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Journal Journal: Science Article!

I have sucessfully posted an article to the front of Too bad it didnt make it to the front page, but that will happen someday.

Art K


Journal Journal: Linux Administration Class 4

Linux Administration INFO 150D

Linux Administration Handbook (Prentice Hall, Green)
O'Reiley's Linux in a Nutshell (O'Reiley, White)
Linux Administration: A Beginner's guide (Osborne, Blue)
Hacking Exposed, 4th Ed. (Osborne, Red)

Tentative Schedule:
Week 0 - Basic Concepts - Linux Concepts, OS model, read sys-adm chapter.

Week 1 - Command and Control - Command line cmds, shells, editors, packaging, LinuxConf

Week 2 - Editing - Regular Expressions, searching, vi, emacs, sed, gawk

Week 3 - BASH scripting I- Shell Scripting, pattern matching, file I/O, C++, lots of reading, etc

Week 4 - BASH scripting II - More advanced scipts, make files, init scripts, examples in Linux, etc.

Week 5 - Hardware Interaction - Filesystems, memory, init scripts, modules, etc

Week 6 - Roll Your Own - Comiling kernel, installing Gentoo, configure modules, etc.

Week 7 - Networking - Serving www, ftp, nfs, samba with LAN. Read about DHCP, DNS

Week 8 - Networking and Security - more Apache, MySQL, permissions, Iptables, WinNT, logs, Hacking Exposed, etc.

Week 9 - GUI stuff - Read about low-level X, api, drivers, qt, tweaking X, compiling new QT, kde, etc.

All this for 1 credit, but I will have some wicked skills soon.


Journal Journal: A letter from an inferior human...

Slashdotters: Remember when you were in junior high? Always made fun of for nerdy behavior, and perhaps for being shy or clumsy? Kids attack thier weak peers, much like chickens pecking eachother to death. In the last few years I have made the observation that many humans never outgrow this stage.

Last week, I just stumbled upon a Christian slashdot clone. I thought that was a really cool place for people of like beliefs to converse and hang out.
I also noticed sadly that most of its posters are A.Cowardly souls who have nothing better to do than to hurl some pretty nasty insults at these people.

I subscribe to the belief that people should be able to believe what they find true or suitable, and they should respect other's viewpoints. I find it sad that people will so freely post insults to a religious forum, when they, themselves, would not enjoy being insulted by a religious person.
This expression, while free speech, ironically is also a form of extreme censorship, which states that person A can insult person B as much as A wants to, however person B is not entitled to express their beliefs, even among other B types and especially not to A types.
The insulter, person A, will then take liberty to not only tell other A's that B's are inferior, but will childishly insult person B, admid a B to B discussion.

Now, as a christian I would like to make it clear that beliefs should be questioned. All beliefs. An athiest should be free to ask questions to a Christian, or any other believer. The believer should be free to ask the Athiest if they are happy, or share what their faith has done for them.

As any socially logical person will aggree, gratuitous, intentionally destructive insults are useless, wasteful, and just rude.
If you want to express your views at least be mature about it. People will respect you, and they will listen.

Journal Journal: Compiling Kernel

Just compiled a kernel for the first time. Only problem is with the SVGA console support, but overall is far better than the crappy one that SuSE came with, which would lock up.

This kernel is powering my Excalibur.Aswwc/DOT/net web host, which is home to my website. (ArthurK/DOT/com) Anyway, more later. Now I just need to find time to work on the actual website.

Journal Journal: My First Mod Points!!!


What a nice Christmas present! I got 5 moderation points. Ahh, the power. Too bad they are gone so soon. Well, they were fun while they lasted!

o s-orbital o

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Cool /. Signatures

I randomly have been thinking of quips to use for signatures.
Too bad I can only use one at a time. Anyway, this is a list that I will probably cirulate through.

"If Bill Gates had a dime for everytime Windows crashed...oh wait, he does."

"Infinity is composed of infinite amounts of infinity."

"Windows is a pane in the glass."

"(MSDOS>SYS needs to be >1024 bytes) XXXXXXXXXX...
What the hell is that? Unix would never have anything that stupid!"

"Everytime you point the cursor at a link, 3 more are pointing at the next link."

"If hippies like peace so much, why do they live on haight?"

"Why the hell does Microsoft advertise on Slashdot/OSDN?"

(My mind goes BSOD, more to come later...)

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