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Comment Re:lol @ 'finally standing up' (Score 2, Insightful) 453

I haven't really been following the story, so maybe I'm missing something, but on the surface, I think I may actually agree with Microsoft here. While I do think modding your 360 should be _legal_, I don't see why they should have to let you onto their network if you've done so. And if the Live service agreement states that you cannot use modded hardware (maybe it does, maybe it doesn't, I don't know), I don't see why they should have to refund your subscription fee, either.

Comment Re:Evolve or die..... (Score 5, Interesting) 420

I still enjoy reading the paper. I've been a daily subscriber to the Chicago Tribune for the past 8 years. However, in the past few months, their delivery service has taken a major turn for the worse. The paper is supposed to be on my driveway by 6:30AM, and it absolutely never is. I leave for the train at 7:00AM, and it took weeks of calling and threatening to cancel my subscription just to get them to start getting me the paper before 7:00. I still call most days to complain that it's not there by 6:30. I get a credit for the days that I call, so they're not making much money off of my subscription at this point. Overall, if anything is going to cause me to cancel my subscription, it's that the delivery service that used to be fantastic has become abysmal. Mostly I'm probably waiting for the larger, magazine-sized Kindle (or some competitor) to come out.

Comment Re:The one crucial point (Score 1) 430

(The issue with H1N1 is not its lethality once it has infected a person, but how good a job it does of infecting those who are exposed)

From what I've heard, the issue with H1N1 is twofold. It spreads better than regular flu, because it's a novel strain, and most of us have absolutely no immunity to it. Also, mortality among groups of people who rarely die from seasonal flu (young people) is higher than with the seasonal flu. I've heard it theorized that this may be the case because older people may have been exposed to a similar strain of flu many years ago, but the rest of us have not.

Comment Re:Here's why (Score 2, Interesting) 814

I REALLY wanted a Mac Book Pro 17", but I couldn't justify the price tag at over $2k. I was able to purchase a fully-loaded Dell XPS 15" with a 3 year warranty for around $1,500 because Dell was running a nice $400-off special

So, without the the $400-off special, a 15" Dell cost only around $100 less than a 17" Mac? You don't think the extra 2" of screen real estate on a notebook is worth at least $100?

Comment Re:Here's why (Score 1, Informative) 814

I'm reasonably certain it's been shown a number of times that if you build a PC with the exact same hardware as a Mac, you'll end up with a PC that costs about the same. The only difference is that PC makers offer systems with a wider range of hardware options (including lower-quality hardware on lower priced systems), and include more "Click here to try AOL" crap on the desktop, thus lowering the price... and creating a market for computer retailers to charge a fee to remove that crap from your new system...

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