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Submission + - Snapshat not responsible for 100mph car crash, says judge. (

sabri writes: A Georgia judge dismissed a lawsuit against Snapchat, brought on by the victims of a car crash involving a Snapchat user. According to the case details, the Snapchat user was actively using Snapchat while driving at speeds close to 160km (100mph in retard units) when she collided with the plaintiffs.

Snapchat is protected by the immunity clause of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.

Comment Re:Customers already refunded... (Score 1) 139

federally mandated recall

The recall notice says clearly that consumers should stop using and power down.

The device related problems are an issue between the end-user and Samsung, not Verizon. Verizon has no business interfering in the legal use of a legally purchased device. To Verizon's network, it is irrelevant what device I would use, and therefore Verizon would be in breach of contract for turning of services I am paying for. Unless of course, Verizon can demonstrate how the use of a Samsung Note 7 device is interfering with the integrity of their network. This is a class action lawsuit coming.

Don't forget that the issue is battery related. So take out the battery, and you have a perfectly functioning computing device.

Comment Re:Eight function toilet? (Score 5, Insightful) 187

I can think of three, maybe four, but beyond light flush, heavy flush, bidet, and drier, what are the other four functions?

After my first trip to Japan, I bought one of those superseats. Mine features a heated seat with different settings, front bidet for the ladies, back bidet for us all, settings for water temperature. And I didn't even buy the iffy-spiffy one.

Home Depot sells them. Once you've used them, you'll wonder why we use paper. Think about it: if you get poop on your hand, would you just wipe it or properly clean it with soap and water? Nevermind, I know the answer. So why do you settle for just wiping down there?

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 1) 495

And who demanded the trophies? Not the millenials as kids. They were handed the trophy no matter what they did, lose or win. If this is the 'normal' that they're taught (again, by whom?) then what are they to expect in adulthood?

Exactly. Which is why my 5 year old is being raised "old-fashioned". No participation trophies.

The boomers created their own disaster by raising kids to believe they could do anything they wanted and they'd get a participation trophy for their efforts, no matter how little.

Totally, totally agree with you on this. Now it's up to the world to toughen them up a bit, while the Boomers enjoy their free retirement in Florida.

Comment Re:Is more education, better education . . . ? (Score 0, Flamebait) 495

Boomers didn't require "safe spaces" in the workplace, they just did the job that they were hired to do.

I think you nailed it on the head right there. The amount of "I'm offended" from millennials is staggering. They can't even handle the results of a democratic election.

I didn't vote for the guy, but he made it to president so that alone deserves respect from every single American. Not a cry for a safespace from a bunch of sorrow millennials voting for the first time.

They're the result of the "everyone gets a trophy" policies.

Comment Re:Abuse the unlimited data caps (Score 2, Informative) 74

Nope 100% wrong

The cost of data over cable( copper or fiber) is effectively zero, the only costs are in supplying the cable in the first place ( and replacing it once every 100yrs or so, it doesn't exactly wear out). power costs are negligible

Nope 100% wrong.

Not only are you wrong, you are an idiot for posting this. Putting fiber in the ground is very expensive. Fixing fiber that has been broken is very expensive. Putting fiber in the ocean for transcontinental links is not just very expensive, it costs massive amounts of money.

And now you have only the cabling. You don't have any DWDM gear, routers, switches and the associated network engineers to operate them.

Data over cable is not zero. The only difference between wireless and wired internet access is the last mile, and the mobility aspect of it. As cellular technology evolves, it enables more and more bandwidth per user.

Comment Re:Shut up Gary Cook (Score 1, Interesting) 84

Why does anyone care what Greenpeace thinks?

Scrolled toooooooo far for this.

Greenpeace was a cause to support. Donating time and/or money to Greenpeace was The Right Thing To Do for a very long time.

Until I figured out that Greenpeace only follows the rules when it's convenient for them. They don't care about trespassing, destroying property or even intimidation. They expect corporations to follow court orders when they win another frivolous lawsuit when they release the nearly extinct blue-white bearded three-legged rabbit somewhere on a construction site, but when that same court orders them to halt their protests, they continue.

Absolutely horrible organization. And yes, I know I will be modded down for writing this, but freedom of speech etc.

Comment Re:This is a surprise? (Score 1, Informative) 483

Universities have never been more than a bottom-line for-profit business that uses cult-like recruiting tactics and has absolutely no shame or loyalty to anything or anyone but themselves.

Just like the folks in Washington, representing this government funded university. Read this article to see how Feinstein responded to pleas for help from affected workers.

A University of California IT employee whose job is being outsourced to India recently wrote Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) for help. Feinstein's office sent back a letter ... and offered the worker no assistance.

Comment Re:Not news (Score 3, Insightful) 219

It's bizarre enough that the age of consent in most states is years older than the majority of people become sexually active

Which is for a good reason. In my former home country, the age of consent used to be 12. Yes, I kid you not. Once a female human being turned 12 years old, she could legally be humped by a 70 year old grandpa. It was raised to 16 in the late 90s, with one exception: any form of paid services required both participants to be at least 18 years (prostitution is legal there).

And of course, which male would not want to hump that tight 16 year old's body? Who hasn't walked around in the summer, looking at a hot chick only to realize 3 seconds later that she's only 15? That's the problem: young girls are physically grown to completion, with a nice c-cup and bubble-butt, when they're mentally not ready to consent to a sexual relationship with an adult male. That's why you need a legal framework to protect them.

Also, don't forget that a lot of these laws were introduced at a time where contraception was not generally available, so the actual age of consent was derived from when a female was deemed fit to take care of a baby.

Comment Re: Ah, I get the definition (Score 1) 333

So sad, they're mad, the faggots of California can't push Clinton on the rest of the nation.

Hey you. Yeah you, AC. Take a closer look to the CA results and you'll see that one third of CA voters voted for the other guy. In my neighborhood alone, there are quite a number of Trump voters.

Not all of CA is retarded. Just the few square miles south of the Golden Gate, which will fall in the ocean when the next big one hits anyway.

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