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Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 764

Egand not this again, it has been proven false so many times that the you have to be rather stupid to keep posting it.
The money amount is wrong, the time frame is wrong, they ignored taxes, they ignored that he gave away and splits of that money.
Start thinking for yourself! What you are cut/pasting says he is worth $100M yet he is called a billionaire that should make something click that what you are being feed is incorrect.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 764

If she becomes President she could take away that Overcharge button she gave to the Russians year ago.
That thing is rather powerful with it they have invaded the Ukraine and basically annexed parts of it, they have tried to provoke NATO members, and have attacked forces friendly to the US and opposing forces friendly to Russia and had the US President smile and accept it.

Comment Re:thats (Score -1, Troll) 205

Don't forget the lawsuits for Clinton university.
Also that the clintons were is so bad a financial shape that if they had any businesses or any source they personally created for income they would of had to plead bankruptcy, that is according to hillary.
Doesn't make the things about Trump false but since you have such a small window that you are judging the candidates on you might as well stop wearing blinders.

Comment Re:as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 1) 248

for silicon valley employers.

Then it sounds like you're insisting on a geographical area to find a job and blaming the job market on the lack of jobs. People that want to be crab boat deckhands don't go to Arizona.

I tossed a few key words & technologies into Indeed and had 0 problems finding available positions around Farmington Hills, MI. (The only geographic area I decided to search).

All of those have direct need for C skills and in addition (based on where I've worked with those skills) need people that can do everything you listed. All of these companies have a shortage of engineers that can do what you listed and are looking for them (and willing to pay them). There were 21 jobs RTOS within 25 miles of Farmington Hills starting $110k

And that is one job skill set within one geographic area (That isn't Silicon valley). I can repeat those job searches across the country.

I'm over 50 and that's a major 'problem'

I work with 50+ engineers all the time. Some of them 'recently' hired. It has nothing to do with age.

that's not the issue and it never was.

Yes. It's people that insist on looking in a very small geographic area that has a flood of people wanting to live there. Driving the job market out from under people also wanting to live there. You think your grandfather got to turn down jobs from the CCC because "eh, I really don't want to get bussed into a different city during the depression. Can't you just let me work here?"

Seriously, I'm having a hard time not finding any jobs on Indeed. $100-$130k. Experience in GUI/applications development in C#, C++, and VB6. Experience working with TCP/IP and automotive protocols (CAN, J1850, etc.) Some knowledge of embedded systems. Any experience in CAN diagnostics is a plus.

This leads us to one of a few conclusions:

  • Your insistence to live Earhquake Zone is stronger than your want to get a job.
  • You really aren't as skilled as you say you are.

Comment Re:Am I that out of touch? (Score 3, Informative) 382

So we have a democratic VP that is pro TPP and has no problem with Americans that can't find jobs.

We have a GOP candidate's daughter that more or less pitched parental rights, and they applauded it. Then a GOP candidate that came out against TPP. WTF is going on with this race.

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