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Comment Re:Red Box is Cheap (Score 1) 228

A few years back some of my wife's friends were coming over and she told me to go to the store to get a Redbox DVD. I said no, we'll just stream the movie from Vudu. She said that Redbox was cheaper. I rebutted with the fact that the difference between streaming and Redbox was not worth my time to go to the store, stand in a queue, get the DVD, and then repeat the next day.

There have been enough times when I've gone into a store, seen a queue of people standing at the Redbox, I make my purchases, and the same queue of people are standing at the Redbox when I leave; that I'm pretty sure that Redbox will never be worth my time.

Comment Re:Don't let your profile be an admin (Score 1) 440

The point of the comic is that almost all malware runs without admin privileges

That certainly wasn't true a few years ago. In my experience it always tries to do something which requires admin perms. That's how my family has caught onto the fact that something is a miss. They're not doing anything which should require admin perms, but would keep getting UAC prompts, which they would then deny.

Comment Don't let your profile be an admin (Score 0) 440

If the submitter is proposing that the xkcd comic about having your admin account be separate from your user account, is ridiculous, then I'm ridiculous. All of my computers are setup with an admin account which very rarely ever gets logged into, and every family member gets their own account. That comic is not ridiculous, it's how your supposed to be setting up your computer (at least since Vista).

I've gotten my extended family to set up their computers like that, and have had some conversations about how it's saved their bacon.

Comment Re:Slower (Score 1) 675

It shouldn't take upwards of a minute to process the transaction where before it took seconds.

It takes the same amount of time, the difference is that you now are more aware of the amount of time to do the handshakes back and forth with the banks system. With swipe, the card reader reads your data, and then holds onto your data while doing the back and forth communication with the bank. While the reader was doing this, you were putting your card back in your wallet. But with PIN, the reader doesn't ever hold your data; it's a pass through device. It will only see encrypted data. But while this is going on, you can't put your card back in your wallet.

Comment Re:Is there really a need for this? (Score 3, Insightful) 100

Are there a bunch of people for whom the 3D polarized glasses are specifically an issue?

It's been my experience, that the movie is fuzzier with 3D glasses. Both my wife and I had experience where we'd see a movie with her family in 3D, then go see it later on our own in 2D and were blown away the second time by how nice the film looked. Now we have kids and certainly don't have the time to see a movie multiple times in the theater, but because of our previous experience we always opt for 2D.

Comment It's why you over forecast rain (Score 1) 80

If you forecast that it's going to be sunny, and it rains, everyone is mad at you. If you forecast it'll rain, but it turns out sunny, people might be bothered, but aren't angry. So you over forecast rain predictions.

And then if you're running a free email service, and can recover some deleted items, but don't want to make promises about whatever internal garbage collection process you're using (and want the freedom to change it whenever you want), you say that you can never recover deleted items. That way if you legitimately can't recover it you can say that you never promised that you could. But then when one is recoverable, you can claim it good luck.

For all we know, a regression was introduced at just the right time, and items weren't getting garbage collected like they were supposed to, and Yahoo! was able to take advantage of that accident in this case.

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