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Comment Re:Work me, personal me, my kid (Score 1) 128

android does have this feature, the first version allowed you to have a guest session, next came the ability to create different users. now you can also lock the screen to a single application (for example set it on netflix and you can't switch or get out of netflix). these features should have been included from the start...

Comment sadly (Score 1) 106

nothing will be learned from this, and things continue as they were, only matter of time before it happens again. sick & tired of seeing this kind of story almost every day.
how many ransomware incidents would have happened if these orgs/govs/companies had their things in order?

Comment This strange effect (Score 1) 67

"What's strange about these attacks is that the threat actor isn't asking for a ransom demand," reports Bleeping Computer. "Instead, he's just deleting data from Hadoop servers that have left their web-based admin panel open to remote connections on the Internet."

Sad times when a thing like this is now considered strange, why-o-why didn't the hacker ask for money!?

Comment Re:No steam = just about useless (Score 1) 129

imagine that games running in 'game mode' highly increase the performance, so you get the chance of playing game x through steam with 40fps or through the windows store at 75fps. guess what is going to happen?
MS will put in code to make non-win-store games underperform, do you think this is never going to happen? it wouldn't be the first time MS pulls of something like this. sure, they might get caught and get a fine, the damage will already be done, talk to the companies who were in the same situation before (oops, they don't exist anymore).

Comment distribution (Score 1) 564

one of the reasons tfa lists as contributing to the cassette revival is that it is cheap for artists to make copies. because cd's are so expensive? i can't imagine cd's would be more expensive then an empty tape. and a music cd bruns in what? a few minutes, each cassette copy takes a lot more time, even with hight speed copy and all that nonsense.
Also, what is the point? Who is there left in this world which still has a cassette player you can distribute your 'cheap' copy to?

Comment Re:That's not how the internet works (Score 1) 34

Denying some people access to the internet is not the same as shutting down the internet.

that's just word play, and totaly besides the point. how many times have you heard people say - the internet is down.
ofcourse we know that it's not true, but if you can't access it anymore it might as well be.

Comment Yes and no (Score 1) 449

It's as fun as you want to make it. Seriously, i thought computing was going to hell in the mid 90s, then i discovered Linux and it was fun again and this platform keeps it fun for me even to this day because it advances all the time and you can tinker away as much as you want.

Even if you miss the old 8bit home computers days of past, it is still a great time. Look at the vibrant and alive C64/Amiga scene and marvel at all the things you can do with them NOW that you could never have imagined back in the day (or would have cost millions to make). If you don't care about retro computers, the tech is here now that people make their own cheap 8bit computers or even CPU's.

We only had basic back in the day and our own programs wouldn't reach much father then family and friends. These days kids have so many ways to start coding with so many good and easy powerful languages and with the internet and app shops the whole world can discover your program. Learning is easier than ever, online documentation and coder dojo's in every city!

I had to laugh with this:
"Another said that Windows 10's spyware aspects made him give up on his beloved PC platform and that he will use Linux and Android devices only from now on" - worried about spyware and moving to ANDROID?!

It's amazing time for computing, the only limit is your imagination!

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