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Comment Re: that's becasue PGP is terrible (Score 1) 216

I wish people would just let the PGP/GPG dream go. S/MIME is supported by pretty much every serious mail client out there, including mobile ones such as iOS and BlackBerry. The certificates cost next to nothing and most clients automate signing/encrypting decisions. I don't understand why this is not used more broadly. Who doesn't want a cool 'signed' seal next to their email?

Everyone doesn't want a cool signed seal next to their email. That's backwards. I have had colleagues do S/MIME, and then they stopped using it because at the time, Android didn't support S/MIME. As a result I'd get some emails from them with a signed seal, and some without. Did I ever suspect that I wasn't receiving legitimate email from them? Nope. If you are signing with S/MIME and then stop, what happens is that everyone receiving your email thinks "Oh thank God, that stupid ribbon thingie has stopped showing up on InterBigs emails".

Doesn't S/MIME kind of depend up on you using only one email client? The client with the certificate. Who uses just one email client these days?

I think for S/MIME to work, no one would see the cool S/MIME signed seal from signed emails. What should happen is that the client should notice that after receiving a boatload of S/MIME emails from a contact, and then one shows up without it, the client should flag that message as suspicious.

Comment Re:Every step is encrypted (Score 1) 216

it is either not encrypted or your provider has the ability to decrypt it.

Lots of providers do encrypt the email at rest. True, the servers will need the data in an unencrypted form at some point to serve you the data, etc. But then that gets down to how much you trust the provider. Don't trust the provider? host your own email server.

Encryption in transit protects you a lot.

Comment Every step is encrypted (Score 1) 216

Nowadays all connections between your client and your server is encrypted. And connections between email servers are encrypted as well using TLS. The only hole is if your email server uses Verizon as an ISP, because they strip the request secure transit bits off of the server connection. So far none of the big email providers have felt like blocking off all Verizon customers. Once that hole is plugged, there won't be a single point where an email isn't encrypted.

Comment Re:I think it should take place of Pre-Algebra (Score 1) 328

Math is pure thought, with certain rules and rigor limiting the outcomes.

And this is why so many students struggle with math beyond arithmetic. They don't see how to ever apply the maths to anything. So we might as well start teaching applied maths; ie programming.

Comment Re:I think it should take place of Pre-Algebra (Score 1) 328

I think I'd struggle with learning new math concepts and new programming concepts at the same time.

If the class is half and half that's true. I'm thinking that the math concepts wouldn't be taught directly, but the students would by and large make use of them in the programming. Then when it's time for actual math class, the students will just breeze right through those concepts, because they've been making use of them.

Comment Re:Using a computer has become a minefield. (Score 1) 498

You lose right off the bat there. There is no way that grandma is ever going to maintain multiple accounts on her computer, one with user, one with admin.

That has not been my personal experience. I've been able to set up both my parents and in-laws with that setup, and it's greatly reduced the number of computer issues they've had. My sister is set up the same way, and mentioned over the phone how rarely she ever sees UAC prompts.

Comment My experience has been the opposite (Score 1) 498

I've had the opposite experience with Windows 10 updates. I might check the update control before heading home for the day and it'll saying something like "An update is scheduled for 3:00 am tomorrow". I'll finish whatever I'm doing and leave. When I come in the next morning I'm expecting an updated system, but no. It's in the exact same state I left it in. Even the window saying that it'll update at 3:00 am tomorrow.

Comment Re:Lots of people hate customizability (Score 1) 489

why do you think that you can't have both a reasonable standard set of defaults for those people, while at the same time allowing others to customize to their hearts delight?

Point of diminishing returns. At some point, creating an infrastructure for customizing something, outweighs the desire of the customer to customize something. Given the massively large percentage who don't want the customizability, that point is reached very quickly.

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