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Comment Re:Computing plateau (Score 1) 75

I'm on year 7 with my Dell Vostro 1520 currently running xubuntu 14.04. Does most of what I need, even plays Minecraft 1.10.2 relatively well. I never thought this laptop would last so long, I remember thinking it felt a little flimsy when I got it. But it has stood the test of time and will probably continue for a few more years.

Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 165

There are scams around bitcoin just as there are around regular money.

Make $10k a week sitting on your couch, only $299 for the complete package. Is that a problem with regular money? It is well known now that small time folks can't make money mining, yet the whole thing is a scam because some people continue to dump money on mining equipment. Where there is money to be made you will always find suckers throwing it away, that does not mean the money itself is a scam.

Comment Re:Ergo (Score 1) 97

At wartime military officials have lots of power over civilians of the nation they are fighting. They can shoot somebody and tell they wanted to take their gun, and maybe get away with it. I'd rather have people who haven't commited than ones who do.

I have taken a crack at translating this because the first sentence is very true.

Here goes....

During wartime military officials have a lot of power over civilians of the nation they are fighting for. A military official could just shoot someone without just cause and later claim that the civilian was reaching for their weapon. There is a good chance that the military official would get away with it.

The last sentence gets me a bit, but I think you are saying....

If you were the FBI you would rather have law abiding citizens in your database because this would allow you to expand your power.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 5, Insightful) 365

Why? Linkedin is probably your most scrubbed and polished version of yourself that you would post on the internet. If FB is a picture of you sitting in your underwear on the couch nursing a hangover, LinkedIn is you taking a professional photo wearing a tux.

It is a place that you want the world to see and this deal will mean nothing to the users of the site. It may provide some enhanced tools (Office 365 integration) to buff up your resume, but I fail to see how it even matters otherwise.

Comment Re:Typical Slashdot discussions now (Score 1) 148

This is what the IoT is all about. There are tonnes of other examples as well. How about the guy who invented a system that monitors power usage at his elderly mothers house from his web browser. He knows her routine enough to see power spikes when he should (like the kettle making tea at 10am every morning). If usage looks out of the ordinary he immediately checks up on her to make sure she is ok.

Lots of great stuff happening in maker space. People coming up with all kinds of ingenious way of using embedded devices, like monitoring humidity and temperature for specific applications, water levels...all sensor based. Raspberry Pi's, Arduino, Beaglebones..this to me is exciting and brings an aspect back to computing that is reminiscent of the early days and what got many of us into technology in the first place. It's too bad this is no longer the place to share that joy. But like and idiot I keep coming back here expecting/hoping it can change. But it doesn't, this place is dead. Time to logout for good.

Comment Re:Well if its anything like the US... (Score 1) 220

Sorry just replied to the Quebec Italian restaurant one. The Charter is not perfect and there are controversial items in it. Governments usually (again Quebec is a whole other discussion) have to have a solid reason to invoke the clause and do so with great political risk.

Overall the Charter has been a net positive. Should it be criticized? You bet! 100%! That's how democracies work. But it entrenches Canada as a free nation and most Canadians are proud of their country when they read it and identify with it.

As for the old coot who hates Jewish people and would like nothing better than for their people to disappear...well we have plenty of groups in Canada that feel oppressed because they cannot freely oppress others.

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