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Comment Re:Morons (Score 1) 321

Why do people think things like the Bechdel test are worth more than a fart in the breeze/

For the same reason they think "the lack of qualified people to fill 500,000 U.S. tech jobs" has anything to do with "how STEM careers have been presented in film and television" instead of the fact that the primary "qualification" being looked for is H1-B eligibility.

Comment Re:What does that even mean? (Score 2) 36

Seems doubtful. Aren't most of the files anyone cares about first being uploaded to newsgroups? After that, anyone can grab a movie and try to be the first to put it on TPB. Catching that guy isn't going to get you anywhere.

If you think TPB is a honeypot, I've got a few questions about 9/11 and jet contrails that I need to ask you. You know, before I politely excuse myself and find a normal person to talk to.

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

In the United States, the first 10 million dollars inherited is tax-free. And that's per child.

After that, yeah, the money starts getting taxed. If it doesn't, that money that funds stuff you like (like interstates, military defense, whatever) has to come from somewhere else. Who ends up paying the difference? People that actually worked for the money.

So yeah, I think an inheritance tax is a fair thing. In fact, with the first $10 million tax free, it's really really fair right now.

Comment Re:Does anybody really doubt it (Score 1) 706

Not sure where you got the "back of the head" from - the post you're responding to never used the word "head" anywhere - he did use "heart" though, which can theoretically be reached through the part of the body commonly referred to as "the back."

It doesn't lend your criticism of his logic a lot of credibility when you fumble your own counters so badly.

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