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Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 165

major career training

College is not on the job training It never has been. It never will be. If you want career training they have those, they're coincidentally called trades.

College will not teach you C. College will teach you the theory behind C.

learned about writing software

Because if a CS curriculum spends any time on how to write software you're in the wrong place. The largest complaint I hear out of CS and Engineering students is they feel like they were sold something else. College is NOT a 4 year degree on how to write Python and C. (or what ever else you want to learn).

Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 2) 165

I found For Profit there is less hand holding in teaching on how to use the app but covering theory and concepts are hard.
For NFP the theory and concepts are easier but getting them on different tools and showing them when you need to break the rules gets harder.

Broken down it's the technicians vs the engineers.

The "For Profit" colleges filled a niche which was the fact that we forgot about the skilled trades in the US. Everything taught at ITT tech is a trade option in Germany. You don't need 4 years of theory you need a hands on approach to learning what you need to know to get the job done.

"Not for profit" colleges are how they've always been, theory based academia. If you don't want to learn the theory and learn stuff unelated ("well rounded student") then college isn't for you, try a trade.

Both are equally important jobs. But they're separate. You don't hire an electrician when you need an electrical engineer and you don't hire an electrical engineer when you need an electrician.

The same applies to computer based jobs. Despite what eveyone says on Slashdot a handfull of "code bootcamp" would do wonders in some organizations. If HR hands me another CS graduate that can tell me the *theory* behind Python's design and not actually write Python I'm going to raise hell again.

Comment Re:Two comments (Score 1) 113

The sturdy ol' whistling tea kettle from 1972 may be blackened but it still functions perfectly!

Because all the ones that failed from 1972 got thrown away. Survivorship bias.

While others are busy installing updates and removing viruses and cookies from the kettle,

Not if it was designed correctly.

Comment Re:Kitchen IoT (Score 1) 113

You have to start somewhere. 90% of the stuff I see coming to the kitchen is still pieced together as wires. It's companies scrambling to find a market for their old appliances without asking what people need. Get a bunch of cheap dev kits to aspiring cooks that can program and see what shakes out in 5-10 years. I just got MicroPython on a $3 board. That's damn amazing in my book growing up longing for a dev kit I could afford on my birthday money.

The IoT can do that, and more. You pull a frozen turkey from the freezer, put it into the cooking appliance. It weighs it, texts you asking how you want it done and then ramp soaks the perfect cooking profile and you get a text message when it's done. All of the pieces exist they just need pieced together.

Compare 'now' to 1980s. This all is going to look that much different in 2052.

Comment Re:Two comments (Score 4, Interesting) 113

It's coming. Just like self driving cars.

I scoffed at the whole thing too since I did it a decade ago. A SheevaPlug (long before Pi came out) and a $70 relay board shipped from Austrailia and I had Text, Web and E-mail control of my HVAC system. It was a boring 1.0 but it worked for 2 years.

I put it all off and went about my life and started to get back into it and they've improved a lot in 8 years and in another 8 it'll be ubiquitous. 80% of the lights we use every day are on Z-wave. As are locks. HVAC looks to be a RS485 (It's finally made it to residential) and Alexa. We bought the Echo as a 'eh we'll try it out' and it's become a centerpiece to parts of our house. It's convenient and is actually a timesaver. If your hands are covered in chicken from cooking you can set a timer, turn off the lights, and turn to NPR. There's a Jeopardy app that is pretty terrible but a decent beta of what it is capable of.

Yeah, I know you're listening NSA. You can go fuck yourselves on here too. It's not like it's hard to get out of her range. And if the NSA could decipher twice what she could they'd still know nothing.

That said she still has *a lot* of bugs. We'd pay in a heartbeat to upgrade to something that could understand better. But I don't want it for the house, I want it for the office and the shop. "Alex^H^H^H^H Jarvis, order new oil filters". Jarvis what is the volume of the object I'm holding? Jarvis where are the kids. Jarvis start the oven....

If you're a privacy nut there will be a FOSS version that is N-1.5 versions older than what Amazon, Google or Apple are offering. They're already out there. The only thing that's not self hosted right now is Alexa. A Wand board in the basement is running the house. The house has a home page where I can check all the locks, doors kill the lights and check security cameras. Something that would have taken 45 minutes to do before bed I can pull up and check. 45 minutes saved to do *other* things.

And yes, old tea kettles are fine, if you have the exact same rigid schedule. With Alexa and some Arduino you could say "Earl Grey, Hot" and have it ready in a few minutes. Or just start when you are on your way to the office so it's ready.

The entire kitchen is due for an overhaul. Every appliance there has pretty much a hysteresis bang bang controller, it's off or on. It's inefficient and has poor temp control. Could you imagine if your car's cruise control controller was as bad as your oven temp? Everything from opening the door to how stuff cooks is a first order thermo transfer function any sophomore ME could do better. Between the microwave, oven, toaster and/or toaster oven you should be able to make a highly controlled easy bake style oven that would cover the needs of 80% of american kitchens.

And the point isn't that it saves YOU the 0.1$ a week. It's that it saves 300,000,000M people 0.1$. Tiny savings add up when you scale. Semi manufacturers will fight over 0.1MPG savings per truck when talking to Walmart and other fleet operators.

And if you want to live in the woods and rub two sticks together you can still do that. Amish were left be. No one is going to steal your tea kettle. I can still find VCRs on sale in the store, you'll find your tea kettle too.

Comment Turnabout is Fair Play. (Score 3, Interesting) 826

As long as Hillary wants to 'correct the record' Trump gets his online engine too. The DNC's youth (and staying power online) was mostly behind the Bernie campaign. Any attempt by Hillary to 'connect to the youth' has backfired terribly. Most recently in her Between Two Ferns interview.

After some 'incidents' the high schools around here let students know that their first amendment rights didn't go to football games. Some photo of a bunch of teens with a trump banner saluting. It went 'viral' in this region. If I had to guess knowing teens they're Trump because their parents are "Anyone but". A lot of the 4chan, "shit posting" youth of 2016 is behind Trump and it shows on Reddit (Where there's a strong correlation to "Red Pillers"). [And consequently a lot of Bernie teens because their parents are Trumpers].

It's 21st century political satire. If the memes were in the NY Times as a political cartoon it would be ignored.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 1) 381

I'm not interested in people feeling

See, there you go again. Your position on facts/feelings changes depends on *your* feelings.

Safe spaces are absolutely vital

But the facts about safe spaces don't back that up. It didn't even take a separate comment thread for you to "argue that feelings are more important than facts now".

and thus you need places where people can safely discuss controversial ideas.

Which is the exact opposite of a safe space.

You are not entitled to be part of every conversation.

Tell me more of your feelings on the matter.

Comment Re:Popcorn. (Score 2, Insightful) 381

and go with their feelings.

But when presented with matters of social justice, "women in the work force", safe spaces and all of the rest of your rhetoric you "reject expect advice and facts and go with [your] feelings"?

GOP politicians have even started arguing that feelings are more important than facts now,

I'm just going to bookmark this comment for the next time you want a safe space for you and your cohort's feelings.

Clinton screwed up

everything she's touched back to before Bill was a governor?

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