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Comment Re: No use (Score 1) 134

To be honest, the price of a copy of VMWare Workstation or similar is well worth it.

Run business stuff in a VM, then any computer you can put that VM onto and carry on. Meanwhile your choice of hypervisor OS (Linux or Windows), and your choice of personal platform (e.g. Windows for gaming) doesn't make any difference.

Hell, Pro versions of Windows all come ready with the software to create and run HyperV images of Windows and Linux, even the client versions.

If your business depends on it and you can't run to a few hundred dollars to insulate it against failure, loss or hardware change, you're an idiot.

Comment Isn't this just a marketing message? (Score 1) 122

Kind of like the humble brag "Ugh I just spilled wine on my Harvard admission letter!", Uber is bringing attention to this to let more people know about this great new way to use Uber, while at the same time updating their completely unenforceable community guidelines to "discourage it" so if someone complains about getting hit on on a ride, they can say "It's not our fault... he wasn't supposed to do that, it's right there in the community guidelines"

Comment Re:The sync matters a lot (Score 1) 170

Actually, a lot larger effect is gained by the differing attentuation and reflection of the signal by each ear. This is how "2-speaker 3D sound" systems like QSound, A3D etc. worked - by slightly changing the actual sound pattern to simulate passing through your skull / around your head instead of just changing the volume.

The problem is that 0.7ms of delay is NOTHING when the primary data channel is operating over something like Bluetooth (i.e. a 2.4GHz carrier, data rates around 1Mbit/s, etc.). In those instances, 0.7ms is orders of magnitude greater than the base data rate even after error detection, retransmission (if you even bother), correction, etc.

What they are saying is that they are having to synchronous three separate wireless devices to within 0.7ms of each other. My wireless network does that all day long on similar frequencies, with base levels of hardware expense, with error correction, encryption and retransmission.

And if you're really that worried, you buffer ever so slightly (even a few ms will do) and spend more time on sync to make sure you keep the same idea of "now" on both earbuds.

Basically, Apple chose a crap design with inherent problems that everyone else has thus far avoided, and then they blame that for problems with supply, when similar - and far superior - solutions are sitting in everyone's phones, laptops, cars and access points already.

Honestly, if your pings across a local network spike more than a few ms, you have a crap network. Hell, I have to use the Linux ping tool as it does the proper floating point ping rather than just "1ms" which is all that Windows ping will give me.

And once you buffer and accept a tiny imperceptible difference between the audio source and the headphones for that buffer, then syncing two buffered speakers playing the same source is relatively trivial.

Comment Re: Relevant xkcd (Score 1) 189

There are literally hundreds of things YOU do on a DAILY basis that are over million times more likely than your note catching fire and FAR more dangerous.

In case you missed it, those things--unlike the Note 7--have not been the subject of a government-backed recall. This means, (a) if your Note 7 causes a fire, you're liable to get sued into oblivion, and (b) if you try to sell or give it to someone else, you're subject to criminal penalties.

This is the reality; any discussion of other things being more (or even less) dangerous than the Note 7 is completely beside the point.

Comment Re:How is this different from arbitrage on the NYS (Score 1) 213

Conservatives have been out of power and influence for so ling, this is stupid. But you're excused,since most assume Republicans are Conservatives.

They are mostly not. And to stomp out the flames in advance, neither is Trump. But he's not part of the Establishment, so we can hope for some minimal changes.

If we had elected any Establishment candidate, we would have no reason to hope.

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