only one Slashdot (except slashdot japan), it should not be US-centric. My opinion.

Comment Re:someone probably died for this mistake (Score 1) 137

Why ? It brought millions of people to read their propaganda and see how "great" their country is for tourism. Free advertising. Tourism will see a boost in the coming months thanks to that guy.

As for the servers, they're probably OK, since most likely what has been saturated is the link between Korea and the rest of the world, which is not used by NK people anyway.

Comment Re:Good for backhauls and maybe some DC uses (Score 1) 75

Indeed, stupid clickbait article ... comparing state of the art research to home equipment, comparing technology providers to ISP, ... that's ridiculous.

The original article ( was about the next generation of fiber going running at 1TB/s instead of 100GB/s currently. This is used by datacenter, high performance computing ... very expensive stuff. The fiber is usually not the problem here, the optic transmitter being the key.

If we're talking about home equipment, this should be about having the current high-end technology (line 10Gb/s or 100Gb/s) becoming cheaper so that it can be deployed to homes or even local hubs.

Comment Re:fallacy (Score 1) 165

"open market" has always been inside a group, and means it is much easier to do business since the rules are the same, hence extending across europe is easy.

If you're outside of that market, then it doesn't mean you cannot enter it, just that you'll have to go through the usual painful process of inter-country rules. And frankly the EU market has historically been easier to enter than the US market. Protectionism is much lower in the EU than in the US.

So EU-to-EU is an open market. EU-to-Others is a controlled market as anything else in this world.

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