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Comment Re:Really? (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Wouldn't the ISP's have to police this activity too?

No. The ISP is not the police. The ISP does not get to decide what content is legal and what is not. Only a court order can do that.

Rightscorp and their friends are trying to circumvent the expensive court process by going directly after the ISP. That's it.

Comment Re:Profits up, lay 'em off! (Score 1) 30

Funny how they beat the street but still feel the need to start chopping heads.

If you pay attention, you'll see that they have done this nearly every year. It's an exercise to get of the 10-15% lowest performers.

In large companies like Cisco, with large groups, it is easy for the lazy and underperforming to "hide". Most large teams I worked in, 20% of the folks were doing 80% of the work. Why? Because in large teams, HR will insist to hire underqualified and new-grad employees who are basically useless, and sit around all day attending meetings while feeling important.

Interestingly, it is those people who are either laid off, or promoted to "manage" something not important.

Submission + - The emotional side of the H-1B visa program explained (

An anonymous reader writes: The vast majority of people who work in IT did everything right: They invested in their education, studied difficult subjects, kept their skills updated. They own homes, raise families and look to the future. But no job is safe, no future entirely secure — something IT workers know more than most. Given their role, they are most often the change agents, the people who deploy technologies and bring in automation that can turn workplaces upside down. To survive, they count on being smart, self-reliant and one step ahead. Over the years, Computerworld reporter Patrick Thibodeau has interviewed scores of IT workers who trained their visa-holding replacements. Though details each time may differ, they all tell the same basic story. There are many issues around high-skilled immigration, but to grasp the issue fully you need to understand how the H-1B program can affect American workers.

Comment Re:Not new - safe combos.Have to prove that you kn (Score 2) 209

There is no legal right to hide *evidence*.

I don't care what the legal right is in your jurisdiction. What I'm saying is that the right to not contribute to your own conviction should be universal and immutable.

By providing a password, dead body or any other type of evidence, you are contributing to your own conviction.

Once you make one exception to the general rule, you'll get more. It's a very slippery slope. Now they can only put you in jail, but in 10 years they are allowed to deprive you off sleep. And 10 years later deprive you of food and water, followed by pulling your nails out.

Any person suspected of a crime should have a universal irrevocable absolute right to remain silent. You prove that the person commited a crime, and you prove the person's identity.

Comment Re:BY THE POWER OF CHRIST I COMPEL YOU!! (Score 1) 209

In general judge has the power to compel evidence to be turned over, and refusal to do so can lead to a finding of contempt, which could, if the accused did not comply, could lead to rather serious sanctions

And this, I would argue, definitely infringes on the right to avoid self-incrimination.

If this would apply to providing access to electronic media, why would it not apply to disclosing the location of the body?

Comment Re:They disrupeed our plans! We want blood! (Score 1) 131

Because this is not about the fans, nor is it about the music, nor about the artist. No, this is about the exclusivity deals and big plans for all of those to make lots and lots of money. They demand blood, because somebody wanted to give the fans what they wanted, sans the liberal bloodletting, and bundling with bads.

No, they demand blood because someone decided to give the fruits of their labor away to random people who think they have the right to get it for free.

A true fan supports the artist.

I despice RIAA/Rightscorp etc, but in this case I totally see why they want to see blood. You're not talking about someone pirating a dvd and posting it on TPB.

However, they should go after Dropbox, not Reddit.

Comment Re:Cox Vs RIAA (Score 1) 225

As another Cox customer I can tell you that their recent transition to carrier NAT is a clusterfuck.

Interesting. What's the address that they gave you? (or /24, I don't need your IP). I'm curious to see what happens and why. I don't have CGNAT (at least not that I know of), yet.

Did you contact their helpdesk?

Comment Re:Cox Vs RIAA (Score 1) 225

Who do we hate more?

As a Cox customer, I can definitely tell you that they are pretty good. I've been an AT&T Uverse, Comcast and Charter customer before moving in a Cox area.

My experience has been good. I don't have cable TV, and I pay $64.99 for 150/10. During non-peak times I get that speed, and at peak times I still get a good 120mbps down. They don't bomb me with TV offers all the time, and I've had one outage (which lasted for less than an hour) so far.

The RIAA on the other hand... Let the second amendment people handle those fuckers.

Comment Re:Just one quick trick ... (Score 0) 123

Everyone who isn't insane or a fool understands that we need to stop Trump

Your insane and foolish to think that this is how democracy works. It isn't. If people want to elect Trump, they will. The more CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post/etc etc etc bash him, the more people WANT to elect Trump.

Even Hillary acknowledged that the people have a reason to distrust her. Hillary and Trump would be equally as bad for the country.

Hillary, when she's all that stands between us and (Trump)

Bovine Fecal Matter. This is the first election where an independent might actually have a proper chance.

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