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Comment SimCity, a DRM game to stay away from (Score 4, Interesting) 280

I don't play games, like ever. Last game I played was Age of Empires (original) and the Sim City's on my Apple.

I was excited for the new Sim City, and was going to buy a few copies for myself and my girlfriend. But after following the Reddit AMAA from the Maxis developers and their complete dodge of answering any questions regarding the totally stupid online only DRM that's being built into the game.

I'm no longer excited for the game and will not be buying it.

How many of these games on this list are purely online DRM playable only?

Comment How about we start believing in Human Change? (Score 5, Insightful) 695

Climate change will always be a heated debate.

However, there is something that will always be true and can't be debated no matter what your position on climate change is: it's our duty as human beings to protect our environment and do anything and everything we can do to treat it with love, respect and to look after it. We only have one Earth. Let's look after it. Isn't that something every human being can agree on?

Moving to clearer energies shouldn't be because of climate change, because to make it about that would mean that once we reach some magical number that a report says that our environment is now "fixed" we'll go back to our destructive ways as humans and put the environment on the bottom of the priority list.

Looking after the environment from this day, to the end of the days of sunshine is the right thing to do by humans. We shouldn't need any other reason other then it being "the right thing to do" to look after this one rock we have. It's really as simple as that. Let's look after Earth.

Comment CentOS have been lagging on updates lately ... (Score 5, Interesting) 666

CentOS's release schedule has been really struggling recently. Release 6 was almost edging a 250 day delay over Red Hat.

CentOS have still to announce an official date for 6.1 to be released, which Red Hat released back on May 19th. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding CentOS releases and as such in my opinion makes CentOS not the ideal choice for the enterprise.

Other advantages are Red Hat's support services and the Red Hat Network (RHN) are second to none. RHN alone is what convinced us to pony up money for licenses.

The gist of the advantages are: better support, quicker updates/security fixes, easier and centralised management of multiple servers with the only disadvantage being a price tag.

Feed Schneier: Physical Key Escrow (schneier.com)

This creates far more security risks than it solves: The city council in Cedar Falls, Iowa has absolutely crossed the line. They voted 6-1 in favor of expanding the use of lock boxes on commercial property. Property owners would be forced to place the keys to their businesses in boxes outside their doors so that firefighters, in that one-in-a-million chance,...

Comment Re:do not do this (Score 1) 162

This is another hidden benefit of Apple hardware that people don't readily consider.

Apple hardware is very hard to get in and out quickly, covertly, and without a few red flags being noticeable.

A couple of years (4+ now) ago when I sat in with Apple's instructor led hardware certification labs there were a small team of high tech crime investigators for the Australian Federal Police, and Australian Attorney Generals department attending.

They weren't interesting in passing the test, they had absolutely *no* interest in OS X, and they hated Apple hardware with a passion - why? Because it was damn hard to get in and out to get access to the hard drive. The '06 model iMacs (which at the time, was the current model) caused this guys to be furious with Apple, given you had to rip/tear the heat shield to get to the hard drive.

Being a predominate Apple technician at the time in Canberra, and given my reputation as being half decent I stayed in contact with a few of these departments, and still do to this day.

Even a little under a year ago I was (2010) I was personally requested to attend on-site to an unnamed department, to get a hard drive out and back in. What was normally a 45 minute on-site, turned in a *2 day* on-site as the team I was with (I was heavily supervised) had never worked on an Mac before, the matter was clearly urgent, and after removing every screw, the LCD panel, every cable, photos were taken and I was providing on-site training as to what every step I was taking.

Placing the iMac back to gather took the longest as I was stopped every few moments, asked to leave the room and then asked to come back into the room to continue. I suspect they were comparing the pull-apart photos to how I was placing the machine back together to ensure the machine was being placed together exactly as it was before.

While I never asked questions, a few months later the Australian Federal Police busted one of Australian's largest children pornography rings in Australia. I have the niggling feeling I was somewhat involved in this operation.

Disclaimer: I am now an owner of an Canberra, Australian based Apple Mac managed services business.

Comment Why is American beer so bad? (Score 1) 840

I'll take this opportunity to get Slashdot's opinion on this question. As an Australian who recently spent a birthday in San Francisco can someone explain to me why America has such shitty beer? You guys realise it's really just *that* bad, right?

