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Comment Re:How much of the cheater is in the filler classe (Score 2) 333

Oh wow, you can talk with a lot more people! I sure feel a lot better about my education stalling. I bet that's what colleges have in mind when they shove courses down our throats that will never be remembered because we only have enough motivation to cram a day before the test and forget it. There's no way it has anything to do with the revenue that they gain from tuition.

Seriously, if I want to learn about history, I'm old enough to research on my own. Colleges are there to confirm that you have the proper knowledge/aptitude within your given field, not make up for a shitty public education system.

Comment Great (Score 1) 293

Not that I'm unhappy with the decision, but now when people in the US propose it, they can say "*gasp*! That's communism! Just look, Russia is doing it!" And of course, any attempt to point out that it's been a capitalist country will be in vain.

Comment Re:Seriously (Score 1) 313

China's brand of socialism is bullshit. It's plain fascism...

China is a de-facto capitalist country, I hate how people still call the country socialist/communist when they have less industry regulations than the US. Also, Communism has nothing to do with despotism. It's the polar opposite in fact, with the elimination of capital gain to remove the accumulation of power (which is why Karl Marx had en element that could accumulate power removed from each stage of governmental principal).

Comment Re:Actually work in the adult industry (Score 4, Insightful) 163

This is one of the few "wall of text" posts that I've clicked "read the rest of this comment" to. I suggest everyone else do that same as well, as this is definitely the most informative/insightful post listed here, and I wish they had a hard-to-achieve +6 in the Slashdot system so this would be the most apparent, because it would deserve it.

Comment To all complainers: why not counter-troll? (Score 1) 51

The editors most likely read comments, so why not counter-troll instead of feeding them? I'll start:

There is no way this system would work. I can see large-scale disasters caused by smudges being erroneously generated. No to mention that our current market is run by advertisements. Don't you think that of all ads were blocked, IP would be worthless? Then the US would slowly get poorer as our lack of foresight is clouded by individual gain. This kind of behaviour has to stop.

(note to all wise-asses, yes I know the "YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE TROLLED" method of trolling isn't effective, but I'm just getting the ball rolling)

Comment Re:!ultra (Score 2) 147

I've bothered to actually watch the fine video, and the movements are still on the near side of the creepy valley.

Saying that it's a bit creepy is like saying that Nazis are a bit anti-semitic. If I saw that thing in my room I wouldn't rest until a priest douses its ashes with holy water.

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