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Comment Re:Not less valuable; possibly more. (Score 1) 227

Anyway, as for writing, it's like anything else on a computer. I don't think of it as "using a computer" - it's just a tool that lets me do what I want.

I think Dave Gorman's quote about trying to write a novel is quite apt:

"My computer is attached to the Internet. The Internet contains everything in the whole wide world ever. I don't know about you, but I sometimes find everything in the whole wide world ever to be a bit distracting."

I'd love to hear how other people work around this. Personally, I get almost all my fiction writing done using an eee PC while I commute to work and back by train. Using text mode only (vim in FreeDOS), my text editor takes up the full screen so there are no distractions.


Submission + - New petition to legalise filesharing in the UK (number10.gov.uk)

zoeblade writes: I've set up a petition asking to legalise the filesharing of copyrighted media in the UK. Even if it doesn't result in anything, it would be nice for less-than-technology-savvy politicians to realise that people do care about this stuff as much as the MPAA and RIAA. So far it has just over 75 signatures, but I'm sure the Slashdot crowd could help with that.

Comment Re:Trying to impress? (Score 1) 652

How about the even more simple explanation of just being distracted by the beautiful woman and imagining her naked with her legs wrapped around you is taking up all of your resources? "Trying to impress" doesn't need to come into it at all

Wait a minute, is that what men do when distracted by a beautiful woman? I'd assumed it was just infatuation, but do you actually picture such scenarios whenever you talk to someone you're attracted to? That sounds like an awfully resource draining thing to have to do all the time.

Comment Re:Why after? (Score 1) 652

I know a lot of women who dumb themselves down in the presence of a man they're interested in because they believe that men are intimidated by smart women.

Ah, but that's pretending to be less intelligent rather than genuinely being forgetful because you're besotted by someone.

Comment Transsexualism and choice (Score 1) 1091

Perhaps they don't choose their feelings, but surely surgery is a choice?

Oh, yes, hormone therapy, sex reassignment surgery, hair removal, voice exercises are all choices. But it's not like we have a relaxed attitude about it, like it's equivalent to a career choice or migrating or something like that. The transsexual suicide rate is apparently about 31%, which I believe is the highest amongst a minority group. (Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong here.) It's a serious medical condition.

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