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Comment Committed to the least they can get away with (Score 2) 78

Microsoft, owner of Skype (which Microsoft changed specifically for spying, not that Skype was trustworthy under its previous owner either as The Guardian tells us, "Eight months before being bought by Microsoft, Skype joined the Prism program in February 2011.") and NSA "provider" since 2007-09-11 (the NSA's first PRISM provider) wants us to understand their "commitment to our customers' security". Apparently that commitment is as little as they can get away with.

That's true of every software proprietor, Google included. The problem is the lack of software freedom which is designed to leave users at the mercy of the only programmers allowed to inspect, alter, and publish improvements to the proprietary software—these are the very programmers users couldn't trust with their security in the first place.

Comment Software freedom for cars is necessary. (Score 2) 87

I don't think that will be sufficient or even a good plan for the car owner.

The correct and complete solution is simple (and it's high time /. readers start endorsing this to each other and to their Congressional representatives): complete corresponding source code for all of the car's software licensed to the car owner under a free software license. I recommend the AGPLv3 or later in order to help maintain software freedom when people provide remote services to do this job. This would allow the car owner to have an application they trust running on and in the car which allows them to list all connections to other parties and selectively break whichever connections they wish ad-hoc. Few dealers would prefer this because it cuts them out of the loop; only dealers that genuinely want you to have the best available support and service, even extending beyond the dealer's business.

Practical problems with a dealer-only arrangement include: no possibility of getting this fixed ad-hoc (dealers in the US often don't do business on Sundays) which means your privacy means less to them than their ability to engineer new monopolies, no way to trust that the connection to someone's monitor is complete (you're trusting the dealer not to screw you but they have already shown a desire to do that in other ways), dealers are like any other business in that they sometimes go out of business which leaves car owners in the dark for getting this operation done, cooperative dealers are sometimes too far to realistically deal with (if I sell the car from the US mainland to someone in Hawaii they won't want to ship the car back to get this done because their Hawaiian dealer either doesn't exist or isn't cooperative).

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 902

It's one thing to fire the guy for the contents of the videos. It's another thing entirely to report on the guy getting fired by deliberately editing together clips to strip them of their context and make the guy out to be as much of a monster as possible in the service of manufacturing outrage for your yellow journalism.

Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 4, Insightful) 902

> Jews haven't had a "homeland" in more than 2000 years. Putting natives population in camps so that you can move somewhere your great-great-great-("...-"*100)-great-grand-father lived is just plain wrong.

So-- Jews and Muslims lived side by side in what is now Israel throughout the middle ages. All of Palestine was about 10-15% Jewish in 1900 and about 30% Jewish in 1945. International forces proposed partitioning this at the close of WWII and with the rise of sectarian violence into three parts-- a Jewish state, a Muslim state, and the city of Jerusalem. But that all became a free-for-all with multiple Arab armies moving on the Jewish population and we've evolved to the shitty situation we have today-- where there's an overly-defensive state of Israel taking extreme measures to prevent its own eradication and somewhat becoming the bad guys in the process.

Comment Re:It's good to be reminded (Score 4, Insightful) 184

But these days - in America at least - intellectuals trained in the same classical tradition as Winston Churchill are derided as beholden to the white male patriarchy. Hell, even figures previously associated with high minded ideals and liberty like Thomas Jefferson are now considered personas non grata. Meanwhile, the typical modern university does its best to train Alinskyite radicals.

Of course intellectuals are disdained. Thought is dead.

Comment Don't trust proprietary SW or their services (Score 0) 29

It appears that multiple posters are buying right into the unproven, undefended assertions the article makes. A couple of strong claims go well beyond the article author's knowledge.

If you are worried about hackers or government agencies accessing this data, you shouldn't. As long as you properly secure your iCloud account with a strong password and two-factor authentication, the data is only accessible by you.

For all one knows, Safari, a proprietary program running on proprietary OSes, uploads data to the user's server account encrypted with two keys, one supplied by the user the other by Apple. This would allow Apple to decrypt the data and access whatever they wish. Without knowing what the software does we can't assert that users ought not be worried about others gaining access to their data.

The article also claims

Apple may be in the process of fixing this, as some accounts are now only showing two weeks worth of deleted records. It isn't clear why all records have not been purged.

Unfortunately this result is indistinguishable from Apple hiding data from users. Any competent developer knows how to not return all the data in the database to a user's query. Any competent sysadmin knows how to move data from one place accessible to the user interface to another place only accessible to Apple. In other words, we can't know if data is "purged" as the article claims.

Comment Re:There is only one thing I hate more than fascis (Score 1) 899

You understood my intent perfectly. "The left" is how they are labelled, but most people outside of the US do not think the US has a left wing. It was a convenient label (which is generally accepted in political debate in the US, regardless of whether or not it is accurate) and not a political statement, so I quoted it to indicate such.

