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Comment Conclusion applies (Score 1) 41

I assume the conclusion the school made applies to the government as well. People probably already report a lot of stuff to the police and no secret systems are needed that spy on us. The problem is that the information that people provide to the correct instances is probably not processed properly and mostly gone to waste.
You hear it all the time, purpetrator was known by the police, people reported x & y to authorities, sometimes even between internal divisions of the communication is not getting through.
Maybe they should improve this, they would gain more then they probably realise.

Comment Re:or, maybe Google screwed up "ownership" (Score 1) 190

that's what i've been saying all along about android, it should have followed the package model of normal linux distro's and it would have been just fine. now they created this windows-monolithic version of linux and it sux. people who say it can't be done because reasons, why does it work with chromebooks then? they have intel and arm versions, different vendors, etc.

Comment Re:Australian Observer (Score 1) 618

And i don't get it, where does this 'every man for himself' culture come from?
Looking at any american war movie, it's never about one guy, but a team, leaving nobody behind, caring for the other even to your own demise etc.
Seems this view is only valid in the army or something, and in the real life you're left to die alone...

Comment Re:The console wars are back! (Score 1) 99

one of the best things about a steam machine is that it is as expensive as you want it to be.
you can build one, cheap as dirt and it will be just fine for a lot of games. certainly if you are into indie gaming, for example.
or you could go nuts and spend a few thousand €/$ on one.
the choice is yours.

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