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Comment Re:I really don't understand this drone applicatio (Score 1) 43

An aerostat requires tethers

Which means that you now have a semi-unpredictable obstruction from 0ft to 60000ft that cannot easily be seen by pilots of other aircraft. You can map it out on a chart, but then you'll have to say "obstruction from point a with a potential circumference of xx miles" since it will never point straight up but bend in a curve. It will also have to go through various classes of airspace, including class A.

I'm quite sure that the average folks on the flight deck of your 737/A320 do not expect any obstacles when cruising at 35000ft.

It's just a bad idea.

Submission + - China Bans Ad Blocking, Adblock Plus Cries Foul (

An anonymous reader writes: Two weeks ago, China released its first ever set of digital ad regulations that impacted Chinese market leaders like Baidu and Alibaba. "But hidden among (the new regulations) is language that would seem to all but ban ad blocking," wrote Adblock Plus (ABP) operations manager Ben Williams in a blog post Wednesday. The new regulations prohibit "the use of network access, network devices, applications, and the disruption of normal advertising data, tampering with or blocking others doing advertising business (or) unauthorized loading the ad." There is also a clause included that addresses tech companies that "intercept, filter, cover, fast-forward and [impose] other restrictions" on online ad campaigns. ABP general counsel Kai Recke said in an email to AdExchanger that the Chinese State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) has much more control over the market than its otherwise equal U.S. counterpart, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). "After all it looks like the Chinese government tries to get advertising more under their control and that includes that they want to be the only ones to be allowed to remove or alter ads,” said Recke. “Ad-block users are a distinct audience and they require a distinct strategy and ways to engage them,” said ABP CEO Till Faida at AdExchanger’s Clean Ads I/O earlier this year. “They have different standards they’ve expressed for accessing them, and advertising has to reflect that."

Submission + - Plea to Cisco: Fix CCIE written exam (

netbuzz writes: Tom Hollingsworth, a CCIE and author of a blog called “The Networking Nerd,” has issued a blistering critique of Cisco’s CCIE routing and switching written exam. “The discontent is palpable,” according to Hollingsworth, writing from last week’s Cisco Live conference. “From what I’ve heard around Las Vegas this week, it’s time to fix the CCIE Written Exam.” Cisco’s response: “We are always open to feedback and looking for ways to improve and evolve our programs so they remain at the forefront of the industry."

Submission + - Marine Vs Hilary Clinton Mishandling Classified Information (

godatum writes: This Marine only sent one email and now is pending separation from the Marines. How many emails did Hilary send?
From Article: "Maj. Jason Brezler, a Marine Corps Reservist, who has served four tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and has some 16 years in uniform came under fire for mishandling classified information in 2012."

Marine seeks appeal of classified data case citing breaks given to Hillary

Comment Re:Contempt of Court (Score 4, Insightful) 204

No. The fact that you are ready to defend these Ambulance-Chasers-On-Steroids is ridiculous. This goes beyond ambulance chasing. These attorneys should be ashamed of themselves.

They should go after the perpetrators of the violence. But wait, they have no money. So let's take $RANDOM_AMERICAN_BUSINESS, because not only do they have money, American juries are made up of average Americans. With an average IQ of the Siberian mean temperature.

Comment Re:I'm not a company (Score 1) 208

but there's no technical barrier to those parts, other than scale

Ask the Chinese about their experiences in suppressing "subversive" content. Joe-Ping Random-Lee out on the street will probably be able to give you 5 different types of VPNs, proxies, or other ways to circumvent the Great Firewall.

Yet another example of the idiots in The U.K. trying to force their ridiculous standards on everyone. It's up to parents, not politicians. I'm glad they're taking their stupid shit out of the EU.

Comment Re:Always (Score 5, Interesting) 765

I will second this as well.

My father, an immigrant, had been working for the same company for almost 25 years. Made it from blue collar worker to upper management. At some point, war broke out in his home country. He went to his boss and asked for a leave of absence to get his mother out of the war zone. The next day, he was called into a meeting of top executives.

He got told: " You have been working for us for 25 years, it's time for us to do something in return". They arranged for flights for him and me, hotel rooms, and at the airport they had a large amount of US currency waiting for us. Needless to say, he got as much time as needed. We ended up saving over 20 family members from the Kosovo war in 1999.

The company was a large multinational company, not some small family owned shop. Even today, this impresses me. Not all corporations are bad.

Submission + - Meat Freezing Contractor Review: Finding And Hiring The Best Tunnel Freezers

donaldcpkillough writes: How a licensed tunnel freezers troubleshooting contractor treats people is possibly the most crucial thing to look for when choosing one. It's usually best to find a licensed spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturing supplier who you can trust to work alone in your absence. Check his references carefully, so that you know he won't be tempted to cut corners when he's completing your project. You can confirm that you've found the perfect tunnel freezers troubleshooting builder by going over the recommendations that follow.

Upon hiring a spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturing builder, you must treat them as a member of your team. Analyze every detail of the legal agreement carefully and ask any relevant questions before agreeing to sign the document. You should pay half the total amount or less for your initial payment. You can get a good idea of the tunnel freezers troubleshooting distributor's ability to organize and operate a business if you can see how smoothly his office operates, so it is a perfect idea to make an appointment to sign the final paperwork at that location.

