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Submission + - China's Alibaba Interested In Buying Yahoo (itworld.com)

jfruhlinger writes: "Alibaba is a company that most Americans probably haven't heard of, but it's a hugely important Internet player in China, owning the Yahoo! China site as well as a host of other marketplace Websites. It's 40 percent owned by Yahoo, but now, in what seems a bit like a snake eating its own tail, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma has declared his interest in buying the embattled Internet portal outright."
Open Source

Submission + - Sony Ericsson Helps Out FreeXperia Developers (itproportal.com)

hypnosec writes: Smartphone maker Sony Ericsson has decided to work closely with developers creating custom Android ROM for devices in order to learn from them. The company said in a blog post that it has decided to support an open source developer group called ‘FreeXperia’, which creates custom Android ROMs based on the CyanogenMod for several Sony Ericsson phones like the Xperia ARC and Play. Sony Ericsson maintained that it does not approve some of the work carried out by independent developers but was keen to work with developers who were developing custom ROMs.

Submission + - IT Inferno: The Nine Circles Of IT hell (infoworld.com)

snydeq writes: "InfoWorld's Dan Tynan takes us on a tour of the nine circles of IT hell, a place 'not unlike the underworld described by Dante in his Divine Comedy.' 'But here, in the data centers, conference rooms, and cubicles, the IT version of this inferno is no allegory. It is a very real test of every IT pro's sanity and soul,' Tynan writes. From IT limbo, to tech lust, to stakeholder gluttony, to tech-pro treachery, the IT inferno is not buried deep within the earth, it's just down the hall. 'Thankfully, as in Dante's poetic universe, there are ways to escape the nine circles of IT hell. But IT pro beware: You may have to face your own devils to do it. Shall we descend?'"

Submission + - Best cellphone to buy? 1

An anonymous reader writes: I'm suddenly in the market for a new cellphone, but I'm unsure what to buy. I'm tired of dealing with locked down phones (iPhone, I'm looking at you), but I want a good smart phone. I know that HTC is shipping an unlocked phone, but I don't know how good it is. Here is what I want to do with it:

1) Must work in the US, on T-Mobile's network. Ideally able to work around the world, but T-Mobile is all I need.
2) MUST be unlocked so I can program for it! I plan on programming for it, so if it isn't open I can't use it. I don't need to worry about a plan as I already have one, and I'm just going to switch my SIM card into it; that means I'm open to suggestions for phones that T-Mobile doesn't sell (as long as they work with it). This also means that the manufacturer has to have some reasonable support for programming for it. I'll even accept sshing into it, and programming from a terminal on it. Which brings up point 3...
3) Ideally, has a terminal application on it with ssh. If it doesn't have it, I want to be able to load it onto there. I'd like to both be able to ssh from my phone into my server, and ssh from my laptop to my phone.

If anyone has any other features that they think a phone needs to have, put it in the comments as well. Maybe Slashdot will turn it into a poll for what you want in a good phone too.

Submission + - Amazon closest to buying Palm from HP (venturebeat.com)

mikepost writes: Who will save what’s left of Palm from HP’s bumbling? It could be Amazon, as the online retailing giant is in serious negotiations to snap up Palm from HP, VentureBeat has learned.

A well-placed source tells us that HP is currently looking to rid itself of Palm as soon as possible, and that Amazon is the closest to finalizing the deal, among a handful of contenders.


Submission + - Italian Company Seeks To Stop Microsoft and Skype (activepolitic.com)

bs0d3 writes: A company called Messagenet has filed a complaint to the EU commission about Microsoft's merger with Skype. Messagenet is seeking an injunction to stop Microsoft from bundling Skype with Windows. Anti-trust lawyers think that Messagenet's case has a good chance to proceed. Messagenet owner Andrea Galli, says the merger would increase Skype's dominant position in the market of Internet telephone services and thinks that "the primary effect of the merger will be to exclude potential competitors from the market."

Submission + - Team Fortress 2 goes free to play (steampowered.com)

An anonymous reader writes: With the new update the Valves popular shooter Team Fortress 2 goes Free to Play on Steam. All revenue for the game from now on will be made from the store in-game.

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 398

Exactly, every time I go to a shop at least 1/3 of the portable computers sold are netbooks. With prices about half of the cheapest 14"+ laptops they are very good choice in a poor European country, and perhaps in many other parts of the world. And unlike spartphones, netbooks are real computers that can be actively used for many hours both for creating and consuming content.

Submission + - Kids Hacking Conference raises BIG questions (i-programmer.info)

mikejuk writes: A Reuters news item "Forget Spy Kids, try kiddie hacker conference" has been widely circulated on the Internet, attracting a lot of attention on the strength of its title. The story, that an event for 8-16 year olds is being organized alongside Defcon 19, also led to some concern being raised on the Defcon Forums -
"Has Defcon really become tame enough so that 8-16 year olds won't be traumatized by what they see?"
So kids at Defcon? Good, bad or irrelevant? And is the old guard simply afraid of the kids and perhaps also what they might do?


Submission + - Indie Game: The Movie (arstechnica.com)

eldavojohn writes: For the acclaimed independent games out there, not a whole lot is known about how much time the developers sink into those titles. If EA is forcing its legions of employees into insanely long shifts, what must a handful of people go through to release even the smallest of titles? Well, two independent film makers named James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajo have tried to capture that in a film called Indie Game: The Movie. The documentary with artsy shots showcases titles in progress while simultaneously telling the success stories of Braid and Super Meant Boy. The trailer shows promise for a heart wrenching story of failure and success in what is undoubtedly an extremely difficult task.
Data Storage

Submission + - How to recover a partially overwritten file

Tolar writes: "Yesterday I managed to overwrite an 11GB file with a 24kB one (forgetting to change the output filename when using mencoder [mencoder -o Filename.avi Filename.avi ]). I did try it with foremost but as I feared it cannot find it since the first couple of kB are overwritten already. Now setting aside that it is stupid that mencoder lets you do this in the first place does anyone know if there's some way to recover this from my ext3 filesystem — without a lot of effort since it's only a TV-recording (of a live-show but still not important enough to warrant hours and hours of work). I did poke around with debugfs a bit, but since it is not just a case of a file accidentally rm'd I cannot see any inodes marked as deleted that I could then try to recover."

Submission + - US ISPs, Big Content Reaching Antipiracy Agreement (cnet.com)

Chaonici writes: The word on cnet is that an antipiracy agreement between a number of ISPs (including Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast) and the RIAA & MPAA is nearing completion. Under the agreement, ISPs will step up their responses to copyright infringement complaints against subscribers. If a subscriber accumulates enough complaints, the ISP can throttle their bandwidth, limit their Web access to only the top 200 websites, and/or require participation in a "copyright awareness" program that explains the rights of content creators. ISPs and rights holders will share the costs of the system. Ars Technica confirms the story with notes from an industry source, who mentions that the Obama administration is "generally supportive" of the agreement.

Submission + - Team Fortress 2 now free-to-play ! (gamerpeek.com)

querbeet writes: In an interview with Team Fortress 2 developer Robin Walker says that the company has decided to make the popular class-based shooter completely free-to-play...

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