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Comment Re:I can assure you... (Score 1) 642

Yeah, I agree with this general pattern. Most people don't care and just need to be able to shop the web, use email, and store a bunch of photos they'll most likely lose when the hard drive crashes. Hopefully they've subscribed to a cloud backup, or invested in one of those inexpensive USB drives as a backup. I just wish Windows had something as nice as Time Machine on OSX. Seems all the folks I advise get stuck on backup software, wind up installing something when I'm not around that usually includes some spyware disguised as anti-virus and the entire machine slows to a crawl.

Comment Nope (Score 4, Insightful) 139

Here's the deal -- it's interesting as a sample. You might extrapolate a lot from his data. For a better sample tools just aren't there, except are they? A smartphone knows everything about your habits. I have been tracking any walk, jog, cycle, hike, or paddle I take with an app on my smartphone for about two years. Guess what I found out? I don't care enough to do anything with the data. I'm fit, I'm healthy and happy, I'm not an obsessed athlete. I get the idea and the nerdgasm of data, but I it doesn't help me enjoy life more.

Comment Meanwhile? (Score 1) 222

> Meanwhile, Roku is gearing up for a $50M IPO, so this cord-cutting story is far from over." Wow! You mean Roku might be worth a speculative 50m? Apple has nearly a trillion dollars IN THE BANK. Think on that a moment. This post is junk. AppleTV has made an incremental step forward, not bad for a hobby.

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