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Submission + - A new algorithm for measuring code security (

mspohr writes: A new venture from a cybersecurity legend, Peiter Zatko, known more commonly by his hacker handle “Mudge” and his wife, Sarah, a former NSA mathematician, have developed a first-of-its-kind method for testing and scoring the security of software.
"Called the Cyber Independent Testing Lab, the Zatkos’ operation won’t tell you if your software is literally incendiary, but it will give you a way to comparison-shop browsers, applications, and antivirus products according to how hardened they are against attack. It may also push software makers to improve their code to avoid a low score and remain competitive."
The Zatkos’ system is not comprehensive, and although it will provide one indicator of security risk, it’s not a conclusive indicator. Vendors are going to hate it.
"The technique involves, in part, analyzing binary software files using algorithms created by Sarah to measure the security hygiene of code. During this sort of examination, known as “static analysis” because it involves looking at code without executing it, the lab is not looking for specific vulnerabilities, but rather for signs that developers employed defensive coding methods to build armor into their code."
There will be a presentation at the Black Hat conference next week:

Submission + - SPAM: Where did the Big Bang occur? A smart answer to a dumb question.

StartsWithABang writes: Asking where in space the Big Bang happened is like asking where the starting point of Earth’s surface is. There’s no one “point” where it began, unless you’re talking about a point in time. The reality is that, as far as space is concerned, the Big Bang occurred everywhere at once, and we have the evidence to prove it. If the Big Bang were an explosion, we would discover ourselves in a Universe that had a preferred location with different densities surrounding it, but instead we see a Universe that has the same density everywhere. We’d see a Universe that looked different in different directions, yet we see one that’s uniform to better than one part in 10,000 in each direction we look. And we see a Universe that exhibits zero spatial curvature: one that’s indistinguishable from flat. The Big Bang happened everywhere at once. This is how we know it, and this is what it means.

Comment Re:waste of effort (Score 1) 275

I think we need to create bigger ports too. A monster company like Maersk probably think that the bigger is the better in terms of transportation cost. So, if they are right, the world countries need to upgrade all their ports for this new "standard size" for cargo ships (or they think they can create bigger ones in the future?).

Other companies need to built bigger cargo ships too, and probably decide about a standard and innovations like how is the best position for load/unload this massive ships.

Also, I think they have to maintain their short ships too. Let the bigger ones do the massive transportation and the small ones implementing something like a tactical supply in short routes (and support to the bigger ships before and after their standard routes).

Comment Re:Accelerated expansion (Score 1) 202

Well, and massively above speed of light in this early days ... If the theory of a dot-expanding-into-a-universe is real, we have a "46 billion light-years in all directions, filled with hundreds of billions of galaxies and having been around for nearly 14 billion years since the Big Bang". :D

Comment Re:Equilibrium, we must need! (Score 1) 139

More importantly is that only A or B will likely be the best use, not both. Comparative advantage.

Even if the oil production could be enough for both use? I believe that we have a lot of plastic waste worldwide. And if this process could be so good and product a lot in less time, less money etc, maybe we could re-enter this final product in both ways: (A) fuel for machines AND (b) the plastic industry. Or economically speaking, even in this case scenario it will be better following ONLY A or B?

Comment Re:Equilibrium, we must need! (Score 1) 139

They have been doing this in South American countries for years. Venezuela and Brazil. And its more of a gasoline that comes out and not oil. The Oil companies most likely have been suppressing this info here for years as well.

Do you have some link to share with us about this process made in Brazil and Venezuela? I't would be interesting to learn more about it.

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