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Comment Re:Prove it! (Score 2) 260

Why do women choose not to do tech degrees any more? Those courses used to be more popular in the 70s and 80s. The must be a reason.

Because once the computer became personal computer (instead of a main frame), very socially awkward people (predominantly male) fell in love with them. The women would look around, see handful of class mates absolutely in love with these computer things and then felt out of place because they were not as passionate about computers/programming as these other guys. Since they felt out of place they left to a field where they could feel roughly as passionate about it as their peers.

Other men in the classes wouldn't be doing the "reading between the lines", in comparing themselves to the in-love-with-computers students, and didn't self select themselves out of the classes. Those men just weren't socially sensitive enough, in the way that the women were.

Comment Re:More Information (Score 1) 397

So up until 3 months ago, these supposed protections didn't apply to anyone.

The protections still apply to dial up. When this whole internet thing started all of the client connections were done over phone lines, which are subject to Title II. Then when broadband started, all of the ISP kept behaving under Title II rules (which makes a lot of sense). Then last year (maybe two years ago) Comcast was able to somehow win the argument that broadband shouldn't be considered Title II. So a few month ago the FCC carried over this Title II feature to cover broadband as well.

Comment Re:What difference, at this point, does it make? (Score 1) 397

What I'm seeing as the standout piece of information here is that this was only a law for a short time.

That's because it was illegal under Title II, which is what all ISP's operated under until this past year when Comcast complained "We're not a ye olde telephone service, we shouldn't be under Title II" and somehow got away with it. Apparently dial up, is still Title II, but DSL and Cable are not. So the FCC made it clear that even DSL and Cable providers couldn't do this. That's what only existed for a few months.

Comment Re:We have a solution! (Score 1) 370

No, we're not solving climate change, we're just going to cut funding to the people telling us about it more and more until they stop telling us about it. ;)

I was visiting someone once and his college age daughter told us of an experience she had earlier that afternoon. She was driving along the highway and the engine started making a terrible noise. Her solution: keep turning up the radio so she wouldn't have to hear it. The reason: what else could I do?

Comment I always found Pluto to be odd (Score 1) 150

I remember always thinking that Pluto was odd as a planet. In elementary school they'd explain how all of the planets orbited along the ecliptic plane, and keep to their own orbits, except for Pluto. Its orbit isn't on the same plane as the other planets, and it crosses into Neptune's orbit. For me, that's what makes it not a planet.

Comment Re:A conundrum for small government (Score 1) 164

it would make it nearly impossible for businesses to operate if they need a lawyer in every single community they might do business in to analyze the regulations.

That sounds like one good to way to prevent a few large businesses from being the only businesses, and instead have a lot of little small businesses serve our needs. You realize that large business deals with that problem now.

Comment Re:I am curious if people think this is good or ba (Score 1) 164

This is moving control of the issue to the HOA's, and thus the people. Most laws that move the decision making closer to the people is good in my eyes.

And the cities aren't the people? By that logic moving the deciding power from the states to the cities is better than the state banning it.

Comment Re:The Only Rules (Score 1) 498

I might accept is that if the language the app is written in has certain key delimeters (% sign, period for PHP, # for ColdFusion) I could see blocking those in passwords to reduce the risk of an injection attack.

Or you have test cases to test that your system doesn't get tripped up by those.

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