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Submission + - Steve Jobs proposes spaceship campus in Cupertino (

An anonymous reader writes: Yesterday, Steve Jobs attended a city council meeting in Cupertino with a proposal to expand Apple‘s campus by putting 12,000 people in one new building.

While Jobs looked a little frail at the stand, he was on form to give a well-planned presentation (keynote?) trying to convince Cupertino to let him build a brand new campus down the road from Apple’s existing headquarters. The land is around 150 acres and used to belong to Hewlett-Packard. But Apple bought it as HP downsized and has had architects come up with a rather futuristic, spaceship-like building.

As you can see from the drawings in the video, this is a rather unique and special building. Apple has used its growing expertise in glass production to create a structure with no flat surfaces. It is one big curve. Also commendable is the fact the site will have its vegetation increased from 20% to 80% even though a huge building is being added.

The reason for the new building proposal is because Apple is growing fast. The current campus can hold 2,600 people, but Apple has gone way beyond that and rents several buildings in the surrounding area. The company wants and needs that to change that situation, but they also want to stay in Cupertino, so this new campus is the solution.

Submission + - Political Party act as new ISP for The Pirate Bay (

An anonymous reader writes: After the recent verdict by a German judge vs. the old ISP of the famous torrent site The Pirate Bay, TPB now has a new host: The Swedish Pirate Party

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