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Comment Re:Because Manufacturers Suck (Score 1) 100

That is not the same at all, Google make Android they can set their demands.
I can use Fedora or Ubuntu and will have to wait when the distro makes an update available, BUT i will get it when it has been made available NOT depending if it runs on a pc from HP, DELL, ASUS, ACER, ...

Comment Re:What about Russian Shutdown Roulette? (Score 1) 249

Horrible, one of those things about windows that boggle my mind.
Start up laptop, it applies an update, making the whole environment slow and annoying. End of the day, shut down the pc and it says it needs to update/install whatever number of things. why do you do this, you idiot OS, i got a train to catch/appointment to be at/etc. then the next day, you start up your pc and it says - finishing applying patches/updates. REALLY? why? who made this stuff up? if this is really needed, then your OS is just faulty by design.

Comment Re:Work me, personal me, my kid (Score 1) 129

android does have this feature, the first version allowed you to have a guest session, next came the ability to create different users. now you can also lock the screen to a single application (for example set it on netflix and you can't switch or get out of netflix). these features should have been included from the start...

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