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Comment "Inflammatory" is not equal to "untrue" (Score 1) 516

Just saying.

And you're just asking for retaliation for Hillary's shitposting and inflammatory memes. I don't want to see commerce imploding because no one will work or buy from anyone else. If you're going to try to screw each other over, can't you at least keep it to politics?

Comment Re:It could just be "sensitive" (Score 1) 13

I agree with just about everything you have to say about Trump, especially the lying part. He's the type of person to piss on you and tell you it's raining. I'm honestly not sure if he even knows he's lying, or if he's just a master of doublethink. Of course, most of that applies to Hillary as well

Acting like a six year old doesn't solve this problem, it just makes it that much worse. It also has the side effect of making many reasonable people dismiss your arguments out of hand.


Xiaomi Can Silently Install Any App On Your Android Phone Using A Backdoor ( 97

Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer many refer to as the "Apple of China," can silently install any app on your device, according to a Computer Science student and security enthusiast from the Netherlands. Thijs Broenink started investigating a mysterious pre-installed app, dubbed AnalyticsCore.apk, that constantly runs in the background and reappears even if you try and delete it. The Hacker News reports: After asking about the purpose of the AnalyticsCore app on the company's support forum and getting no response, Thijs Broenink reverse engineered the code and found that the app checks for a new update from the company's official server every 24 hours. While making these requests, the app sends device identification information with it, including the phone's IMEI, Model, MAC address, Nonce, Package name as well as signature. If there is an updated app available on the server with the filename "Analytics.apk," it will automatically get downloaded and installed in the background without user interaction. Broenink found that there is no validation at all to check which APK is getting installed to a user's phone, which means there is a way for hackers to exploit this loophole. This also means Xiaomi can remotely and silently install any application on your device just by renaming it to "Analytics.apk" and hosting it on the server. Ironically, the device connects and receives updates over HTTP connection, exposing the whole process to Man-in-the-Middle attacks."

Comment Re:It could just be "sensitive" (Score 1) 13

I've gotta ask, what's up with the Trump misspellings? At least "Shrub" had some humor to it when applied to Bush, but "Drumpf" makes you sound like a six year old. (If you're going to fall back on "that was his family name once upon a time," I wonder if you still refer to the Windsors as the Saxe-Coburgs?)

Grow up. Maybe if we can start having political discourse as adults, we can do something about the absolutely toxic environment we have today.

Comment Re:Summary missing important piece... (Score 1) 333

You seem to think I'm a Trump supporter or otherwise a "wingnut." I am, in fact, neither. I'm just irritated by hypocrisy, and Clinton supporters have that in spades (to be fair, so do most Trump supporters).

But hey, in the post above, you've called me dishonest, implied I am a racist, and used the words "chicken-fucker" just because I made a pointed joke. Might want to look in the mirror next time you're thinking about how fucked up American politics are.

Comment Re:The last set showed laws broken by DNC (Score 3, Informative) 333

According to Assange, supposedly they don't have anything surprising about Trump. Nothing that he hasn't already talked about or that has been brought up about him. So it sounds like there's lots of accusations without anything out there to back them up. The same thing happens with Clinton, but somehow we end up with the data to verify it.

Comment No, censorship takes practice like any other skill (Score 1) 196

"Getting it right" depends on what they're trying to get right. tells us "Facebook Is Collaborating With the Israeli Government to Determine What Should Be Censored" and Glenn Greenwald told us about these problems before as did Richard Stallman and Eben Moglen before Greenwald (the latter two rightly calling Facebook "a monstrous surveillance engine" and the like). As Moglen points out in every one of his speeches in the past few years (if not longer) that "Stallman was right". But back to your point about how Facebook should stop trying to "get it right" as Facebook's rep says: These are precisely the problems any censor faces when trying to figure out the details of what should be censored; the implicit assumption being that censorship is right & proper to do, and is merely a matter of haggling over price (be it money or favors with the powerful) as the old joke goes.

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