Communicating clearly with your spiral freezer troubleshooting engineering manufacturer is really the surest way to a successful project. It's essential to evaluate potential issues both calmly and with an open-minded attitude. Exceptional communication is really the foundation of a productive relationship. Record every communication with your spiral freezer troubleshooting wholesaler to prevent possible legal disputes.

spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturers with great reputations are always in high demand. If a spiral freezer troubleshooting company has a waiting list, he's usually a great choice to manage your job. Expect to share such a talented tunnel freezers troubleshooting company with at least one other client during the course of your project — it is rare to find someone with a large client base who is willing to limit his earning potential. Always think carefully and trust your gut when finding a spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturer.

Inform your service provider ahead of time when you have any pets so that there're no issues. You'll need to eliminate your pet animal from the area if he or she will get in the way of the spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturing specialist's work. Having a pet in the work area is both dangerous for your pet animal and your employees. When one has the ability to provide a detailed estimate just before commencing work, they are truly a highly talented tunnel freezers troubleshooting company. An estimate is created only once you have shared all of the details of the job. Work estimates should always be given in writing, not verbally. There should never be a need to guess when the tunnel freezers troubleshooting business has done a full project survey.

There're still quite a number of reliable tunnel freezers troubleshooting engineering experts to be found in the yellow pages of your local telephone directory, even though a lot of people discount it as ridiculously old-fashioned. You could choose particular tunnel freezers troubleshooting contractors to interview and learn more about. An accurate and detailed contract should spell everything out clearly including financial details and payment schedule. spiral freezer troubleshooting manufacturing suppliers have a duty to keep their job site neat, thus, ask to clean up if you feel it's unsightly or dangerous.

To get a better understanding:

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Submission + - Frontier Teams With AT&T To Block Google Fiber Access To Utility Poles (

An anonymous reader writes: Frontier submitted a court filing last week supporting ATT's efforts to sue local governments in Louisville and Jefferson County, Kentucky to stop a new ordinance designed to give Google Fiber and similar companies access to utility poles. They're concerned the ordinances will spread to other states. Frontier's filing said, "the issues raised by the case may have important implications for Frontier's business and may impact the development of law in jurisdictions throughout the country where Frontier operates." The ordinance in Louisville lets companies like Google Fiber install wires even if ATT doesn't respond to requests or rejects requests to attach lines. Companies don't have to notify ATT when they want to move ATT's wires to make room for their own wires, assuming the work won't cause customer outages. ATT claims that the ordinance lets competitors "seize ATT's property." Frontier is urging the court to consider the nationwide implications of upholding Louisville's ordinance, saying Louisville's rule "is unprecedented" because "it drastically expands the rights of third parties to use privately owned utility poles, giving non-owners unfettered access to [a] utility's property without the [...] utility in some cases even having knowledge that such third-party intrusion on its facilities is occurring." Frontier said companies should be required to negotiation access with the owners if they didn't pay to install the utility poles. They urged the court to deny Louisville Metro's motion to dismiss ATT's complaint.

Submission + - Third Party Apple Product Repair Under Attack

alzoron writes: After the failure of New York's Fair Repair Act independent third party unauthorized Apple repair shops seem to be under attack. Louis Rossmann, owner of Rossman Repair Group, INC has uploaded a somewhat vague video alluding to his Youtube site, where he posts videos about repairing out of warranty repairs, possibly being shut down. Several sources (Reddit, Mac Kung Fu, 9 to 5 Mac) have been speculating about this and whether or not Apple is behind this.

Comment Re:Of course, nothing prevents the owner from (Score 4, Informative) 266

Put up a sign stating that cellphones observed during the concert will be confiscated

That does not make it legal to confiscate anything that I legally own.

The only thing that a venue can do is ask me to leave. If I refuse, they can call the cops for trespassing, but that's about it.

observers violating those terms deserve some kind of negative reinforcement

Which will be limited to being thrown out.

Comment Re:It's not just emergencies (Score 2) 198

Try eating fiber. No more slow shit.

It's not about fiber. If you have Netflix, go find "Code Black". It's a documentary about a group of ER doctors, and of of the things that stand out is their move to a "HIPAA compliant" hospital. One of the doctors can be quoted saying something like "if I use the restroom, I want to login. Login Login Login everywhere". Sure, HIPAA keeps patient records safe. But what use is that to the patient if he's dead? I'd rather be alive and have my records slightly less safe than being dead but knowing for sure that nobody knows I had a heart attack.

Also, your fiber is not going to fix it. Yes, fiber will lower the latency on the physical transmission. However, you fail to take into account that you still need a datacenter with computing power (since "the cloud" is nothing more than a computer elsewhere). And that's where you'll see most of the latency coming from.

But seriously, watch "Code Black" if you're bored. It's an excellent documentary.

Comment Re: No Profit...Ever! (Score 1) 216

Let me encourage readers to ignore everything in the above post and instead read the FARs

Let me encourage readers to ignore everything in the above post and use common sense.

Private pilots can get their license after 40 hours of flight. They can then take passengers up in the air, and with a bit of extra training even fly complex and turbine aircraft.

They are only checked every two years by a flight instructor, not an examiner. In other words, as a passenger you might end up flying with someone who hasn't flown an aircraft for almost two years (although there is a requirement for PPLs to have 3 take offs and landings in the past 90 days before flying with passengers, it is difficult to check this).

Private pilots also have simplified medical requirements. You can end up flying with a 42 year old private pilot who hasn't flown more than 30 minutes (the time it takes to perform said take offs and landings) in almost two years and who hasn't been medically checked in almost five years.

I hold a PPL myself, and would never ever let my family fly with a random pilot I found on a shabby website. Not because of the FAA, but because I know the system.

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