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Comment Re:There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 209

How do I run MS Office and Adobe CC on that?

Well if you have to "run MS Office and Adobe CC" then I feel sorry for you. However if you need to run an office suite that includes a text processor, spreadsheet, presentation and vector drawing, and a photo editing software, then the suggestion of GP is not without merit.

Comment Re:Isn't it obvious why they're doing this? (Score 1) 275

Microsoft wants to make using older versions of Windows as annoying as possible for IT departments, to try to push us to move to Windows 10.

So they think, that people who do not like forced updates and telemetry will resolve the problem by upgrading to Windows 10? That does not make sense.

Comment Re:who wants it? (Score 2) 400

working with an object-oriented terminal is immensely more preferable to having to wrangle text.

You would need to have the objects first. On windows you have objects representing registry keys, services, users, installed packages, processes, scheduled tasks, shares, office documents, etc. etc. - Powershell gets the power from that. And in order to be similarly powerful on Linux, it would need to have bindings for all that on Linux. Somehow I doubt that.

Comment Re:I wish they could do that for news... (Score 1) 330

Because it's so easy to fact-check nowadays.

The Krym annexation, unrest at Maidan in Ukraine, conflict in Donetsk, coup in Turkey - this is happening less than 2000km from me. And I have hard time doing any fact checking.

There are conspiracies and propaganda everywhere. Infiltrated social networks, state sponsored shills, ... It is easy to pick sides. But really doing fact checking is difficult.

How do you know whether this image of the BUK system in Donetsk is true? You would have to be familiar with the location to recognize the aerial view. You would have to be aerial reconnaissance expert to identify the vehicle. You would have to have access to the history of movements of the military personnel in the area. And of course you would have to be able to check that the image was not doctored. Or you could stand on that street next to the vehicle when the picture is taken. That allows you to check facts, but then you have to convince others. Your close friends may trust you, but with each degree of separation the trust gets weaker.

Sometimes I think about what I would do to convince the world, that something that I saw is true. Something like cryptographic photo authentication might help - but we had a discussion about that before and it does not work.

Comment Re:Can I sue the government for drug smuggling? (Score 1) 225

Unlike the popular Slashdot opinion I am all for Intellectual Property rights ...

I don't think that Slashdot readers want to abolish Intellectual Property rights completely. We just want reasonable terms. Start with copyright duration. Author's death + 70 years would be ridiculous if it wasn't true.

Comment Re:Why Slashdot doesn't do Unicode (5:erocS) (Score 1) 68

I followed the link. And IMHO the approach taken to deal with the problem is epitome of " throw the baby out with the bathwater".

But OK, if we are, after 14 years, still worried about this problem, then I suggest (hey whipsplash!) to review the whitelisted characters and add whatever screwed "Gray's Anatomy" and "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" in this post - I guess it's "'right single quotation mark U+2019".

(note to self: write down other instances of this problem when I see them).

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