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Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 1352

the increase in unemployment actually matches quite well with the increase in time people can receive unemployment benefits

I was under the impression that once you stopped collecting unemployment, you were no longer counted as unemployed, whether that was true or not. In other words, the reason employment goes up as people hit the end of their unemployment checks is an artifact of the data collection process. Not that there aren't people who wait until the last minute to go back to work. Hell, I know a couple.

Comment GCC comparison (Score 3, Interesting) 688

According to tfa, Apple's GCC beats Ubuntu's quite handily- though Snow Leopard seems to be using 4.3, and Karmic Koala 4.4. Does anyone know if this is a difference between GCCs, or between operating systems?

Is Apples GCC 4.3 significantly different from a vanilla GCC 4.3? I know they've been doing a bunch of work on llvm, so they can get a compiler not under the gplv3, is this part of the difference?

Comment Re:You mean racketeering (Score 1) 398

We already have a free, open source, modifiable text for every topic. It's called Wikipedia and it's the living embodiment of why we have professional, accountable, paid editors for text books

The difference between an open source software project and Wikipedia is that with software there are gatekeepers, so you can't commit nonsense, so you can keep standards high, etc. Why, exactly, is that not acceptable for a textbook project?

Comment Re:Wow! (Score 1) 78

Probably the next development in the desktop UI will involve the elimination of the desktop abstraction itself. The user today spends too much time moving, resizing, bringing on front or back windows or finding icons and some projects have demonstrated how the user can gain a lot in productivity by using a different approach.

Luckily for us, xmonad substitutes time wasted rearranging windows with time wasted attempting to configure the window manager.

Comment Re:Ridiculous (Score 1) 857

You can't make more gold

True, but you can always mine more. There isn't a shortage of gold in the world, it's just that most of it costs more to extract than it's worth.

If that ever changed, like, say, the way that aluminum suddenly became cheap, your gold-backed currency would experience... ill-effects.

And even if that never happened, the gold standard is not some cure-all for economic woes. The US was on the gold standard during the Great Depression, remember?


Submission + - Mac users' Internet experience to remain seamless 2

thefickler writes: Mac users will continue to see the Internet as it was intended, thanks to the renewal of a font licensing agreement between Microsoft and Apple. At TypeCon2007 Microsoft and Apple announced they have renewed their font licensing agreement, giving Apple users ongoing use of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows core fonts.

Back in 1996 Microsoft started the "Core fonts for the Web" initiative. The idea of this initiative was to create a a standard pack of fonts that would be present on all or most computers, allowing web pages to be displayed consistently on different computers. While the project was terminated in 2002, some of the fonts defined as core fonts for the web have gone on to become known as "web safe fonts", and are therefore widely used by Internet developers.
The Internet

Submission + - Google, Microsoft Escalate Data Center Battle

miller60 writes: "The race by Microsoft and Google to build next-generation data centers is intensifying. On Thursday Microsoft announced a $550 million San Antonio project, only to have Google confirm plans for a $600 million site in North Carolina. It appears Google may just be getting started, as it is apparently planning two more enormous data centers in South Carolina, which may cost another $950 million. These "Death Star" data centers are emerging as a key assets in the competitive struggle between Microsoft and Google, which have both scaled up their spending (as previously discussed on Slashdot). Some pundits, like PBS' Robert X. Cringley, say the scope and cost of these projects reflect the immense scale of Google's ambitions."

Submission + - What is the best notebook for programmer?

javaObject writes: I am going to pass my 2.5 year-old IBM T42 (Pentium M, 14") notebook to my wife soon. That means I can spend some money to get a new notebook ;) I am a programmer. And have been pretty happy with my T42. I really like it for the following reasons:

. keyboard layout
. big "backspace", "\", "enter" key
. ThinkPad System Update (find updates for drivers and ThinkPad-related software automatically)
. the ports layout
. the business-look of the notebook (yeah, I am an uncool kind of guy)
. non-wide screen

What is the criteria for you Slashdotters-programmers' notebook ? And fellow Slashdotters, what do you think is the best notebook for programmers?
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - John Carmack: Gamers Don't Need Vista or DX 10

Freshly Exhumed writes: In an interview with Marcus Yam at Daily Tech legendary PC/Console game creator John Carmack holds forth on DirectX 10: "Personally, I wouldn't jump at something like DX10 right now. I would let things settle out a little bit and wait until there's a really strong need for it." and then zings Microsoft's marketers over DX10's mandatory use of the Vista OS: "Carmack then said that he's quite satisfied with Windows XP, going as far to say that Microsoft is 'artificially' forcing gamers to move to Windows Vista for DX10." There are a few good tidbits on Xbox 360 vs. PS3 development, and a fairly clear disinterest in Wii as a platform for his company's products is shown.

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