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Comment Re:"We're" loosing it? (Score 1) 374

Utility is almost never the same provider as telecoms. And there are almost always multiple communications providers. Satellite exists. Wireless mobile service exists. Add cable and POTS and that's 3 or 4 available in lots of places. There are more options if you are creative or motivated.

For electric, there's grid, solar, generator. The grid provider is regulated.

This isn't a single offer. Do you pay a single bill? No.

And unless that's your family land you inherited from your ancestors, you chose to live there.

These are services that are offered. You choose. No authority tells you to make any sort of deal with them. Lots of people no longer have a landline but the telephone police never come to the door to arrest them.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 311

Most schools are paid for using property taxes levied from the areas where the schools operate. If you don't want to pay the property tax burden that includes that, live on property in a different jurisdiction, or move to a place that funds them differently, etc. But with Obamacare, you have a federal mandate forcing you to buy a service. If you are a 60 year old nun, you're still having to buy an insurance plan that guarantees you'll have your next childbirth covered. Absurd.

Comment Re: Lesson 1 (Score 1) 311

My parents saved up the money to cover the costs of the birth and the time away from work needed to make it all happen. They carried simple catastrophic insurance just in case something way horribly wrong. Nobody is allowed to do that anymore. But if you're not in the solid middle class, it's OK, have all the babies you want - someone else will actually pay for all of that for you, or end up having to answer to the IRS, courtesy of the Democrats.

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