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Comment Re:Think of the children ... (Score 1) 234

What? The kid doesn't learn how to add 15% for the tip as well? And is that 15% calculated with or without the sales tax? And do they learn what professions do get tipped and what not?

This used to be the case in Belgium till, I think he 1950-ies or the like.

And about not including taxes:
To me it is strange that people say it is hard for companies to do this, while their cash machines can do the calculation, so it is somehow possible. Also often it is said that it is hard because of the different taxes in different places. That means you are looking to companies that are in multiple places, like those that operate in e.g. Europe where there are different tax systems in the different countries with different currencies and yet here the same companies are somehow able to do it.

It makes it a LOT easier to compare prices if the taxes are included. In Europe we even introduced new money to make comparing prices much easier (The exchange prices where already fixed for a few years). But then the EU is much more customer driven and the US is much more company driven.

And about tipping and the quality of service: I did not notice any difference in the quality of service in Europe or the US. There where cultural difference as there are in Europe, but all in all the service was at the same level in comparable places.

Comment Re:And rightly so (Score 1) 94

The defacto standard for YouTube is 1080 and 4K is right around the corner and that is where most weekend warriors will post whatever they film.

The thing that they should not have done is expand into areas they are not good in. What they do is sports cameras. They build the entire sports camera industry all by themselves, or as good as.

The GoPro 5 is a new standard wqhere there is no housing anymore. This is a HUGE step in the right direction.
And people are buying a new camera and still be able to use the old one, getting multiple angles.

Filming in 4K while you only need HD has different advantages as well.

Soon it will be so that if you have a 720P movie, nobody will watch it, except you mom, but she is proud of you, no matter what.
There are plenty of people still out there that want to see that high quality. I am one of them and I watch a LOT of non-professional videos. (And what people SHOULD learn is to edit and get sound right)

Comment Re:Will it stand? (Score 2) 154

FYI this goes for working contracts as well. I will sign almost anything, because I can not sign away basic rights.All I have to say when it goes to court :"But I was afraid that if I did not sign it, I would not get the job." End of discussion.
This goes for working extra hours, working as a fake independent and other things.

I know several people who had independent contracts, but where seen after 10 years as employees and the company had to pay all the extras that come with an amployee. This includes 13th month, paid holidays, bonusses that other empleyees got as well as the taxes on top of the payment.

I live in Belgium, so YMMV and talk to a lawer specialized in the matter first or your union.

Comment Re:Trademarks protect purchasers, not sellers (Score 1) 72

Same. To me it is about what is on the box should be in the box. If you think that is worth the value they want to sell it for is your personal opinion and sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't.

Also the people do not understand that they are still overpaying. Say a brand product costs 100 and the fake one they buy for 20, you can be sure that if you buy asomething that is identical to the second one but without the fake brand name, it will be 10. I have seen where they started selling the fake ones at 80, so it looks more genuine.
Now if the real product is worth 100 to you is a complete different discussion.Sometimes it is and sometimes it isn't and that will differ per person and product.

Comment Re:Protecting whom? (Score 1) 72

There are plenty of people who believe they buy the real stuff. They buy it because they think it is the real stuff, not because they need it.

I am as against copyright as much as most people here on /. and perhaps even a bit more, but I am for trademarks. I do not want to buy a Linux toaster and then have it run Windows or Hurd.

To me it is about the fact that what is on the bow should be in the box. If that says 10% fat it should be 2% fat and not 74% fat and also not kit 1%. If it says Dior, It should contain Dior and not something with a Dior label,

So yes, please cut them down as hard as possible. And those people who only care about the price, buy something that does not say and pay even less than the inflated prices you pay for fake stuff.

Comment Re:Yes. No. Maybe. (Score 1) 399

This is not about HIM being open. This is about him demanding OTHERS to be open. Do as I say, not as I do.

What will happen if he opens up the rest is that those who have not yet been opened will start blocking everything he does. He will get all of congress against him. Because do not forget, the people there are congress people, not Republicans or Democrats. They just vote that way on most things so they can get re-elected as it looks as if they follow party rules.

They do not want that you rock the boat. They will protect their kind like policemen witnessing a cow orker shooting somebody in the back.

Comment Re:Police state (Score 5, Insightful) 250

This has nothing to do with Liberal or any other form. They ALL want it, because the police is asking for it and to deny it, they will be called out on doing nothing against crime, be it terrorism, rape or whatever crime you can think of.

It is the easy way out for politicians. For the Police it is normal that they are asking for things that make their work easier. That does not mean it should be given.

I am sure that everybody has ideas on how to make their job easier. Does not mean it is always a good idea when you look at the whole.

e.g. Having no internet access will make the job of many network people a lot easier. Not always a good idea. Having no firewall will make their life also easier (bit more work for others) and also not a good idea.

Having a tag on each and every person 100% of the time and seeing what everybody does will make the job of the police a lot easier, but it is also not a good idea.

What would be needed are politicians that say "ok, when we don't do that 150 kids will be killed by terrorists and that is a price we are willing to pay for our privacy." I am not going to hold my breath for that.

Comment I can do you one better (Score 4, Insightful) 118

I can steal one by hitting people with a Nokia phone and it isn't limited to one brand of cars.
You can also use a toaster if it runs Linux.

Seriously, this is just another "via the Internet" thing that is used with almost anything to pretend it is something new. The article is "You can steal a car if you steal the keys".

Comment Re:You're a "fake" newspaper (Score 1) 666

Well, it is clear YOU don't run a magazine with all your fact checking.

What most do is just reword what has come of from the reuters feed and others. We live in an age where opinion has the same worth for many as fact.

So yes, I DO believe the otehr person runs a newspaper. He needs to sell, so that is what he will print. The truth is boring and does not sell as much and they can always say that it was on opinion piece when they get caught or that the source they had told it and they are not allowed to reveil their source, or worse: both.

And in the extreme worst, they put two lines of redacted on a piece that ran on the frontpage for weeks. (Yes, there are exceptions forced to do so by people who had luck and a lot of money)

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