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Comment 3rd Party Clearing Houses (Score 1) 556

It's not necessary that encrypted traffic be "pierceable". It's that the Govt will mandate that all traffic go through 3rd party (man in the middle) clearing houses. These companies will store the data encrypted and only decrypt it when issued a court order. So any point to point encrypted traffic will likely be illegal; and if possible blocked from occurring. Yuk..

Comment Re:theater (Score 1) 1003

I think that the consensus is that a conversation with a passenger is different from that with some one on the phone - as the passenger is aware of the same environment and you both automatically adjust the tone/pace of the conversation depending on the current conditions. I.E. the passenger will generally keep quiet when you are performing a complex maneuver. That is not to say that passengers can not be a distraction, just that in general a phone conversation is a worse distraction that most passengers.

I would agree with you about the passengers being aware and automatically adjusting the conversation if they are adults who drive as well. But try getting your kids to stop chattering at you is quite another thing.

Comment 120 (Score 1) 264

I telecommute 100%. My coworkers are all over the world. We use IM, Email and phone as appropriate. We commonly elevate text threads on IM or Email to a phone calls. Once the phone call is complete, we may follow up the conversation with written specs etc if necessary.

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