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Comment Re:How is this legal for them? (Score 1) 292

Actually, to the average person who is ignorant of the nuances of copyright law, I can fully understand the connection being made between file sharing and public libraries. What, that download was a lost sale? How wasn't it a lost sale when I checked the book/movie/game out of the library and read/watched/played it?

Comment Full-disk encryption? (Score 4, Informative) 295

EFF posted an article about full-disk encryption (FDE) in Ubuntu 12.10 and how easy it is to set up through ubiquity, the application used to install Ubuntu. The article also mentions that the next version of Mint, which is based on Ubuntu and therefore uses ubiquity for installation, should have the same easy FDE option.

FDE is good for privacy and security; as EFF's article notes, having it be as simple as possible to set up can only be a good thing. If this new version of Linux Mint features this FDE option, I will strongly consider switching to it, and will certainly try it out at the very least.

Comment Re:surprise!? (Score 1) 172

"You're going to need one pretty soon when they start ramping down the amount of electricity you're 'allowed' to use."

Will that be before or after the lizard men activate the mind control chips that we all got with our flu shots?

Or do you actually have electricity rationing in Australia?

Comment Re:Batshit Crazy! (Score 2, Insightful) 680

I don't buy that. The contents of my speech do not make me liable for the actions of others in response to that speech. It's not my problem if Muslim extremists (and even some non-extremists) are insane enough to react violently to something that offends their religious belief. They wouldn't get away with it here in the US, so don't try to excuse it elsewhere.

Comment Re:Anyone else have good experience with Logitech? (Score 1) 205

My Logitech Illuminated Keyboard is wonderful, but it has a few keys that have mysteriously stopped working. Google has thoroughly failed me in diagnosing the issue, and because of how the keyboard is built, I can't take it apart or take any keys off without risking damage.

It has made me rather unhappy with Logitech. My next keyboard might be a different brand.

Comment Re:ICE is the least of your concerns (Score 1) 252

> It's not like running thousands of Tor nodes could help you spy on Tor users or anything, right?

Actually, it really wouldn't. Snooping on the traffic that runs through your exit node doesn't help you identify its source, as all you'll see is the IP address of the relay node that delivered the traffic to you. You would have to control every node in a chain, or at least a great deal of them, in order to begin to have a chance of identifying a Tor user, and since each chain of nodes is randomized for each connection, I highly doubt any organization in the world could pull this off.

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