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Comment Re:What the Idiotic Hell./ (Score 1) 355

But I'm sure you know more and better than the designers of the C# and Java languages.

The term that Anders Hejlsberg used was "C-like", which is a much weaker claim than "C-based" or "C derivative". I don't know that James Gosling claimed any similarity to C except for syntax.

I'm sure C++ is also not C based by your definition.

Of course not. C++ and Objective-C are absolutely C-based, in that they share semantics and are even backwards compatible with C. It would be fair to place D and Rust in the C family, too, as well as more obscure languages like NXC, Cyclone and Lite-C. (And that's not counting C's ancestors and close cousins like BCPL and Bliss.)

C# superficially looks like C, in the same way that Indonesian superficially looks like Latin. But Rust is a closer relative to C in the same way that Russian is a closer relative to Latin.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 213

What I'm saying is: this is a valuable attack surface for someone building a botnet. If most people use the GUI, then it won't matter that the scripts are clean if the GUI is dirty (obviously, just because a window that looks like a command prompt running scripts is displayed, that means nothing if it's all presented by the GUI).

There have been attempts to hijack Linux distros before, and hijacking Windows update is a key prize.

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 2) 139

The power costs of running your own little PC is gravely overblown. On the other hand, this takes everything out of your control and makes it dependent on any number of 3rd parties. Any one of them could fail.

One of the whole points of local content is that you can completely ignore any external network issues, like it not even being there.

Otherwise, you could just use Netflix and not bother with your own media in the first place.

Comment Re:Not a bad guess (Score 1) 163

Fungi it the great unknown. It could be as much as 25%. It's hard to find a good overall breakdown, even of just plankton.

What's scary is that among mammals, and land-based verterbrates overall, humans and their domestic animals are the majority of the biomass.

Yes, but my whole point is that's like 0.01% of biomass. Don't confuse the familiar with the important.

Add our machines, which an order of magnitude more active than we are.

Crops are similar, though they go the other way with oxygen. But even at 10x, it's still a rounding error.

Comment Re:Microsoft Update Catalog is my new hero (Score 1) 213

The attacker assured me "the GUI is really just a front end for some scripts". The attacker assured me the screen I see is "a standard command prompt where you can simply look at the screen and see its just calling the MSFT update servers".

This is the risk here. Has it been audited by security professionals? Do they have a process in place to discover that their code repo was hacked? The same applies to Linux distros, of course, where there have been issues (though few have been discovered).

To be fair, they're probably as secure as the MS bits they're built on, but still it's overall a sorry state of affairs.

Comment Re:What the Idiotic Hell./ (Score 1) 355

The world in which a language is said to be based on another if it shares a great deal of syntactic similarity.

Ah, I see. So C# is C-based in the same way that Farsi is Arabic-based, or Indonesian is Malagasy-based. Everything to do with superficial appearance and nothing at all to do with semantics.

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