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Comment Re:Nothing new (Score 1) 71

Yup I got burned when a small close [x] button was placed right next to a massive 'spam invites/connection requests to everyone you have sent an email to ever without any confirmation' button. I really did want to connect again to my stalking psycho ex and give her the idea I wanted to get back in touch.
Fuck you LinkedIn. Never again!

Comment Re:I wish I could trust "academic experts". (Score 1) 620

Genuine research doesn't make headlines. Just the pipe-dream stuff that shows a minor correlation in one study that aligns with wishful thinking. Thus we get lots of headlines indicating wine, chocolate, pizza and are all good for you..... according to science.

Unless you go around reading scientific journals, I'll bet science journalism is the only exposure to academic research you actually get exposure to. Journalists don't report scientifically or arguably even much of what's true; They report what sells.
When was the last time you saw a paper headline reporting a negative correlation on something? It's little wonder people don't trust experts. It's likely they have almost never actually heard from one.

Comment Re: no thanks (Score 1) 360

The whole point of terrorism is that they can't go to war or they will lose, so they attack us in hopes that we will make more restrictive laws and this lady is taking the bait.

It's seems to be people going it alone now rather than carefully orchestrated strikes. With that in mind these people are just brainwashed by 'alternative' facts. It's not a physical conflict any more except for acts of violence that are almost a symptom rather than the end game. We are in a war of information and the mass murderers are enticed by a sparkling golden ticket, the fame offered by our own profiteering media outlets who erupt into a ratings frenzy at the scent of radicalised blood spilling.

When neither side actually employs much of the truth, exposing lies always makes it really easy for someone in your own echo-chamber to swallow any horse-shit you feed them immediately after.

Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 205

Yes, it is true that people that use their system's default browser tend to be dumb. These people are statistically poorly performing employees, and some companies avoid hiring them. So even if you use MSIE or Edge as your browser, you should use something else when submitting your resume.

Fascinating. Sounds exactly like the kind of positive reinforcement I would love to believe.

"A study of 20,000 workers showed that more honest people tend to perform better and stay at the job longer. For some reason, however, they make less effective salespeople."

So where is the study? Who did it? Was it the author with ants?

Comment Re:What exactly is Netflix doing? (Score 5, Insightful) 67

I hate these things, they never work as stated. All it means is they can save money by buffering ahead even less. Days past if you had a poor connection you could load a video and pause it and it would buffer through. Now if you pause it buffers what it seems to think is all you actually need. It never is.

Comment Re:Why isn't Uber being sued? (Score 1) 360

You are presuming the unlikely case that her claims are accurate just because she made them. That is foolish.

Nope, let me say again that on individual cases such as this, I have no input.
I am talking about the Culture Of 'Pervasive Harassment' being proudly displayed in the comments on this thread.

Comment Re:Why isn't Uber being sued? (Score 1) 360

there is a shitton of evidence

Blog posts are not evidence. If you are aware of any actual evidence point it out.

Evidence on individual cases? I don't know, but it's really easy to believe when you just scroll up and read the AC comments here, denying it all with spite and bile, ironically undermining their own arguments. It would be funny if only the hate filled bilge wasn't so sad.

Comment Re:Rose tinted glasses (Score 2) 516

French revolution, which the article surprisingly glosses over, had a number of factors, one of which was inequality. I suspect that's the case in all these examples. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

I call bs on anything that uses words like 'The only thing....'
This isn't a TV show, so simplification becomes an exercise in cherry picking to prove your point.

Comment Re:Censorship. (Score 1) 405

I'd argue that RT is about as bad as the others but generally uses higher register language than the far right press. A big mistake may be to read all believing the truth lies somewhere in the aggregate, when frequently they are all just not true.

And yes, I am aware of the irony of citing a news source.

Comment Re:Still Not AI (Score 1) 62

That really depends on how you define AI. If you want to define AI as purely something that can hold a realistic conversation with you then no, it's not. However if you agree that a machine that demonstrating the ability to learn from examples then I'm sure many would argue this is a form of AI, but that's why why careful people describe it as machine learning instead. Just like intelligent search was often called AI in the past by the press.

Comment Re:let's be honest here (Score 4, Interesting) 151

MDMA is a gateway drug, and we shouldn't be risking addiction by patients who already have mental health issues.

While we thank the DEA for their view on this sensitive matter; And no doubt you have similar views on Morphine. Sadly your 'ain't gonna have no hippie scientists givin' kids drugs' attitude belies the fact you clearly have no concept of how utterly devastating a life crippled with PTSD can be.

You and your ilk are basically everything that's wrong with knee-jerk legislators across the western world.
'I don't understand science, but this could look bad in the news papers, therefore I must ban it...... speaking as a parent..... '

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