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Comment dedication (Score 1) 181

running a bbs required some dedication, i ran a 2 node bbs and that cost me a lot of money. as a high school student, all the money i could earn went into it.
you wouldn't and couldn't do it, unless you were really dedicated. it was worth it though, i loved the interaction with users. when i first got a demo from the internet, i was not impressed - because i couldn't interact with the user...

Comment Re:Apps, Apps and more Apps (Score 1) 535

It's because you come from one platform and move to another you're missing certain apps.
I went from DOS to Linux and when i bought a Mac many years ago i eventually installed Linux on it because i was missing all my apps i had in Linux. So, in my case, MacOS was missing apps, apps & apps.

Comment Conclusion applies (Score 1) 41

I assume the conclusion the school made applies to the government as well. People probably already report a lot of stuff to the police and no secret systems are needed that spy on us. The problem is that the information that people provide to the correct instances is probably not processed properly and mostly gone to waste.
You hear it all the time, purpetrator was known by the police, people reported x & y to authorities, sometimes even between internal divisions of the communication is not getting through.
Maybe they should improve this, they would gain more then they probably realise.

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