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Comment Re:32 bits address (Score 1) 111

You're welcome to pay for the memory upgrades to the world's routers to hold the routing table full of those /32s (16M per /8 that you've "freed"); the current full routing table is ~620k entries.

And as we all remember, 640k should be enough for everyone!

Still leaves 20k though, as long as we're mixing our units...

Comment I doubt Hollywood has an age discrimination issue (Score 4, Insightful) 186

It seems unlikely to me that Hollywood has an age discrimination issue. It seems much more likely that Hollywood has a looks discrimination policy, and merely hiding the numeric age of an actor or actress isn't going to resolve this.

If an actor doesn't look the age for a part, they're not going to get the role. Trying to hide their "real" age won't help with that. Nothing short of completely changing Hollywood culture - and, really, American culture - to not be so youth-focused will change that. And that's not an easy task, and certainly not something this law will help with.

This is clearly a "this is something, so we're doing something about the problem!" law. It won't help in any way, but at least it's a bullet point on some lawmaker's resume!

Comment I could build its equal in 10 minutes. (Score 3, Funny) 177

It only needs two features. First is to keep cutting people off mid sentence. If you are trying to say, "Send message to John Smith." I can have it cut people off before the name John Smith.

Then I can randomly have it just wait until the end and then say, "I can't find that person in your contacts, would you like me to search the local area for businesses of that name?" This is regardless of what their actual command was.

What I find interesting about Siri is that it so rarely gets what I am saying correct but when I insult it, it has got that right 100% of the time. "Fuck you Siri, you useless pile of shit." or any one of the zillion creative insults that I have thrown at it have resulted in some "If I had feelings, they would be hurt." So I know that it is not my microphone. It is the pile of crap just not getting what I am saying.

I am saying, "Call John Smith." or "Message John Smith" or "Read last message" or "Play audiobook, the John Smith Story."

I have a twenty minute ride home from work. I once spent the entire twenty minute ride home trying to send a message to someone that said, "I will be home in 20 minutes" (except that as I tried that number was ever growing smaller.)

Nearly the entire time it would just cut me off mid sentence. It would often be in the middle of my message. So it would end up saying "Would you like to send the message "I will"?" I was even trying to give it a run-on sentence such as IWillBeHomeIn20Minutes, so that it wouldn't pick up on a pause as the end. Then there is all the other bullshit that it sucks at. In the previous example it wouldn't confirm to whom I was sending the message. It would not allow me to change the message. So I started over and over just to see if I could get it to work. Yet as a confirmation that it was hearing me I would ask things like, "What is the second derivative of x^3+x^2+3x+9" and it would give me the correct answer.

Then after the map program nearly continuously putting me blocks from where I really am and thus giving me terrible directions in critical situations and then trying android's siri awesome equivelant, I switched to android.

On this note, I don't think that apple realizes how bad these missteps are getting. The fact that it took me 20 minutes to send no messages, the fact that it took me 20 minutes to remove that U2 bullshit from my phone, the fact that I can't remove BS apps from my phone, the fact that iTunes nearly always is jumping to music and movies (both on the phone and the desktop) when I am clearly not looking for either (such as when I am looking for a podcast). The fact that my mac pro(not macbook but my $6,000 dollar mac pro) is shoving iCloud down my throat. The fact that I can't repair half of this shit without using magic tools. The fact that little things like some extra memory costs about as much as a cheap version of the same device. All totals up to my typing this on a completely kick ass windows desktop that is presently charging my completely kick ass huge screened Android phone that I rooted and easily removed all the BS from.

While I am seemingly a single customer, I am also in charge of the purchasing for a large company. A company where I switched many of the execs and programmers to Apple. A switch that I am now reversing. Do I hate apple? Nope. The key is that Apple is no longer working for me, the devices that I bought weren't my servants, but little apple salesmen. Then there are things like XCode that was no longer really encouraging me to do things as a professional programmer, but trying to lock me into the apple ecosystem. Oddly enough this is why I originally left windows and microsoft. It was all about .net and getting me to become a sharepoint/MS salesmen. But now things like Visual Studio allow me to program for my Android and iOS just slick as can be. They are tools that work for me.

Can you imagine a carpenter who got a hammer that would only hammer mastercraft nails? Or a hammer that regularly missed the nail regardless of your skill with a hammer?

Comment Possible (Score 3, Interesting) 177

First, I'm sure there's lots of Open Source being used in Google's implementation - just not where we can see.

There is a speech recognizer from CMU that might be a good starting point. I haven't heard about plain-language software, though. There is additional rocket science to be done. Not insurmountable given things we've already done.

Training with millions of people? Actually, that's the part that community development is good at.

Comment Re: It's OK to Not Tolerate Inteolerance (Score 1) 632

If you surveyed how many citizens would support law against hate speech, it would probably be a significant number. And prospective citizens as well. So I don't think the problem with your proposal has anything to do with people in favor of shari'a law. It would not work with plain Judeo-Christian European European-descended folks.

Comment Re:So basically... (Score 1) 632

I've met Godwin and he'd be horrified that you are trying to shield Trump by invoking his name. The world doesn't need an automatic method to suppress discussion of atrocities, and Mike never meant what he said to be one. In fact, this is a quote of Mike directly:

If you're thoughtful about it and show some real awareness of history, go ahead and refer to Hitler or Nazis when you talk about Trump. Or any other politician.

Comment Re:It's OK to Not Tolerate Inteolerance (Score 1) 632

Your next move, should you choose to make it, is to decry that if we actually had standards for citizenship (like every other goddamn country on Earth) we'd have to kick out all existing citizens that don't meet those standards, which is ludicrous. No one handles birthright citizenship the same way they handle citizenship through naturalization, and the lack of options for stateless citizens makes that idea cruel and untenable.

With all due respect, you're talking to yourself now. I wasn't thinking of this point at all.

Comment Re:It's OK to Not Tolerate Inteolerance (Score 1) 632

The actual statement is "support and defend the constitution and laws of the United States". Now, obviously, you personally do not approve of every law, nor could anyone even know them all. If you swear "true faith and allegiance" to them you are swearing to follow and uphold the law, not to refrain from opposing it in a peaceful political manner as is supported by that very text. The only way as a citizen that you could actually break the first amendment would be if you were in a government position, because it's directed toward congress rather than the people. So, the typical prospective citizen can swear allegiance to that amendment with complete confidence that they will never be in a position for that to matter.

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