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Submission + - How can I improve my memory retention during studying? 4

Sensei_knight writes: How serendipitous! Today I see Slashdot also has an article linking caffeine to long-term memory, but I digress. Recently I returned to college in my 30s after battling a childhood sleep disorder and I now discover staying awake might be the least of my troubles. Now that I failed a few classes I'm trying to analyze and overcome the causes of this recent disaster. Two things are obvious. First, it takes me way too long to complete tasks (as if suffering from time dilation) tests take me approximately twice the amount of time to finish[and the amount of time it takes to study and do homework is cumulative and unsustainable]. Secondly, I just can't seem to remember a whole lot. I know sleep and memory are very closely related, perhaps that's why I have never been able to commit the times tables to memory. my research in the subject of memory has not been very fruitful, therefore I want to ask/Slashdots for input into which angle/direction I should look into next. As for cognitive speed I have completely drawn a blank.
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How can I improve my memory retention during studying?

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  • Reportedly [], valproic acid [] — normally used to treat seizures and epilepsy — allows healthy adults to learn things as well as a 7 year-olds do...

    No FDA approval for the use of any drugs containing the compound has been issued — not for the memory-enhancement purposes, of course...

  • The generic is Modafinil ( Not a stimulant but "an aid to wakefulness." If you have a sleep disorder, get the usual sleep apnea, CPAP and the rest, but Provigil works wonders, YMMV.

    Good luck with school.

  • I used to have a list of drugs that improved memory this is all I can find, no link just a text file.


    "...modafinil ('Provigil') is a memory-improving and mood-brightening
    psychostimulant. It enhances wakefulness and vigilance, but its pharmacological
    profile is notably different from the amphetamines, methylphenidate (Ritalin) or
    cocaine. Modafinil is less likely to cause jitteriness, anxiety, or excess
    locomotor activity - or lead to a hypersomnolent 'rebound effect' - than
    traditional stimul

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