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Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Modded "Interesting"? Gimmie a break.

Better check on your "rape Melania" source. Turns out some wag Photoshopped a couple of pictures to make it look like someone brought a sign that said that to an anti-Trump protest. But okay, you keep believing whatever you see on the internets without doing a 5-second google search.

Comment Re:Anti-establishment (Score 3, Insightful) 105

An average of the polls in 538's model not only predicted the results of the last two elections, it predicted the outcomes in 49 of 50 (2008) and 50 of 50 (2012) states correctly. When your "gut feeling poll" reaches an accuracy level of 99%, call me. Until then, shut up with your paranoid "polls are bullshit" wishful thinking. This is a site that generally attracts people that understand math. You may be looking for's comment section.

Comment Re:Media (Score 1) 269

They're not competing with the iPad. They're competing with Sony PS and Xbox (sort of), except they're targeting a slightly different demo of the gamer market, and throwing in "hey it's a tablet too!"

Hard to stand out? I'd say this design stands out, as there's really nothing else quite like it. As to whether it will be successful, depends on the execution. All the old farts were poo-poohing the Wii before it came out too. That did okay.

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 380

And proved you are either anti-freedom yourself or a psychopath - the only types of people who would not instantly see that this is the only logical definition.

"If you don't agree with me, you're obviously crazy."

Yeah, there's the circlejerk event horizon. Nothing left for me to do here, so I'll just let you get back to fapping to your slightly-right-of-Ghenghis-Khan Harpy-queen.

Comment Re:ICANN, you failed... (Score 1) 146

I doubt it'll make much difference in the long run, after seeing how .top, .info, etc.. turned out - just more playgrounds for spammers while the registrars get to rake in fees for useless registrations for "brand protection". Legit companies will still have a .com, legit organizations will still have a .org (or a .com), etc.

Maybe after some time, one or two of these new TLDs will get some legitimacy. I expect, though, this will just end up making me spend that much more time updating my check_helo_access and smtpd_sender_restrictions pcre files...


Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 380

Neither group gives an airborne copulation at a ventrally rotating toroid about "liberty", they just declare their own particular doctrine to be $liberty and then claim the other side is anti-$liberty, which becomes semi-true if you allow for inline evaluation. It's just like the zealous supporters of a certain licensing when they declare that their license is "free as in freedom*" (*using our specially crafted definition of freedom). If that redefinition is rejected, there's nothing on either side but propaganda and bullshit.

Comment Re:Alternative (Score 1) 917

First depends on what resources you're talking about. There's plenty of worry about the sustainability of quite a few resources, including ones which will likely be further used up in making this robot worker army.

Second, recycling offers neither 100% efficient returns, nor is it free.

Third and fourth are wishful thinking, at best.

Comment Re:Accept the fact that technology moves on. (Score 1) 917

It's interesting that the supporting dialog in Star Trek:TNG reveals most people don't work with technology. Since robots in the ST universe do all the manual labour, it leaves one asking what do all those humanoids produce?

Preachy monologues?

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 380

Freedom of association applies to people not businesses

Then why did you bring up "Freedom of Association" in the first place, since we're talking about two businesses?

Whether its moral or not can be debateable but its never illegal

I never said it was illegal, and I don't care if it is illegal - AFAIC, the US legal system has as much to do with "right vs wrong" as who the next Dr. Who companion is has on the orbit of Neptune.

and the right does it just as often.

If you're trying to make a case for being better than them, the kindergarten playground defense is probably not the best way to go about it.

But apparently boycotts are only oppresive when the left does it ?

You also didn't answer the question of why it's there's no moral (i.e. completely orthogonal to the law) contradiction in using "Freedom of Association" to ostracize and/or deny livelihoods to people who do or believe what you consider to be reprehensible things (as long as they're not religious reprehensible things), and someone else doing the same thing for doing or believing things they find equally reprehensible.

You're the only one talking about "right and left" and oppression. I'm talking about internal consistency, and the all to common lack of it in this position.

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