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English DJ Claims Wi-Fi Allergy 515

path0$ writes "British Ex-DJ Steve Miller claims that his Wi-Fi allergy is making his life one big misery , forcing him to live in an iron-clad home far from any neighbors. According to the article, more and more people are suffering from an allergy like his. The only positive side to this is that at least Miller didn't think of suing anybody yet, like these people did, who claim to suffer from the same condition and were mentioned in a Slashdot article in 2008."
User Journal

Journal SPAM: Lookout, Gooks and Ragheads!

Romney is out!:

"In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror"

Look out peoples.

Goodbye to bad rubbish - meanwhile, McCaine is plotting with the Generals for perpetual, limited nuclear war on the Gooks and Coolies.


Submission + - Getting Gouged by Geeks (

dottyslashdottydot writes: CBC Marketplace recently ran a sting operation and discovered that most home computer repair technicians failed miserably at diagnosing a simple RAM failure. Many techs tried to sell unneccessary software or upgrades. (or even a new computer!) However, the worst offender was one guy who claimed that the hard drive had failed, and that the only remedy was to pay $2,000 to have a special facility with a clean room recover the data.
Data Storage

Submission + - Facebook quietly offers storage to developers (

Lucas123 writes: "Facebook has quietly started offering beta testers access to the latest version of a new storage service, according to Computerworld's Brian Fonseca. The wiki does warn users that the page is still in development and that users should make sure that data used in testing the service is properly backed up. Nick O'Neill, creator of the blogsite, said it would be "revolutionary" if the service is free."

Submission + - Guvinator terminates Canadian camcording (

dottyslashdottydot writes: During Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit to Ottawa yesterday, it was confirmed that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be introducing a bill to make camcording in movie theatres illegal in Canada. However, people are sceptical that this will make little difference in the amount of pirated movies available. Doug Frith, president of the Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association was quoted as saying that this "is really the first step — not only for the movie industry — where the government has shown it will seriously address the whole area of intellectual-property theft."

Submission + - Facebook, YouTube ban sweeping Canada

Steven Green writes: "Following the Ontario's government banning of facebook from over 60,000 provincial government workers, Canada's TD Bank and Toronto's municipal city government have now also banned the popular social networking website. "Facebook joins YouTube, online poker gambling websites and hardcore sex sites as verboten in any provincial government office across Ontario, said Government Services Minister Gerry Phillips.""

Submission + - Ten Games You Should Never Play Drunk

John writes: "Whether you're pounding some beers with friends at home, or capping off a night of drunken revelry, there are a few fun games that lose their appeal when your blood alcohol content grows. Here's some otherwise fun games that aren't recommended for when you're three sheets to the wind. ten-games-you-should-never-play-drunk&AFC-HSUIT&AT TR=DIGG"

Submission + - How hard is it to get a tech job in California?

An anonymous reader writes: I have recently moved from the UK to San Francisco and am trying to get a tech job here. My experience has been difficult. I've had some interviews, but I find that getting feedback just does not happen. One of the companies is a (well known company) that told me they would get back in a week. I heard nothing for a month. Emailing them has produced no response. I assume I did not get the job, but is this typical of how companies treat candidates?

I have also applied to lots positions and got no response at all. This has been direct through comany websites and through job sites.

I was wondering if others can provide some insight into what I am doing wrong?

To give a bit of background I've worked for 10yrs in IT in programming and application support/operations. I also have a degree in Comp Sci.

Submission + - Geek Squad fails, $415 charge. Linux recovers HD

An anonymous reader writes: Seems the Geek Squad and Best Buy horror stories never stop coming in. The latest is a piece over at the Consumerist where someone went to Geek Squad to attempt to recover data off a hard drive that apparently crashed. For $415 and 8 days of time, the Best Buy Geek Squad techs failed to recover any data from the drive. The author later tried to recover his data using a friend's Linux box and after 20 minutes, most of his data was recovered. After attempting to get a refund for something that the Geek Squad techs were unable to do, he only managed to get under 1/2 off the fees that he was charged... having to pay almost $250 for nothing.
Input Devices

Submission + - Brain/computer gaming interface coming in 2008?

An anonymous reader writes: Emotiv Systems today unveiled a brain/computer interface system with a helmet and software applications at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The Project Epoc system can move objects based on a gamer's thoughts, reflect facial expressions, and respond to the excitement or calm the gamer mentally exerts, the company said....While Emotiv is not yet ready to announce any partnerships, [they] did say the product will be coming to market in 2008.

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