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Submission + - Guvinator terminates Canadian camcording (

dottyslashdottydot writes: During Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit to Ottawa yesterday, it was confirmed that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be introducing a bill to make camcording in movie theatres illegal in Canada. However, people are sceptical that this will make little difference in the amount of pirated movies available. Doug Frith, president of the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association was quoted as saying that this "is really the first step — not only for the movie industry — where the government has shown it will seriously address the whole area of intellectual-property theft."

Submission + - India now a trillion dollar economy

zeluse writes: Propelled by growth in services and manufacturing sectors, coupled with an appreciating rupee, India's economy has swelled to a trillion dollars — making it only the 12th nation to reach this milestone. Only the US, Japan, Germany, China, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Brazil and Russia have breached the trillion-dollar GDP level in the past. ow-a-trillion-dollar-economy/
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Submission + - Al Gore talks about his book, confesses to read /.

An anonymous reader writes: Al Gore has come out with his new Book — The Assault on Reason, and has generated quite a media buzz. Everybody asking is he going to run for president, and one of the more interesting interviews is available at Politico — where he confesses to be occasionally reading Slashdot.

"[Mr. Gore] has a Google news page and regularly reads about two dozen sites that range from traditional outlets like USA Today as well as new media venues like, a technology site, and Huffington Post."

Al is also voicing himself in the upcoming Futurama movie.

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