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Submission + - Emerging Czech political party for dialog is asking Charlie to temporarily stop (

rroman writes: A new emerging political party in Czech Republic that wants to solve the problems with current situation around islamism asks Charlie Hebdo not to publish their magazine tomorrow. It claims, that temporary voluntary halt of the magazine will help start social debate about the problems with insults to the muslim minority. Their suggestion caused an outrage on reddit — r/atheism. What is your opinion?

Comment Re:Elevator in the sky with diamonds (Score 1) 79

That means it is actually pretty good summary. Everybody knows that we need super strong threads to build space elevator so it is not worth mentioning. The rest, however, is pretty goddamn interesting and relevant. I did a little bit of research and couldn't find much more relevant information about the discovery than it is written in this summary.

Comment Re:Still relevant nowadays? (Score 2) 58

QtQuick2 requires OpenGL. I didn't say I'm using OpenGL directly. However there is Qt3D and QtQuick3D that you might have a look at http://doc-snapshot.qt-project... .
As for the graphs, there are some commercial graphs supplied by digia or KDAB or freely available QWT .

Comment Re:Still relevant nowadays? (Score 5, Interesting) 58

I think that Mesa is necessary. I'm developing UI in QtQuick2 and it does only work with OpenGL 2 and above. Since there are platforms that don't support OpenGL 2 I have to have fallback to software rendered graphic. Mesa saves the day. If there was no Mesa, I'd be forced not to use QtQuick2 and stick to Qt widgets, which are not really designed to run well on mobile devices. And for the record, I do think, that QtQuick2 is the future of Gui development.

Comment Re:Why Care (Score 3, Interesting) 199

In this thread: it is pretty obvious, that not only the "fuck beta" people are pissed. In that thread there were many great comments and suggestions to Dice, what is bad with beta and how should they improve it. After zero effort to improve anything, some of the very skilled people stopped to complain and started to do something about it and other people joined them on Soylentnews. Nowadays, I can assure you, that there is almost no topic on Slashdot that doesn't have some "fuck beta" comments, on Soylentnews there are almost zero "fuck beta" comments and there is also pretty on topic discussion. Surely, it isn't perfect yet, but even today, Soylentnews has better discussion than /.

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