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Submission + - Internet Explorer use below 55% (infoworld.com)

rfc1394 writes: "Infoworld reports in this article "Internet Explorer's market share continues to drop like a rock. Net Applications published its numbers for May, and Internet Explorer's total share declined yet again, from 55.11 percent in April (see note at bottom) to 54.27 percent in May, a drop of 0.84 basis point in one month. Contrast that with Google's Chrome, which rose from 11.94 percent in April to 12.52 percent in May, an increase of 0.58 basis point. In the past year, IE's share of browser usage has dipped from 60.32 percent to 54.27 percent." So the article asks the question, "How long before IE usage drops below 50%?""

Submission + - Google bans tethering app from Android Market (paul-robinson.us)

rfc1394 writes: "In an article in Infoworld, apparently Google's supposed openness has ended, as it has banned an application from its Android Market. "WiFi Tether for Root Users, an application developed by Seth Lemons and a partner, has been banned from the market for violating the developer distribution agreement. The application lets users connect their G1 Android phones via Wi-Fi to their laptops and then access the Internet from the laptop using the phone's cellular connection." Apparently this functionality violates T-Mobile's terms of service. The Android Market was apparently very open, the only requirement being to submit a $25 fee to be included, as opposed to the more stringent requirements for Apple's store."

Submission + - Correction to URL in a slashdot published story

rfc1394 writes: "This article: http://politics.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=09/01/06/2342251

has this text "not to mention Pandora and Radio Paradise. NewYorkCountryLawyer adds"

The text for "NewYorkCountryLawtyer" goes to this link: http://recordingindustryvsgeneral.blogspot.com/

which is invalid and should be http://recordingindustryvspeople.blogspot.com/"
Wireless (Apple)

Submission + - AT&T to offer no-contract iPhone (infoworld.com) 1

rfc1394 writes: "While the regular price of an iPhone is $199 if you take a 2-year contract with AT&T, if you're willing to pay a lot more you can get one without a contract. This article in Infoworld mentions that "Freedom will come with a price — $599 for an 8GB device and $699 for a 16GB — but this will mark the first time consumers in the United States are able to buy an iPhone without being tied down to a two-year contract. The phone probably would still be locked for use only on AT&T's network, said Jupiter Research analyst Michael Gartenberg. But buyers could choose a pay-as-you-go plan for voice service." The question still remains, does it make any sense to pay that much for a phone that is still locked to AT&T's network even if you aren't bound to a contract?"

Submission + - Correction to posted story Stanford's New Website (slashdot.org)

rfc1394 writes: "In the article beginning "An anonymous reader writes to tell us that Stanford has a new website that not only shows you how cool their new 3-d modeling system is, but actually allows you to give it a try with your own photos. The system can take a 2-d still image and estimate a detailed 3-d structure which you can navigate." the link I have indicated in bold goes to a 403 forbidden page. The correct link it should go to is this one."

Submission + - Down Under: Use an iPod, go to jail?

rfc1394 writes: "In this article, the Sydney Morning Herald reports proposed changes to Australia's copyright laws could so lower the standard of proof in copyright infringement cases by making posession of a device which can infringe copyright even if you were unaware you were doing so to be a crime. Virtually any device that can easily reproduce copyrightable material, such as a camera cell phone, an iPod or any MP3 player which is used to, say, load tracks from a CD even if the CD was legally purchased, "would constitute an indictable offense" of criminal copyright infringement with huge fines (AU$65,000, almost exactly US$50,000) and jail time of up to 5 years. Wonder how long before this sort of stunt is tried here in the U.S., after all, as Ayn Rand said in "Atlas Shrugged", if you don't have enough conscript labor in jails, change the laws to make more people into criminals."

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