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Journal Journal: Facebook

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Journal Journal: Now vailidated? 6

'Disable Advertising
As our way of thanking you for your positive contributions to Slashdot you are eligible to disable advertising'

Well, this is just 'jim-dandy', since I have used 'adblock/+, flashblock, and noscript with 'Firefox' since 'FF' was 'Firebird".


While I *think* I admire /. attitude here...
I don't 'see' what they are talking about. YMMV.


Journal Journal: One of the coolest posts ever on /.!

globaljustice (574257) made a recommendation to another /.er based on one named preference (Tool was the named band-follow 'parent' posts up to get the whole story) that was impressive as hell!

It was a prime example of one of those "I wish I had mod points!" comments.
I implore any of you wacky enough to be paying attention to my journal that stumble across this to give up some + mod points for globaljustin's comment...please?

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Journal Journal: /. Quote of the Day=PRICELESS!!!

"It says he made us all to be just like him. So if we're dumb, then god is dumb, and maybe even a little ugly on the side." -- Frank Zappa

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Journal Journal: Good Phrases

"Why are you fucking a cow?" from Russia, with love:Ty chto mumu yebyosh?

Literal (babel fish) translation, but it seems to equate to our 'shit or get off of the pot',. 'just do it!', or better yet, 'why are you fucking around when there is serious shit to deal with?'

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Journal Journal: Good sig, or bad sig?

The next redo of "The Wizard of Oz", they should get you to design and make the Straw Man.

Eh, probably too long, but I'll keep it here for a while.

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Journal Journal: Cool stuff to try...

"Re:Oh good, RealPlayer
(Score:3, Informative)
by martin-boundary (547041) Alter Relationship on Saturday October 06, @11:31PM (#20885099)
The Realplayer format is actually pretty decent compression wise. Of course, you should never use the standard realplayer viewing software for this. The best method I know uses MPlayer:

1) Open a terminal and type the following:
mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile dirk.ra rtsp://

2) Wait about 30 seconds, then open another terminal and play the file dirk.ra from disk while it's still downloading:
mplayer dirk.ra

This has two benefits: you can put the stream in your collection (maybe convert to ogg later etc), and you won't get the annoying buffering pauses.

This method also works with realvideo files, and wmv urls (mms://) if you want to save those types of movies. Finally, note that MPlayer lets you skip around an audio or video file, even if the file says you can't fast forward in other GUI oriented video players."


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Journal Journal: Gems found while metamodding

"I mean IBM is a Technology arms dealer, it always has been , look at WWII and the machines they constructed for the NAZI's as part of the Final Solution. DOnt think for one RED second IBM has any concious in this matter, it is for financial gains PERIOD"
from TFA about "IBM's Interest in Red Flag Linux"

Where do these asshats come from? Sheesh!

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Journal Journal: Fscking **AA



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Journal Journal: Random Notes:


We have shop owners grabbing customers by the shirtfront and imitating Clint Eastwood/Dirty Harry (apparently the post and my reply have been deleted!) and wanting /.'s collective sympathy for acting like the *AA and their lawyers.

I wish (yeah, right: "wish in one hand and shit in the other hand- see which one fills up first." is what my granddad used to tell me!) that I linked to the post and my reply earlier- it was worth saving (at least to me!

Nevermind- water under the bridge, as they say.

Or as we say- Doan mean nuthin.

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