Comment Re:Inevitable (Score 2) 97

The grandparent poster is volunteering his time to make a thing that people like (DragonFly BSD). There are limited resources to be spread. Old versions will continue to work unmaintained, just like the old hardware does.

How much should he increase his effort to support smaller and smaller populations? If supporting x86 is a 15% "tax" on developer time and resources-- is it worth it if 10% of the userbase is x86-64? 5%? 1%? How long should we still be supporting things? 386's are still out there.

> That kind of attitude is not only arrogant but just shows the devs haven't actually bothered to think about the conditions those who might use their software have to deal with.

No.. the attitude where you expect people donating their work and resources and time to work on what you would like them to is arrogant.

Comment Why don't you let Sony treat you badly today? (Score 1) 45

So this is what the shills have to offer—a blanket and unjustified declaration that people in the know (who presumably read /.) should not only be willing to be treated badly but an attempt at narrowing the scope of allowable debate to exclude reminding people of Sony's horribly bad choices which treat consumers badly ("pointless rant"). Sony's defenders/shills must be seeing the increasing retelling of such stories as a threat, otherwise there would be no need for posts such as the parent post in the first place.

Comment Re:There is only one thing I hate more than fascis (Score 1) 899

If you voted for someone who you thought was a walking disaster you are a complete idiot and I really don't care what you think.

As noted elsewhere in this thread, I did not vote for the walking disaster.

This isn't about the last election, this isn't about Hillary, this is about Nazis... This is about blatant out right racist assholes who should not be given the insane amount of protection that they are given. The KKK can parade around "openly" exposing death to tons of American citizens, people like you and me and they are protected for it but if a few black people get together to say "hey, how about you stop shooting us in record numbers" and they get beaten and arrested. That shit is fucked up... that is as anit-American as it gets.

These aren't people who are simply fiscally conservative, they are hate mongers, they would have huge swaths of Americans eliminated simply for the color of their skin, and if you support them, if you stand with the hate mongers, then you are just as bad as they are.

I do thank you for the civility of saying "if" a lot in your post. Unlike the other guy who keeps calling me a racist, at least you have the courtesy to assume it's possible that I might not be one.

We agree entirely about the right to protest. It IS outrageous that people are being shot by the police without cause. It IS outrageous that people would be beaten and arrested for protesting that fact. But a lot of people aren't protesting, they're rioting. The comment that got me involved in this discussion (about "some hateful shit of a girl getting pepper sprayed") sums up my position neatly. I watched the video, the "hateful shit of a girl" says she's out there to make a statement, just like the protesters are, and she gives credit to the ones doing so peacefully... whereupon she is pepper sprayed by one of your nazi fighters who is on the side of the angels. Forgive me if I don't see them the same way.

As for the KKK, they're hateful shits and the world would be better off without them. That doesn't mean they don't have rights. Our principle of free speech is supposed to be based on the notion that "I disagree with what you have to say, but will defend to the death your right to say it." Instead, we have people screaming that their safe spaces just can't stand up to words, but don't seem to mind beating people using those words. Again, who is the threat here? Because despite all the claims of Naziism (and I do agree that Trump could EASILY go in that direction) the only people I see being violent here are the ones that seem to be on your side of the divide.

Comment Re:There is only one thing I hate more than fascis (Score 1) 899

A "message" that we should go back to racial and gender discrimination is not a message I'm interested in, thanks.

Again, you keep calling me a misogynist racist and you don't know anything at all other than "[I] didn't vote for HIllary Clinton and object to repeatedly being called a misogynist racist to the point that I reject your entire agenda."

Since you appear to either be a troll (I'll assume not) or simply want me to virtue signal, here you go: I think that judging people by the content of their character rather than the color of the skin is a pretty good dream, and we should all buy into that. I think the idea that women should be chained in the kitchen is laughable. I support gay marriage and gays in the military (and speaking of the military, I think that women being eligible for all combat roles is a long overdue change).

Put simply: I believe that PEOPLE should have every opportunity to do whatever it is that they want to do, regardless of sex, race, or creed, and everyone else should stay the fuck out of their lives rather than trying to tell them how to live them.

I DO have a problem with "safe spaces" trumping (no pun intended) free speech. I DO have a problem with throwing people out of school simply based on accusations and without any kind of due process. I DO have a problem with an executive branch ruling by fiat ("Dear Colleague") to enable the above. I DO have a problem when people riot because they think someone should not be allowed to speak (at Berkeley of all places!) I DO have a problem that when I say "all lives matter" I'm presumed to believe that black lives (or even blue lives) do not.

I'm assuming your next response will be to call me a racist again (I expect you'll key in on the last thing I said there). If so, don't bother. I won't be responding to you again. If not, hey, maybe you're one of the few rational people left in the world, and the two of us can have a nice conversation.

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