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Comment Re:Thank goodness (Score 1) 77

- Podesta in constant danger of somebody proving what "pizza" he's talking about

It's entertaining watching the 13 year old 4Chan/The_Donald not understand why anyone would talk about Pizza that much.

It's fairly evident they've never worked in an office. I'd say a good 80% of my work related e-mails are "WTF are we going to eat lunch on Friday".

Comment Re:Most talked about (Score 1) 77

It'll never change. Short of what ever causes the USA's* end we're never going to end first past the post or expand to 5-10 parties like Europe has.

* We're barely teens on the timescale of nations. The people that honestly think the USA is the most amusing country ever and will last for ever have never opened a history book.

Comment Re:Keep me busy blocking all the stupid posts (Score 1) 77

I never dealt with comments in the general. However with how I was treated by HRC supporters, after the primary was over I wiped it all. Facebook 2016 wasn't anything like Facebook 2006 or the Facebook 2004 I joined. It had become the lowest common denominator and was more or less subscribing to "Forwards from ultra conservative Grandma" and then both sides yelling at each other talking past each other.

I honestly don't miss it. I don't miss reading the random ass comments or links from people I cursorily knew. I have the pull power of a grand child to get my mother and MIL onto another service.

The hardest part is unlearning the muscle memory I have from sitting down at a computer and opening Reddit, Slashdot and Facebook tabs.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 4, Insightful) 777

The fascinating part is that we now know you don't actually have to be very bright to do brain surgery.

No, you have to be very intelligent. You spend a good chunk of your life learning about nothing but brain surgery.

The opportunity cost being that you don't have that time to spend on learning other things.

He might be a good brain surgeon, but I wouldn't let him fix my computer, tune my car, or hem my pants. And I sure as shit wouldn't let him "educate me" on what the pyramids of Egypt were built for.

Why would you? What ever made you think you could trust a doctor with a computer?

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