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Comment Re:Sadly... (Score 1) 371

Depends what kind of tinnitus you have. I have a 16KHz whine in my left ear that I can tune out during the day with music but is intolerable at night. A loop of crickets/cicadas/running water helps mask it (partly because you're concentrating on a noise outside your head), but it'll still take me several hours to get to sleep and I'm tired all day. I haven't had a decent night's sleep in 20 years. One of my favourite things used to be sitting in a quiet room, now it's torture.

Comment Re:First sandwich (Score 1) 730

You really think women and the lower classes have inferior brains to upper class men? White upper class men are responsible for many inventions but it's not because whites, the upper classes, or men are inherently more intelligent - it's because historically they were the ones in the positions of privilege that gave them the education and time and resources to be able to invent. Women and the lower classes had no opportunity to be inventors - their lives were controlled and they had no access to scientific education or resources - until recently when that changed and we started seeing an explosion of inventions and discoveries by women, and the lower classes could go to university and become scientists, for example.

Comment Just ordered mine... (Score 1) 7

Just ordered mine - after fighting with the Lulu website.

For anyone in the UK having trouble registering with the Lulu website it turns out your postcode needs a space in the middle or it won't be accepted as valid, i.e. "LP6 7GH" instead of "LP67GH".

Looking forward to it.

Comment Re:Worker #7567483 (Score 2) 133

No they won't. In the future there will be superintelligent ants and they'll have ant passports and ant driving licences and ant credit cards and they'll be tied in to the same mortgages and travel restrictions and limits on their freedom as we have now. And the ant queen will be a figurehead and the real power will lie with the spiders.

So be nice to your spiders.

Comment Re:They will see... (Score 1) 437

You know by acting that way you're creating a situation you obviously hate - sitting in a dark, silent room hoping nobody rings your doorbell. Fuck that. Buy a bowl of sweets & a gorilla mask & have some fun when the Trick or Treaters come - RAAAAaaaar! - you'll end up looking forward to the doorbell ringing instead of dreading it. And after it's over - hey, you still have a gorilla mask! Everybody wins. Were you never a kid?

Comment Re:The joke in question (Score 5, Insightful) 606

It's not counterproductive as they see it. They want you, the public, to know that if they want to get you they will get you. They are being bullies, not custodians of the law. They already got their intended chilling effect by making an example of this guy, and now everyone will be a little more nervous about what they post online - they don't need to prosecute you as well. But they might, and if a law is being applied selectively it should not be applied at all.

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