I bar hopped all night in Union Square, tried at-least 10 beers from the well known stuff like Budweiser (my god, how do you put up with this crap?), Milwaukee, Coors, Millers and some other obscure brands I can't remember that locals were convinced I would like.

American beer was just .... really, really, bad. I mean *really* bad. So someone answer please answer me, why?

Comment Apple dropped the ball hard on this one! (Score 5, Interesting) 443

Mistake would be the understatement of the year. Apple f*%ked up royally on this one.

We manage two prestige advertising firms, one in Canberra and another down in Melbourne and the complaints are flowing, loud, and spitting from the mouth. But what's worse is, our customers are 100% right and they ain't shit all we can do.

The balls is deep in Apple's court on this one, and unlike the failed Xserve. The high-end video market is an area they do not want to drop the ball on, this industry laps up Apple hardware, is glued to the Apple suite and these guys pay up *big* bucks for managed services from Apple directly, the resellers and support vendors.

Comment I'm sick of this! (Score 2) 518

The America Government isn't scared about any threats that releasing these photos may attract from foreign threats.

Your Government is scared of setting a precedent of being a truly open republic that allows the citizens to open their minds and come to their own conclusions.

Those in power would rather make the public live in fear thinking that your Government is doing anything, and everything in it's power to protect your borders when in reality it's stripping away your freedoms that you've fought so hard to establish.

American citizens need to wake up to the truth. The Government thinks it's own citizens are the threat, and you don't need to look too far to confirm this behaviour with the wire tapping, surveillance, border security, fear mongering and public deceit.

Wake up America. The world is getting sick of watching your own Government surpress everything that your constitution stands for.

Comment Too much thermal paste again? (Score 1) 531

Having previously worked several years for a technician role with a local Apple reseller, and now owning my own repair, support and Apple consultancy business (macexperts.com.au) I have worked on the insides of literally tens of hundreds, probably thousands of Macs from the G3, to the pain in the ass PowerBook 12-inches to the latest and greatest.

I can attest that build quality over the years has definitely suffered.

Specifically on the subject of thermal paste the original MacBook Pro's suffered from this exact same defect, causing heating problems and graphics issues that plagued *a lot* of customers. Apple's own internal documentation, replacement parts and Service Manuals stipulated that all three thermal tubes supplied were to be applied to each chip, when in fact and only after hundreds of repeat repairs it was acknowledged that too much thermal paste was applied. Specifically the "fix" was to only apply one tube to all three chips - presto! problem fixed.

My advice has always been: Do not purchase first generation of a major revision of Apple hardware, it will save you pain and problems down the track such as repeat repairs.

Comment Purely money motivated (Score 5, Interesting) 146

The University of Canberra, Australia I am currently attending has in the last several months moved to Microsoft cloud services for e-mail, and calendaring and it's a bit of a joke.

Being friendly with the I.T. department it's clear that the motivation was purely monetary related.

As from a usability standpoint, students hate it. Junk filtering is a complete joke and is a common occurrence for student to teacher emails to not be delivered.

Forwarding simply does not work as advertised, if you have a "Redirect to" and then "Delete" rule one-after the other it's common for the rules to 'switch' around and for the delete to happen first.

The services are constantly down for urgent maintenance, slow and buggy in anything but Firefox (some features completely missing, like being able to create mail rules)/Internet Explorer.

It's a big joke, and I can guarantee you that the USDA decision to move to these services would have come from the top ranks and I.T. made to keep their mouths shut regarding the decision, just like my University.

The Internet

Verizon LTE Can Use the Monthly Data Allotment In 32 Minutes 273

adeelarshad82 writes "Verizon's new 4G LTE network is so fast that you can use up your entire 5GB in as little as 32 minutes. The 2010-era speeds are soured by the 2005-era thinking on data plans. Verizon has priced LTE pretty much like 3G to encourage data sipping, not guzzling. As soon as you start using the latest high-bandwidth Internet services, your whole month's allotment can evaporate in no time. According to a test, the network's speed maxed out at 21Mbps, which means that it takes only 32 minutes to smoke up the 5GB monthly data cap on the plan. While the 21Mbps speed was hit on a low traffic network, Verizon estimates you'll be able to get around 8.5Mbps with a loaded network which still means that the cap can be exhausted in about an hour and a half."

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