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Comment Re:definitely due to the rise of the populist righ (Score 0) 693


and obviously it's ignorant

americans are feeding crony financial parasites and getting nothing in return "because capitalism" when it's not capitalism at all

and never can be capitalism: capitalism is pretty wonderful but only works in certain economic sectors. it's not magic unicorn farts you sprinkle on anything and then everything is fixed because magic, which is unfortunately the extent of many americans' understanding of capitalism

Comment definitely due to the rise of the populist right (Score 0, Troll) 693

like you see with trump in the usa

and, like trump, it's financially and politically retarded

scotland will leave, and northern ireland may, and britain will suffer a number of financial costs it has to pay now

so now britain is significantly poorer and weaker

all because some old morons don't like immigrants

the real issue is why these people are so angry, and the obvious answer is they feel poor while they perceive immigrants as coddled

and they are poor... because of plutocratic abuses, not immigrants

plutocratic abuses the political *left* has answers to

but the old morons reject the left for various stupid and propagandistic reasons

like americans rejecting universal healthcare, even though it's far cheaper and equal or higher quality. because "capitalism." when it's just cronyism

old poor morons like plutocrats to have gold toilets i guess, and are too fucking stupid to see how or why that's all their uneducated opinions lead to

Comment Re:So how do we miss a 300 foot object that has be (Score 1) 237

See this for a good explanation.

Delta-v from low earth orbit to the sun requires shedding 24km/s. Delta-v from earth orbit to pluto only requires 8.4km/s.

Actually you can get to the sun with far less -- something like 8.8km/s -- but it would take fantastically longer. In effect you would escape the entire solar system first, then kill your angular momentum completely.

Or you could take advantage of moon or other planet flybys, again reducing the energy required by trading it for massive amounts of time.

Comment Re:To put it into perspective (Score 2) 237

And incidentally, KSP cannot model quasisatellites, because the orbit is not just an ellipse -- it's an ellipse that shifts, due to gravitational effects from Earth and other bodies, after a given (large) number of orbits. KSP only uses true ellipses for planets and moons, and patched conics for ships and (maybe) asteroids. It doesn't use real 3-body mechanics at all.

Comment Re:To put it into perspective (Score 2, Informative) 237

This asteroid is *not* in orbit around the earth. It is a quasisatellite, like Cruithne, in a true orbit around the sun ... but in such an orbit that its distance from Earth never exceeds 19 million miles.

To reach a quasisatellite, you *will* need to leave true Earth orbit and obtain a solar orbit. Your transfer orbit will then intersect the quasisatellite's orbit, and when you get close, you will match orbits so you can land.

Comment Re:Remember when others started this? (Score 1) 155

I only want Messenger for short TEXT messages with people I have friended. I do not want notifications, video calls, bots, suggestions about what to eat or which movies to see, permanently tracking my every step and possibly recording my microphone and camera ....

I just want short text messages with my friends.

The website has always been sufficient for that. Unfortunately for Facebook, it doesn't make them much money.

I'm not sure why you added "completely divided the user base" to the end of your comment, unless it was just to increase the good feeling you get from licking Mark Zuckerberg's balls.

Comment Re:Oh for fuck's sake (Score 1) 352

I note now that you have a fixed idea, to which you do not seem to consider worthy of discussing alternatives, that people who grow up without the arts are less well-rounded, less happy, worse coders and probably less smart. I'm going to note that you have provided absolutely no evidence for your assertions; that you are being a judgmental pig; and that were I in your presence, a pile of mud would be shoved up your nose within seconds of my recognizing you. And I am going to stop talking to you, because while you do not care to evaluate the worth of people, I have evaluated the worth of talking to you at zero.

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