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Comment Re:Consumers (Score 2) 274

0.5$ to 1$ is a decent price if you buy a CD at the store. You then need to pay for the whole distribution part, the physical CD and the profit of each person involved in the whole chain.

Please do not set your buying prices at what you are willing to pay. Set them at what they are willing to ask (and still make a profit).

The reason the labels are not giving what consumers want is because consumers tell them they are willing to pay 1USD. Now obviously there are solutions. bandcamp.com is one of them. 80-90% goes to the copyright holder and there that is most of the time the people who make the music. No DRM and flac if you want it.

Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 4, Insightful) 274

My headset costs 15EUR. The music boxes I have at home are around the same price range. I listen to music to have background noise. Do you seriously think I need to have the perfect quality of music?

When I go to a live performance, I am more interested in the "sharing an experience with friends" part then I am listening to the music. In fact, some of the best evenings where when the music was absolutely horrible. (Lousy music AND lousy PA)

So no, I do not put value into decent sounding music. To me music is like a hammer, a tool to either share time with friends or family (that is what I value); a way to have memories about these events by listening to the music and have my memory triggered or just as background.

It could very well be that I value things you deem worthless and I will not judge you for that, so please do not look down on others who do not have the identical values as you have.

Comment Re:Nice Try NSA (Score 1) 375

I wonder what it would take to NOT be followed by them.Watch Zero Days http://www.imdb.com/title/tt54... where they admit to at least monitor the whole of Iraq, regardless if they were suspects or not.

I mean; if they have the ability why would they NOT monitor everybody. It is clear that the public has no influence if they are allowed to do it or not. They and other agencies have confessed that they did and they got away by saying "Yes, we did spy on everybody. So fucking what?" and nobody does anything.

It is an alternative ending to "You can't handle the truth" where it does not ends with "Take him away" but with the more realistic "Sorry for bothering you.".

Comment Re:Nice Try NSA (Score 1) 375

It is only paranoid if you THINK you are being followed, not if you ARE actually being followed.

Fun fact: I was (at least one day) followed during my visit in Sweden. Either they really wanted me to know or they thought I was so worthless that they send the stupidest person after me.

And yes, I was actually being followed. I am not a paranoid person, so it took some efford on their part for me to notice. Shame they never send me the pictures they made, because mine where shit.

Comment Re:Four reasons (Score 1) 375

2) He had previously attempted to go through channels and this failed to do anything. But once it went public, real changes were made as a direct result of his actions.

You make it sound like a good thing. The people who decide if he gets a pardon or not will have a different idea if that was a good thing or not and they have.

They will also have the idea that this will encourqge LESS people to bring things TO THE PUBLIC. They will be less interested if things are sold to others.as long as they can have it.
If they have access to your PC all is good. If others have access as well, thing are not good, but still ok. If they don't have access anymore, things are BAD! At least for them.

Comment Re:I Knew There Was Something Fishy... (Score 1) 162

I have QNAP and that has Media Servers and other servers as well. Actually I have no idea what they are exactly as I just mount the device when the PC(s) start up and handle it as if it were a local system and run whatever I desire on the local machine.
The only thing that runs remotely is torrent, because that can keep running when the PCs are down.
Locally I then run smplayer, XBMC, mcd or anything else I desire. I see no need for a media server as such as I have a fileserver. I do not connect my phone to it. If need be, I just copy some music files to the SD card and have it available wherever I am. When I want that I am mostly offline anyway.

Comment Re:Private industry doing it better than governmen (Score 1) 126

Your kids won't grow up to be capable and responsible adults if you shelter them from reality and make every decision for them.

This is so true. Know a girl that was "protected" by her parents. She was not even allowed to play with any other kids. Then at 18 she was an adult and was aset free. Within 2 months she was known as the school slut.

Comment That is unpossible (Score 1) 163

The is unpossible. The earth is only 6.000 years old.
Or: That means that it used to be warmer once, so it can't be caused by humans.

People are so much in denial because they are either don't believe how small the earth actually is compared to thousands of years of stored energy being released at once; they are afraid about the consequenses if it is true, so they put their head in the sand like an 8 year who stole a cookie or they have no idea how e.g. the heating and airconditioning of their condo works.

If the latter, I proposes that these people have their airco and heating removed and see if they start believing. Because if they think people can not heat something, they should not use energy to do something useless.

OTOH I think that besides a few people, the majority of the deniers falls into the first two groups. Disbelieve or denial or a combination of both. And they will use anything to defend to keep what they have.

Comment Re:Everything Trump does is bad (Score 1) 127

And just to complete it, although it should be obvious. Just because one is bad does not make the other person good. They are both the worst possible choice, regardless.
I think that having a lottery and give ANY adult that has the US nationality and is born in the US the opportunity to win to become President would statistically be a better outcome. (Yes, including the people you think you want to exclude, like prisoners, politicians and your stoopid brother.)

Comment Re:And What Will Come of It? (Score 1) 112

Or ask the military. They are likely to be more often in a dangerous situation compared with European cops. From what I understand Military will have a much stricter procedure to de-escalate a situation.

De-escalation should be a priority and killing a really last option. When I see how people are arrested in the US vs how they do it in Europe, there is a HUGE difference already. If they would do what you see in the US, they would be in jail for abuse of power.

Comment Please stop helping me with my searches (Score 1) 68

I use YouTube as my TV, so I watch it a lot. I also search for things and more and more I get the same results over and over again, even with different words doing the search.
The bad part is that most of it I have already seen, so I spend more and more tme searching.
I already delete my cookies, but Google tracks me in other ways as well and changing browers works only till they are able to link it back to me. Not so much as a person, but as a database entity.

This might be interesting for ads (for them) but not for me. You see it at sites like Amazon as well. I just bought a USB hub and they are proposing USB hubs to me. Idiots, I just bought one.

Yet another is music. Listening to music and then proposing the same sor over and over again and again (Oh, PorHub does it as well)

So no, I do not want them to help me and second guess what I would like. And the only things that stick out are things they want to promote. I am not interested in things I know when I do a search. I am interested in things I do NOT know.

So I have started recently using Bing instead of Google to do searches, because I get different results for now.

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