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Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 522

I take it you were opposed to Chick-Fil-A's stance on LGB issues?

The company didn't discriminate against anyone, employees or customers, but the owner expressed his view points.

No, I have no problem with anyone expressing their viewpoints on subjects like this. Everyone is free to embrace or oppose what till recently have been very prevalent thoughts and traditional values.

Comment Re:Kinda makes you wonder... (Score -1) 66

If you think it's there to protect the computer and OS you are horribly uneducated about it.

It's there to protect the precious software IP from dirty evil YOU. so you cant disable DRM and make a copy.

That is the only reason this crap exists in modern processors. Intel is King of DRM and they are trying to keep it that way.

Comment Re:Fair point (Score 2) 522

As a Non-American I find this fixation with guns absurd.

I was going to answer, but I see the ScentCone has beat me to most of my valid points, especially about the Oz example.

So, yes, I fear for my existing gun freedoms.

And as that you are a non-American, it shouldn't really matter one way or another to you, should it?

It's nice that you're interested, but you really needn't bless us with your 'superior' and more 'civilized' outlook on weapons where you live. If you don't like to have full freedoms like we have here (guns being one of them) then fine, stay where you are, but don't moralize or try to talk down how we have things here.

None of your business....

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 4, Insightful) 522

His flagship policy is to build a wall to keep Mexicans out. keep the ILLEGALLY border crossing Mexicans (and anyone else using that border) out.

There's a big difference.

I don't think many Americans have problems with LEGAL immigrants.

We just want them to sign the fucking guest book on the way in, you know?

Comment Re: Fair point (Score 1) 522

John McCain already came clean. They intend to oppose any nominee [] that Clinton makes.

Well, if Clinton put forth a replacement for Scalia like Scalia....a strict constitutionalist and not a legislator from the bench, they'd pass him.

But I"m guessing hell isn't getting that cold any time soon....

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