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Comment Re:"Five Tremendous Apple vs. Adobe Flash Myths" (Score 2, Insightful) 789

I read the linked article, and wow that guy sure has Apple on quite a high pedestal. I could probably use some more colourful language to describe his attitudes towards Apple, but I'm generally more polite than that. Seriously, read it yourself, it's hilarious. Also, in an attempt to spell in a pretentious manner, he used "lessor" instead of "lesser". A lessor is someone who leases, not, as he intended, the inferior.

Comment Re:David Lynch movie was innaccurate but was ART (Score 1) 589

Look at the multiple attempts to adapt Hitchhiker's Guide. It's been done as a radio show, BBC mini-series and a Hollywood movie - all failing in various degrees to capture the humor and fun of the four books of the "trilogy".

There are five books in the "increasingly inaccurately named" trilogy. And the radio show was the original form, the books were in fact adaptations of that (the first two anyway). Everything else came after the books, true, but Douglas Adams worked on all of them.

Comment I was there when GeoCities was acquired (Score 5, Funny) 427

I was working at yahoo in the early days and I got the job of working to integrate the stuff geocities was doing with some of our stuff. The moment I met them I was convinced these were the wrong sort of people to be working for yahoo. They developed on Windows by Crom! When anyone asks when yahoo started going downhill I point to the GeoCities acquisition.
Role Playing (Games)

Further Details On the Star Wars MMO 129

Now that the recent announcement about Star Wars: The Old Republic has had time to sink in, specific details about the game are beginning to come to light. Massively, in particular, has a variety of interviews and in-depth looks at the classes, the combat, and the setting of the game. "When you play like a Jedi from 1 to max, and then decide to start as a Sith, you won't see any content that will be the same." They also discuss the leveling, questing and companion characters. "We want you to think of them as actual companions on your journeys throughout the game. Your actions are going to change how your companion characters develop." Eurogamer is running a preview of the game, and a wiki has sprung up to catalog all of the new information. Other tidbits: support for Star Wars Galaxies will continue; the new game will be PC only; and LucasArts is hoping to snipe some of the World of Warcraft customer base.

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