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Comment Re:Trump's Failure (Score 1) 430

Pretty sure all those rednecks that blame immigrants for everything in their shitty lives were thinking a big old fuggin wall. With razor wire and 'made-in-america' concrete. They may have to settle for 'made-in-america' fencing and drones to patrol a virtual wall now.

For the more educated Trump voters, and there were a lot of them apparently, they were willing to ignore it I guess and will probably be relieved if it gets toned down a little.

Comment Re:They are totally different stories (Score 1) 430

I think about this a lot. I was raised in the 70's and 80's and while life was much simpler in technological terms back then, we were definitely just as happy back then as we are today. The only thing that has changed is how we deal with boredom. When I was a kid we did a lot more social things to pass the time. You just did not have the option of plunking yourself in front of a computer and immersing yourself with such low effort. There was TV, but it wasn't like it is today, it was pretty horrible by comparison.

However I have memories of my parents visiting friends for coffee and cards and dragging us kids along. I have memories of going to the cottage on weekends, and friends cottages as well. I am not trying to glorify an ideal past that never existed either. When there was nothing to do the boredom was stiffling.

But overall, to the question of "we're we happier 30 or 40 years ago, I would say no. That is more a question of character than environment. People are predispositioned to happiness or misery (or somewhere along that spectrum) based on the people they are. Would I go back to those days? No way! But I suspect I would find other ways to maximize my quality of life.

Going forward, will technology make us happier? Doubtful. The increased amount of time will be welcome for some who make the most of every situation. For others who are unhappy, they will continue to be, no matter what.

Just my $0.02.

Comment Re: Smart move (Score 1) 168

There are people whose integrity is beyond reproach. For them you can work off the record trusting they will do their part and that you will do yours. I don't think everyone has a sleazeball instinct and I find it a negative view of humanity to think that. I don't like having to have everything in writing either and of course there are examples of people who will use it as a stick which is sleazy in its own right. But I will be damned if I will let a known sleazeball get away with informal conversations just to be back stabbed by them later. We all know who they are and act accordingly.

Comment Re:Ginger Segway again (Score 1) 130

I was so disappointed with the Segway. Before we even knew what it was they were saying new cities would be built with this new technology in mind. I was very curious and anxious to know what this was. Then comes the rolling pogo stick......you're joking right. :-(

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 1028

I don't think it works against me. I am capable of disagreeing with well adjusted people. Maybe he has a few points that are worth considering, but that is not __my__ point. He is such a compulsive liar that I really can't believe anything he says. Donald Trump is the boorish salesman who will tell you anything you want to hear at that particular moment in time and then turn around and say the exact opposite. You think he will fix the H1B program? Based on what....his word? We know that can be changed at any moment that it becomes advantageous for him.

His ranting also border on the bizarre and makes me question his ability to stay calm in stressful situations. This ain't The Apprentice. He's won't be facing a bunch of business school flunkies and aspiring actors on a day to day basis as POTUS. It's the big leagues, and he hasn't shown one ounce of the character needed to handle what is probably the most pressure filled job on the planet. In fact I would put my money on a full catastrophic personal meltdown. It would be ugly.

You bring up Clinton. Am I banging the drum for her because I can't seem to find it in my post? She has her own issues, but Trump is on another level of failure when it comes to basic decency, integrity and respect. He doesn't give it and he most certainly does not deserve it.

Comment Re:Smart move (Score 1) 168

Absolutely, you can bypass a lot of red tape when there is trust and in the long run you will be way more productive. Your word is your bond. If you say you will do it, you do it, you stand by it and if something goes south you own it. That's how people get to trust you and in the long run, like your mentor can just get it done.

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