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Comment start with blackburn and Flake (Score 3, Informative) 205

This is the rep that is pushing this; Marsha Blackburn.
And here is the Senator pushing this;

Anybody who is represented by these ppl should let them know that the internet is waiting to know all about them AND THEIR FAMILY, including kids and grandkids.

Comment Add SSN and it is a deal (Score 2) 205

Seriously, we need to get the address, family info , and SSN as well.
That will make these GOP rethink what they are doing.

And if at all possible, lets find out what businesses these GOP own and interact with. It could an interesting source of money for them.

Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 114

It's the grand story of consoles. Nintendo ate Atari's lunch, then turned into Atari. Sony swooped in and ate Nintendo's lunch, then turned into Nintendo. Microsoft swooped in and took a big bite of Sony's lunch, then turned into Sony. Sony figured this out, swooped right back in.

Comment Re:You don't want this to succed (Score 1) 342

Heh, I remember getting a copy of Solaris, oh, 16 or 18 years ago, they were doing a giveaway sort of thing.

Anywho, I really enjoyed reading the release notes and user agreement; notes about increasing TCP windows to deal with satellite communication, stern warnings that the software was not to be used in nuclear power stations, missile guidance or other weapons systems, I think on submarines.....

Comment he is looking at it wrong (Score 1) 103

While the GOP continue to waste money on the SLS/Orion debacle, they are also continuing funding for new space, though it was left open.
If money is spent on multiple private space stations, along with sending us to the moon VIA NEW SPACE, then it will allow for the infrastructure to be put in place and the price for launches, space operations, etc to drop. And a once a month launch of the BFR to the moon/space would help him far more than direct cash will.

Comment Re:Honest question: what is the best... (Score 1) 104

Yeah, weirdly the least compatible Windows tablet was created by Microsoft themselves. The original Surface ran the more proprietary "Windows RT" which did not support the full Windows runtime.

That said, it is yet unknown what restrictions the upcoming "Cloud Edition" of Windows 10 will have. A leaked build seems to indicate this will at least optionally lock a device to the app store only, but it is unclear what types of devices this will be targeted at and whether that limitation can be disabled.

Comment Re:Honest question: what is the best... (Score 1) 104

Like I said, it depends largely on what your requirements are. We live in an age where a serviceable notebook computer can be had for $200 and a $50 Fire or Nook is actually a pretty solid choice for basic tasks.

With Windows you also have a far more standardized architecture, with updates being provided directly by the software vendor rather than needing to be customized by each manufacturer. Upgrading the little Stream 7 tablet that I picked up for $49 a couple years back to Windows 10 worked fine. Hardly a speed demon, but still usable.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend going extreme budget, but I also wouldn't recommend against it for someone with modest needs.

Comment Re:Self-incriminating password. (Score 1) 520

I believe the legal counter to this which is slowly starting to emerge is 'We're not ordering you to divulge your password. We're ordering you to decrypt the drive. We quite specifically don't want, or need, your password, nor do we care if the drive is encrypted with a passphrase, biometrics, physical token, whatever. We're just ordering you to decrypt it.'

Much like your 'papers' are immune to unreasonable search and seizure, but are subject to reasonable search and seizure, i.e. with a duly sworn out warrant and all that, so are your digital papers. I think this is the correct result.

I believe that, if the cops find a file in a locked file cabinet, said file being labelled 'Plans to murder my wife' and full of, well, plans to murder your wife, you don't get to have them declared inadmissible under the fifth; you get to refuse to answer questions like 'did you create these plans' and 'did you carry out these plans.' Seems to me that a directory full of documents, said directory being labelled 'plans to kill my wife' would be treated the same.

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