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Data Storage

Submission + - Backup Data for Safe Deposit Box Storage? 3

quizwedge writes: My bank has offered me a great deal on a safe deposit box. One thing I would like to do is have an off-site backup and at first I thought that a safe deposit box would be a great idea for that. My first thought was CDs or DVDs, but I don't look forward to re-burning my data every few years. My second thought was an old 2.5" hard drive in an anti-static bag until I realized that someone could be storing their collection of rare earth magnets in the box next to mine. I have access to a tape drive, but tape would be subject to the same rare earth magnets. Flash memory seems to be unstable for long term storage. I'd need to back up approximately 25-40 GB of storage and would hope that it would last long enough that my grandkids would be able to recover the data (I'm currently under 30). What do you use or recommend for long term off site home storage?

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