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Comment Re:technicality (Score 1) 101

I have always found the American acceptance of entrapment to be perplexing.

We have very specifically crafted rules around what makes up entrapment, and what makes a sting. The FBI is very careful to follow these rules, because they don't want all of their hard work to get thrown up. Plus, I suspect, that they would rather be spending their effort on someone wanting to commit the crimes, not someone who isn't.

Comment Re:technicality (Score 0) 101

So these agents, paid with my tax dollars, recruited, trained, encouraged, and entrapped a teenager in a make believe crime when he would have otherwise been studying for his midterms.

I doubt he would have been studying for his midterms. He would have just looked for another source of a way to attach infidels.

Comment Re:Lack of Planning (Score 1) 496

The idea that businesses should actually train the workforce that they need, such as with apprenticeships, sponsoring employees in education on the job, or whatever, seems to be lost on Spanish businesses, I guess?

And let the employee get snatched up by some other company once trained? That's a losing strategy.

Comment Re:So twice as safe then? (Score 1) 379

The problem is that the computer crashed the car in a very stupid way that most likely would have been prevented if a human was driving the car. I mean the computer failed to notice a huge lorry. I would have noticed it even without my glasses.

I remember talking with someone who shared an experience she had had a few weeks earlier. She was a road construction worker, holding a stop sign and there were a few cars stopped. A big tractor trailer came to a stop, a little bit later the back of the trailer jumped up and went back down. She radioed in that she thought something was wrong and went to investigate. A motorcycle had come to a complete stop behind the trailer, but the pickup truck driver behind the motorcycle wasn't paying attention, didn't see the trailer and rammed right into it, crushing the motor cycle (and it's driver) between his pickup and the trailer. Not a fun thing to discover.

I know that for the vast majority of people, they would never miss a tractor trailer, but it does surprisingly happen.

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